Evangelina Wing
January 22, 2011 - December 20, 2014
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Only five days before Christmas of 2014, a little girl lost her life at the hands of those who should have been celebrating her life instead of taking it. A 911 call came in and when First Responders entered the home where they had been told a child was not breathing, they found Evangelina had already passed away. Living in the home were three children, two boys, brothers of Evangelina, her mother, 24 year old Dorothy Wing and Dorothy's boyfriend, 26 year old Randy Lee Roden.

An autopsy revealed that Evangelina had been suffering from child abuse and had died of blunt force trauma. Dorothy was speaking to the Police about her daughter and it was reported that the father of the children didn't live in the home, he was not a suspect in the death of this little Angel, the two boys were taken from the home and placed in protective custody, though they needed to be hospitalized first for reasons that were not released to the public.

Randy Roden was arrested and charged with sex abuse, unlawful sexual penetration, assault and criminal mistreatment. An indictment said that Randy had been abusing Evangelina since at least October 31, 2014 and had hurt the two boys in the home who were ages five and two. Randy had a criminal past including a domestic violence case in the year 2012 that involved two women with charges of sex abuse, strangulation, kidnapping and unlawful sexual penetration. Randy plead no contest to coercion and he went to prison and served only ten months before he was released  Randy violated his probation when he changed where he was living and moved in with Dorothy, he did not have permission from the Department Of Corrections to move. Randy was held without bail and was scheduled to be in court on February 26, 2015. Randy's Lawyer, Conor Huseby said that Randy was innocent:

"The truth will come out through the judicial process"

Dorothy had been living in her home alone with her children since she had filed a restraining order against her husband, Robin Wing, in June of 2014 when she asked a judge to keep him away from her and the children after he came home drunk and supposedly strangled her to keep her from calling out for help. Dorothy had been searching through Robin's phone and saw that he had been sending text messages to his ex-wife and the couple began to fight. Police were called on August 17, 2014 and Dorothy informed them that she had been violating a restraining order by having Robin in the home with her and her children. Robin was sentenced prison time and wouldn't be released until at least September of 2017. Randy moved in that Fall and it appears that he immediately started abusing the children.

Dorothy was arrested on December 31, 2014 and indicted on eight charges that included murder by abuse, first degree murder by manslaughter and six counts of criminal mistreatment. Prosecutors say that she left her children with Randy knowing that he was a violent man who had been abusing them. Bail was set at $1 million and she was scheduled to be in court on February 24, 2015.

Randy and Dorothy were in court via video and both plead not guilty

A neighbor was happy to see the couple in jail:

"I'm very happy that she was arrested. I think that more than just him should pay the price.
I hope they both end up paying the price"
Karen Flaigg

District Attorney Josh Marquis was not commenting much on the case though he did say:

"She is accused by the grand jury of murder by abuse. In Oregon, murder by abuse is
committed when a person commits manslaughter in the first degree and also there's
a pattern of abuse or assault against the dependent or child. This is a tragedy no matter
how you look at it"

Josh said that the two brothers were out of the hospital and were doing well in the custody of DHS.

Evangelina's family started a Go Fund Me account to raise money for her funeral and for things that the boys might need. Mashelle Smith posted on the account:

Posted by Mashelle Smith on December 25th, 2014

I just wanted to write real quick and let you all know that my nephews are doing much better. They are being released from the hospital. The man in question is now being charged and God willing will get everything he deserves. Thank you again for all your support during this horrible tragedy.

God Bless,



Obituary for Evangelina Wing

January 22, 2013 - December 20, 2014
Seaside, Oregon | Age 2

Loving Daughter, Sister, Niece and Granddaughter

Obituary Found Here: Tributes

Site creators note: I wish that this obituary would have told more about who she was and who loves and will miss her.

Thank you goes out to Cherry for sending me this story an enabling me to memorialize this little Angel.

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