Jasmine Galyer
 - February 5, 2003

For 13 months, Jasmine endured the abuse and torture that was given to her at the hands of her mother's boyfriend and Police say they enjoyed every minute of it.

Child Protective Services sent over a Social Worker who was tricked in to thinking that everything was fine. Social Workers had gone to the home and finding no one there, they left a note with an intent to return. With plenty of warning to change the way things really were, Stewart Andrew Pirie and Melissa Galyer managed to make it seem like they had a happy home, where nothing was wrong and when the Social Workers got there, doing everything by the book, the fell for it and left thinking all was well in the home.

The truth was that Jasmine was in trouble, being abused by her the couple on a daily basis. Melissa had already been abusing Jasmine before she even met Stewart, who has two children of his own, in October of 2001. Jasmine would suffer more abuse after the two moved in together. Reports say that Stewart would wear a horrible halloween mask to scare Jasmine, he would grab her and hit her head hard enough to leave bruises and cause her skin to break open, punch her in the head with his fist, slap her and force her to wear the same clothes for several days in a row. Jasmine was so afraid of him that at times, she would have accidents in her pants and she was said to have developed a nervous twitch over time. Steward would force Jasmine to stand perfectly still for hours at a time, put her into a cold bath tube and the couple would not feed her if she didn't eat the exact way they wanted her to. In fact Jasmine had bruises on her body that could be easily hidden by the clothing she wore.

Police called it one of the most horrific cases of child abuse they had ever seen when Jasmine died after being shaken to death by Stewart for wetting her bed:

"Jasmine's three and a half years were miserable and loveless. There was never anybody
there to wipe away her tears and she just cried alone in the dark, begging for love which
never came. This evil, evil case has cast a shadow over the lives of all of the officers involved"
Detective Inspector - Steve Clay

Social Workers had visited the home just a few weeks prior to her death and an investigation would of course take place to find out "what went wrong", "What they could do to be sure this doesn't happen again", the same old stuff over and over with no REAL actions being taken.

In court, it came out that Stewart shook Jasmine so hard that her injuries were comparable to someone having been in a car accident. Stewart and Melissa then tried to come up with a story about how Jasmine had been injured and the best they could do was to say that she had slipped in the bathroom and hit her head. Doctors were able to determine that their story was a lie and her injuries were far more severe than simply having hit her head after slipping.

Jasmine had bruises on her face, jaw and chest along with grip marks on her back with 18 of the bruises being on her chest, she died at Sheffield Children's Hospital during a surgical attempt to save her life. In total, jasmine had 52 bruises on her body that were over 24 hours old and at least eight that were new.  It came out in court that Stewart had a previous investigation against him for abusing a teenager, those charges were dropped.

Stewart Andrew Pirie was 32 years old when he was sent to prison for eight years after pleading guilty to manslaughter and four years for child cruelty, the sentences would run concurrently. Melissa Galyer was 21 years old when she was sentenced to only two and a half years for child cruelty with the Judge saying her sentence was so short because she seemed to be genuinely remorseful for what had happened and she had learning disabilities. Judge Michael Mettyear said that Melissa had a low IQ which caused her to have an uncaring attitude about what was happening to Jasmine, though he said it did not excuse what she did. Then WHY did she only get two and a half years? You, Michael Mettyear, let this woman abuse her child to death by giving her a slap on the wrist. This same Judge said that what Stewart had done was inhumane and that there had been no excuse for what he had done adding that before the abuse she had been through, Jasmine had been a happy, beautiful little girl.

The Area Child Protection Committee, an organization responsible for agencies dealing with children was getting ready to start an inquiry into what happened:

"Two Social Workers did everything right, but yet a life was still lost. The two members
of staff did everything by the book, but found nothing to concern them. The failing on our
part is that we have failed to engage the public. People knew about what was happening
to Jasmine, but we received only one anonymous telephone call"
Chairman Pete Andrews

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Death occurred in England

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