Raijon Daniels
January 10, 1988 - October 27, 2006

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Police responsded to a 911 call in the home of Teresa Moses, what they found was that her son was not only unresponsive, but he was already close to death. Raijon Daniels had vomit around his mouth, rope and chemical burns along with many sores and other injuries to his body. Raijon had been pulled out of school and Teresa was supposedly home schooling him in what she called "Teresa's Home School", a name she registered with the state. The public school had been told not to give Raijon any food due to a special diet he was on, the school became suspicious and then she pulled him out.

Teresa Moses was arrested on suspicion of murder, torture and child endangerment. Police doing the investigation said that it was possible that for a year, Teresa had kept in his dark bedroom and was tortured by his mother. Teresa had been punishing her son for things like wetting his bed by pouring chemicals on his body, tying him up and starving him on a special diet she mixed in a blender. On the day he died, Raijon was made to drink a household cleaner and his body finally gave out, giving him peace by way of his death. Raijon had bruises, welts and other injuries in various stages of healing, at the hospital, he lay on the table, his neck in a brace with a tube coming out of his mouth.

Social Workers at Contra Costa's Children and Family Services had been called at least three times with complaints about the treatment of Raijon, since May of 2005. After each investigation, Raijon was sent home to live with his mother:

"It's just horrific what this child went through. This is probably the most horrifying
instance of child abuse that Richmond has seen in years"
Lt. Mark Gagan

Raijon died at the hospital and an autopsy at first did not produce a cause of death due to toxicology tests that needed to be finished, however, Police said that it was obvious that Teresa had been the one to cause this little Angel's death:

"It appears he was held hostage in the residence to prevent his escape. This kid
was treated worse than a dog"
Detective Eric Smith

Police had found the sheets in Raijon's room had been duct tape to his bed, the window was locked, the door had a lock on the outside and inside the room the only other piece of furniture was a small table and on the table was a video camera and a baby monitor, Teresa had been watching Raijon on video while he spent most of this time locked inside the room:

"He spend a good portion of his day in that room, every day. He rarely went outside and
then he was supervised by his mother. He was allowed one bathroom break at night"

Since he was not allowed to use the bathroom any time he wanted, he would often wet his pants and Teresa thought that he was just being defiant:

"She said whenever she would get back from work, he would defecate on himself. She
though he was doing mind games with her. It think he did it because he was scared
whenever she came home"

Police entered the home and the smell of pine overpowered the home:

"When I entered the apartment, it literally burned my eyes. We were met with fumes,
strong fumes, throughout the apartment. It was horrifying to think that a child lived in
that environment, had to sleep in an environment with open containers of household
Lt. Enos Johnson

Teresa admitted to Police that she had poured chemicals on Raijon's genitals in an attempt to stop him from wetting himself. Teresa had a three year old daughter as well and that child was being taken by a friend as the Police arrived but was later placed in protective custody. Police found vomit in the bathroom and Raijon's bedroom along with empty cleaning solution containers. In the kitchen Police found a pile of brown slop in a blender as well as in a cup and Teresa told them that it was beans and spaghetti adding that Raijon was unable to eat solid food because it always made him vomit.

Teresa said that she had fed Raijon about 5:00 p.m. and then she locked him in the bedroom. Watching him in the video, she noticed he was sitting up  and doing what she called a "Stevie Wonder" and when she went to check on him, she said he was frothing at the mouth and would not respond to her. Police had been in contact with the family before and each time CFS was called in and each time, Raijon ended up with his mother:

"Whenever we hear about anything like this, it hurts us to our core. But because of
confidentiality laws, we can't discuss anything about specific cases"
Lynn Yaney - CFS Spokeswoman

As it turned out, one of the calls to CFS had come from Teresa in March of 2005 who said that a family member had molested her son. An investigation took place, but no evidence had been found and Police said that Teresa didn't return their calls and would not give Police the name of the person who supposedly witnessed the molestation taking place. In August of 2005, the District Attorney's Office found no evidence and filed no charges in the case.

In April and May of 2005 Teresa had sent letters to King Elementary School with complaints that her son had been eating food from their cafeteria, she let them know that Raijon was on a special diet and asked them to stop feeding him. The school district contacted CFS with complaints about Raijon's behavior and the fact that his mother was withholding food. A Social Worker did a phone investigation and decided that no action needed to be taken. In July of 2005, a woman at a fast food restaurant called Police to say that a child had been playing on the jungle gym without adult supervision for over two hours. Police came to investigate and Raijon told them that he had run away from home because his baby sitter was putting handcuffs on him. The Officer said he didn't see any bruises or injuries on Raijon and that he had said his mother was not abusing him. A report was written and  Social Worker did another phone investigation and there was no action taken.

On November 23, 2005 Raijon ran away from home again by jumping out of his bedroom window on the second floor of his home. Teresa had reported him missing about 10:00 a.m. that day. It seems that someone would have caught on to the fact that something was going on, however, if a all that is done is a phone interview, no one can check the home or do a thorough investigation so this little boy had to keep suffering even though those who SHOULD have been helping him, were aware that something was not right in the home.

Even with all of the evidence against her, in March of 2007, Teresa Moses plead not guilty to murder, torture and child abuse. It was determined that Raijon died from the trauma of long term child abuse. In April of 2009, Teresa changed her plea to not guilty by reason of insanity and in June three Doctors testify that she was legally insane when she abused Raijon to death. In November of 2009, Judge Charles Burch agrees that Teresa was legally insane and in January of 2010, she is sentenced to 25 years to life in a State Hospital.

This story SHOULD have ended there, with Teresa staying no less than 25 years in the State Hospital for what she did to Raijon. Justice had been served and Raijon deserved to have that justice.

In the year 2012, Teresa petitioned the court for early release from the State Hospital. In February of that year an IDIOT of a Judge ordered that Teresa would be released into a conditional release program because some IDIOT Doctors had said she was no longer a threat or danger to anyone. In March of 2013, Teresa Moses was 30 years old when she was released from the State Hospital and would be required to enter an ongoing treatment program which would be monitored by the state.

A friend went to visit Teresa at the State Hospital and she said that Teresa had seemed shocked to learn that her son was dead and told the friend that she learned how to be a parent by watching the ants while she was growing up, though the friend thought she meant Aunts, but she really meant insects. Teresa's medical records were private, however, she was said to have paranoid delusions and the Doctors said that her condition was a mental illness that could be fleeting:

"As unfortunate as it may be, a person can suffer a short period of insanity and not be
held accountable for the crimes they commit, however heinous they may be. It is a
difficult part of our justice system to accept, especially under circumstances such as
these. A not guilty by reason of insanity verdict in a burglary case would be given the
same punishment as a murder case"
District Attorney - Derek Butts

Objections had been raised by the Districts Attorney's Office about the release of Teresa, but a trial was never asked for. Doctors at the hospital had said that Teresa had been a model patient saying that she had shown how it was possible for the mentally ill to be given a second chance if they receive the right treatment along with support. Doctors and Layers seemed to be on her side saying that she had done a great job in the New Start program at the hospital:

"For her, being in Napa has been a real gift and she took it as that. One of her graces
is she wanted to take responsibility and wanted help and took advantage of every
opportunity that she could"
Anonymous Friend

Am I the ONLY one who wonders if she's no longer a danger to anyone, why does she need ongoing treatment? Sounds to me like a bunch of people made a big mistake and this woman, who goes "in and out of her mental illness", got away with murdering an innocent, young, precious little boy. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM! What are they going to say and do when she goes "out" again and possibly hurts someone else? Who will be to blame for that? ALL OF THEM, in my opinion!

Raijon's father, Desmond Daniels was struggling with her being let out early and didn't quite understand what was meant by the "transformation" she had supposedly made:

"I still have so many questions. In the beginning I really wanted to see her suffer because

she had made him suffer. But I can't pass judgment, I wasn't in the home. I forgave her, as
crazy as that may sound, because of the faith that I have. Who am I to beat her down and
dog her"

Below is a timeline of events in the life of Raijon:

Oct. 26, 2006: Moses, a 23-year-old single mother of two, calls 911 to report she found her 8-year-old son, Raijon Daniels, unconscious by a pool of his vomit. Upon entering Moses' South 40th Street apartment in Richmond, emergency responders are overwhelmed by the stench of household cleaners. Investigators would later say Moses used them to torture the boy.

Oct. 27, 2006: Raijon dies of trauma from long-term child abuse. Moses is arrested and Raijon's 3-year-old half-sister is put into foster care.

Nov. 16, 2006: About 200 people attend a memorial for Raijon at the Berkeley Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, which Moses and her son attended. Parishioners pray for both mother and child

January 2007: The Contra Costa coroner's office concludes Raijon died of trauma because of battered child syndrome. An autopsy report details years of abuse that left his slender body thatched from head to toe and front to back with burn marks, scars, swelling and purple bruises with "train track" patterns. It says Raijon also suffered from ketoacidosis, dangerously high levels of acids that build up in the blood and can lead to diabetic coma or death. Although diabetes is a possible cause, the report suggests that for Raijon, starvation was a more likely culprit.

January 2007: The director of Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services vows a better handling of child abuse cases. Child welfare workers had fielded six allegations of child abuse or neglect involving Raijon or his younger half-sister between 2002 and January 2006, none of which resulted in any action against Moses.

March 2007: Moses pleads not guilty to child endangerment and torture charges filed in connection with Raijon's death. The plea was delayed for months to await receipt of an autopsy report.

August 2007: A preliminary hearing judge orders Moses to stand trial on torture and child abuse charges.

September 2007: The Contra Costa District Attorney's Office adds murder to Moses' charges.

October 2007: Moses pleads not guilty to murder charges.

August 2008: State appeals court affirms Contra Costa County Juvenile Court order denying Moses any contact with her daughter. Visitation requested by Moses was denied based on a report by county family services that said the girl was "clearly traumatized at the simple mention of (her mother's) name." Teresa Moses caused "severe emotional damage" to her daughter through her exposure to the "ongoing torture of the child's half-sibling, who ultimately died of his injuries," the First District Court of Appeal said in its decision.

April 2009: Moses changes her plea from not guilty to not guilty by reason of insanity

June 2009: Three independent, court-appointed doctors agree that Moses was legally insane when she committed the abuse that led to Raijon's death.

Nov. 16, 2009: Contra Costa Superior Court Judge Charles Burch finds that Moses was legally insane based on the doctor's reports.

Jan. 5, 2010: Moses is sentenced to 25 years to life at Napa State Hospital.

Late 2012: Moses petitions for release from the hospital.

February 2013: A judge orders Moses released into a conditional release program based on doctors' reports that she is no longer a danger to society

March 2013: Moses is released from the hospital and housed at an undisclosed Contra Costa County location. She is subjected to an ongoing treatment program that will be overseen by the state.

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