Porchia Bennett
July 7, 2000 - August 17, 2003
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Tiffany Bennett, for whatever reason, decided she did not want to raise her four children any more so she decided to give them to her sister, Candice Geiger and her boyfriend, Jerry Chambers. Tiffany would later claim that she visited her children every day and found them to be happy and adjusted in their new home, that would turn out to be a big lie!

In August of 2003, a woman called a city child abuse hot line to say that a ten year old child had severe bruises on her face. A Social Worker arrived at the home of Jerry and Candice, but it was two later and when no one came to the door, a note was left, the Police were not called. Sadly, the very next day, Porchia Bennett died at the hands of the couple that had been entrusted to care for her.

It was reported that the children in the home suffered horrible abuse having been beaten with a broom handle, fists, belts, an extension cord as well as having been sexually abused. On August 17, 2002, Porchia just happened to be there when Jerry and Candice were having sex, the three year old couldn't possibly have understood what she was seeing, but Jerry became enraged and threw her malnourished, 20 pound body into a radiator.

In May of 2005, Jerry Chambers was convicted of first degree murder and Prosecutors were seeking the death penalty. A jury of six women and six men also convicted Jerry of child molestation of the other three children in the home, all girls. A charge of aggravated assault found a third guilty verdict since the ten year old girl in the home was found with her eyes swollen shut with huge bruises and her forehead severely swollen. Jerry was also found guilty of conspiracy, endangering child welfare, indecent exposure and corruption of minors. Three years after their sister died, it was said that the other girls, all older than Porchia, still had scars from the abuse they had suffered, each of them was placed in foster care after Porchia died. Jerry didn't say much, he kept his head down and wouldn't look at the jurors as they read the verdict, though it was said he did eventually have to wipe away tears from his face.

I find it sickening that Charles P. Mirarchi lll, Jerry's Lawyer, said that he should only be convicted of third degree murder instead of first degree since he had using Cocaine on a daily basis and he didn't mean to kill Porchia. I could never be a Defense Lawyer because I could never make those kinds of stupid statements. It appears that Charles is saying that because Jerry was breaking the law, by using Cocaine while breaking MORE laws by sexually and physically abusing four innocent little Angels, he's not really responsible for his own actions.

Candice Geiger was convicted of third degree murder for her part in the beatings of these little Angels and she was also convicted of conspiracy and endangering the welfare of the children, she was facing 48 to 96 years in prison for her part in the death and abuse of these children. Candice also started crying, I wonder why they were crying THEN and not worrying about the pain they caused the little girls in the home who certainly had to have cried without end while they suffered at the hands of those trusted to take care of them.

Tiffany Bennett was 29 years old when she was convicted on four counts of felony conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children and she was facing 28 to 56 years in prison. Aimeshea Williams, a friend and companion of Tiffany was in court when the verdict was read and she starting crying and slid herself to the floor, face down on the carpet and began kicking her feet, refusing to get up. After the courtroom was cleared, Officers escorted Aimeshea from the building.

The verdict had been delayed when it was discovered that even though the jury had been instructed not to talk to anyone about the case, a juror had called an alternate jury member to let him know that a verdict had been reached. Of course Defense Attorney's said that deliberations might have been compromised and the alternate juror was questioned several times and a motion for a mistrial was denied.

Tiffany's bail was revoked by Common Pleas Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes. Charles Dennis represented Tiffany and he had this to say:

"She's truly devastated by the verdict and she's also taken aback by the Judge's decision
to revoke her bail"

Tiffany had the NERVE to say:

"Someone else killed my baby and I get jammed for it"

Judge Hughes brought up the fact that Porchia had lost about 50% of her body weight by the time she died. Assistant District Attorney Richard Sax and Defense Attorney Charles P. Mirarchi lll said they were not able to speak about what happened due to a gag order. The sisters of Porchia were by that time, six, eight and 12 years old, but it was clear they might never recover from what happened to them.

In May of 2005, Jerry Chambers was 33 years old when he was sentenced to death for what he did to Porchia and 73 to 146 years for what he did to her sisters:

"You truly did inflict torture, not only on Porchia Bennett, but upon her surviving sisters.
They will never recover from what you have done to them"

Charles P. Mirarchi lll said he would appeal  the guilty verdict. Jerry had previous turned down a plea deal that would have given him life without parole if he agreed not to appeal any of his conviction. Richard Sax said:

"We commend the jury for following the law, as hard as that was to do. I get no
feeling of joy, or victory, or relief whatsoever. It's just sadness and it's the end of
a very sad chapter in Philadelphia"

The trial had lasted four week and not one of Porchia's family was there to support her. Homicide and Special Victims Unit Detectives didn't miss a day in their full support of the Prosecutor:

"These three girls, with the exception of their new foster parents, had the same support
of blood relatives after August 17, 2003, as they had before August 17, 2003., none, zero"
Richard Sax

In November of 2005 Common Pleas Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes said to Candice Geiger, who was by then 20 years old:

"You will never be able to explain to me what they could have done to warrant such abuse"

Gerald Alston asked the Judge for leniency since Candice had been placed in a foster home as a child due to the abuse of drugs by her parents and she had become involved with Jerry at a very young age, she was 15 and he was almost 30. In her mug shot both of her eyes were black due to her being battered by Jerry:

"She was very easily influenced by Mr. Chambers. She suffered from Battered
Women Syndrome. My client was a victim in that house also"

Luckily the Judge said that she could not justify any less time for what she had done:

"It would not be appropriate and it would not reflect the complexity of this
situation and the death of a beautiful little girl and the torturing of others"

Candice was sentenced to 17 to 34 years in prison after she told the Judge she thinks of Porchia all the time:

"I wish I that she was still here. I would tell her I love her and I'm sorry and it wasn't
her fault what happened. When I get out, i want to go see my nieces and tell them
how much I love them. Give me another chance"

Judge Cardwell made it clear that Tiffany was not to have contact with her nieces:

"I do not want you to contact your nieces. Your nieces are not recovering at the rate that
I prayed they would"

Richard Sax said that not only did Tiffany fail to protect her nieces, she had helped in the beatings they were given:

"She was their blood. She was their only connection in that hell to someone who
should have seen and recoiled"

Tiffany had tried to excuse what was done to the children when she told Police:

"We only beat them when they do something wrong. Not ever day, maybe every other day"

In July of 2005 Common Pleas Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes was speaking to Tiffany Bennett who was by then 29 years old:

"You aren't drug addicted, you aren't alcohol dependent, you are simply selfish.
Your excuses are offensive. You failed your children in a way that is almost

Tiffany was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison. Sadly, one of the children had recently run away from her foster home and tried to commit suicide:

"The impact on her and her two siblings we be until the end of their lives"
Richard Sax

Tiffany had nothing to say since her absurd comment four week earlier at trial where she said someone else killed her child and she was being punished for it, that Judge had found that comment to be "absolutely astounding".

Defense Lawyer Charles Dennis asked for mercy for his client, describing her as someone who had only trusted that her sister would take care of her children:

"She did not inflict any injuries or pain on these children. She did not do
any of these things herself"

The Judge took note that Tiffany had said she visited her children every day and had not seen any injuries on any of them:

"You couldn't have seen them. Their bodies were absolutely mauled"

Sadly, the three surviving sisters would testify on videotape about what had taken place in the home. Oliver Bynum, their grandfather, said that he didn't know anything about the abuse, however, a cousin said that they had been witness to many beatings on the girls. Judge Renee Cardwell had banned the press form releasing the names of the three girls.

Holding a Nemo doll, the six year old sister of Porchia said that she was beaten along with her sisters and that Jerry had fondled her and made her touch him while she was in bed with him and Candice. The 12 year old sister who had been ten years old at the time told about how Jerry had raped her and that it had made her angry. DISGUSTINGLY, Charles P. Mirarchi lll tried to say that the rape never happened because the child had not reported it to the school nurse or a teacher and that it had never come out until after Porchia died. I guess this IDIOT has never been a scared ten year old little girl who has been raped by the man who is supposed to love and care for her.

These little Angels said that it was horrible to live with Candice and Jerry and the youngest said about Jerry:

"He throwed me down the basement"

That same child was force to eat dog feces and was locked in the basement with two big dogs.

The girls said that life was fine at first and when asked to give a holiday as a starting point when things began to turn bad, the eldest said that it had been the 4th of July, just a short time before Porchia had died. Also testifying were Jerry's nephews, though their names were in the reports, I will not say them here. Both boys testified that they had seen Jerry beat on the girls. These two boys were the children of Jerry's twin brother, J-Roc Chambers, a man who was convicted of raping his 11 year old Goddaughter and indecently assaulting another 14 year old child in 2003, he was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison for those crimes.

Oliver Bynum said that the 12 year old granddaughter had lived with him for most of her life but that in March of 2003 Tiffany had told him not to have any further contact with the child and even sent a note to her school. Oliver said that his attempts to fix the situation were not successful.

Porchia had to die in order for changes to be made in how searches are done for what are considered to be at risk children and how they respond to hotline reports.

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