Ahmad Mashon King (Rawls)
2003 - January 24, 2006
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There is not much out there about Ahmad King, sadly, it seems he lived, he died and his mother went to prison for his death, THE END!

In November of 2006, Mary Jane King was 34 years old when she was found guilty and sentenced by Judge Dwayne Gillis, to life in prison for murder with 20 additional years, to be served consecutively,  for child cruelty for the beating of her foster child, a three year old girl. Of course her Lawyer, John Thigpen, said he would appeal, I am unable to find out if he did.

Mary thought it was okay to beat her son and when he died, it was because she had taken a two foot long section of PVC pipe and beaten him with him, Ahmad had been adopted by the woman who he called out for while she was beating him. Mary testified in court that she had gone too far when she spanked her son, who was three years old, with a belt and then felt the need to pick up the pipe an continue to beat him.

Mary was in a panic when she hid is body and then called Police to report Ahmad missing. When the truth came out, Mary said she didn't realize that is she beat Ahmad with a belt and a pipe, over and over, that she could kill him. Okay Mary, all is forgiven, as long as you didn't KNOW that it could KILL him and feel that it should have been your ONLY concern while BEATING a three year old child, if you could KILL him or not, instead of the harm you could cause by BEATING a three year old child...IDIOT!

Mary cried as she told the jury:

"If I had wanted to kill the child, I would have used a knife or I would have
hit him with a brick, but I didn't"

It took the jury only three hours to find her guilty and Judge Gillis took the recommendation of the District Attorney, Rick Currie in sentencing her to life in prison. Mary will be eligible for parole after 14 years, I hope a Parole Board NEVER lets her out:

"This was one of the worst cases of child murders I've ever seen. She beat
the little boy with a belt and a pipe and she left  him to die and then she hid
the body"
Rich Currie

An autopsy showed that Ahmad had been hit over 50 times with the pipe and the belt buckle. After he died, Mary took Ahmad's body into the woods and then drove to Walmart where she reported her son missing, saying she had left him in the car while she went to get a shopping cart. Mary never gave a reason for beating her son to death, though there is never a good reason to beat a child. Police speculated that Ahmad had called her a name after she sent him to his room for fighting with his foster sister.

Thank you Cat for sending me this story. Such a tragic ending to the life of another child.

UPDATE: February 11, 2015 (Thank you Maria for this update)

Mary filed an appeal and in March of 2010 the Georgia State Court upheld her conviction and sentence. Mary was 38 years old by this time and the vote was unanimous when the Justices rejected her appeal which had been bases on what she was denial of a fair and impartial jury saying that one juror had prejudiced the others. Since Mary had not brought up any concerns about this either before or during her trial or when she later asked for a new trial, the Supreme Court said they had to uphold the verdict.

A two page opinion said:

"It is well settled that errors are not raised in the trial court will not
be heard on appeal"
Justice Harold Melton

It turned out that during the trial at lunch break one day, a juror asked an FBI Agent if Mary had plead guilty and he replied that she had not, he then told Prosecutors about the conversation and they told the Judge and Mary's Lawyer. The Juror admitted to what she had done and Mary asked that the juror be replaced and she was.

The appeal was denied due to the facts above.

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Death occurred in the state of Georgia

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