Emma Krueger
April 25, 2011 - June 4, 2014
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A beautiful three year old child suffered for at least a month, before her little body could take no more of the abuse she was suffering at the hands of her mother and her mother's boyfriend and she died. A call came in to 911 of a child not breathing, it never ceases to amaze me how these people don't just admit to the 911 operator, "I just beat my child for a month and now she's not breathing", instead, they try to come up with every excuse why a child is bruised from head to toe, has internal injuries and then dies.

Emma was taken to Wesley Medical Center where she died and Police were notified that her injuries were not typical of any kind of accident, she had bruises over her entire body and her brain was swelled up:

"Abuse cases are extremely difficult. They're little children. They can't protect
themselves. Such cases are difficult to understand"
Lt. Todd Ojile
Evan Schuessler, was the 23 year old boyfriend of 24 year old Monica Krueger when they were both arrested and charged with aggravated child endangerment though the charges were changed to felony murder when Emma died. The family had been living in the apartment they rented for only about three months before Emma died and Police said there had been no previous problems with abuse or other criminal complaints.

A prayer vigil was held for Emma and while the vigil was taking place, she was removed from life support and died.

Evan and Monica appeared in court for the first time and when asked if they understood the charges of murder against them, they both only said yes, though Evan tipped his head back and rolled his eyes when the charge against him was read.


Emma Jean Krueger

Krueger, Emma Jean, 3, received her wings on Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

Memorial Services, 11 am, Saturday, June 14, Central Community Church, 6100 W. Maple.

Emma is preceded in death by her grandmother, Candy Krueger. Survivors include her mother, Monica Krueger; aunts, Tiffany Rufe (Jason Rufe) and Meghan Lloyd (Ronnie Lloyd); uncles, Shawn Smith and Scott Hecht, Jr.; great-uncle, Randy Krueger; great-grandparents, Ralph and Marianne Krueger; grandparents, Tom and Connie Lykins, Scott Hecht, Kenny and Jerry Bean; cousins, Jacob, Lexi, and Evan Rufe, Tanner Krummrey.

Memorials to: B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse).

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Services by Broadway Mortuary.

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Thank you Jenny for sending me this story.

I am unable to find any further information about this case. I assume because it's new, it has not yet gone to trial.

UPDATE: February 11, 2016

In October of 2015 it was reported that Evan Schuessler and Monica Krueger, who were originally charged with first degree felony murder along with other charges that could have sent them to prison for life, plead guilty to lesser charges as their dates for trial were coming up.

Evan plead guilty to one count of second degree intentional murder as well as one count of child abuse. Monica plead guilty to one count of second degree reckless murder and one count of obstructing prosecution. Each of them entered their pleas just days before their trials were set to begin.

The sentence for intentional second degree murder can be from 12 to 54 years, though Evan is only expected to get less than 14 years. Monica's sentence could extend from between nine and 41 years, though she is expected to serve less than 11 years in prison. It was reported that since neither of them have had trouble with the law in the past, their sentences would be lower than they would normally be.

Monica's Lawyer, Christine Jones, said that with the terms she agreed to, the option of probation was open:

"It's something that we've talked about and she and her family have
talked about for a long time about how to proceed. The decision
was not taken lightly"
Christine Jones

Christine Jones was referring to the fact that Monica had taken the plea agreement.

A Spokesman for the District Attorney's Office, Dan Dillon, said that Evan would not be able to ask for a shorter term or ask for probation in the plea deal that he had made. District Attorney Marc Bennett said that with no criminal history and sentencing guidelines set up by the state along with what facts of the case were provable, the sentences were not going to be the maximum:

"What unfortunately happens in most of these child abuse cases
situations is there is some type of abuse taking place and the
defense is that the child accidentally died"
Marc Bennett

Marc Bennett added that the sentences that will be given out should not be considered something that the District Attorneys office believes to be enough time served for the death of a child. I have never been shy in saying that I believe if a person is found guilty of murdering a child while abuse is taking place, they should NEVER get out of jail. Unfortunately, people get to plea down and make deals. I only wish that the children were given the same consideration while they are being abused.

Site Creators Note:

I received an e-mail from a family member of Emma's telling me that there isn't any truth in anything that I have printed on this page. I respect her right to say this and I have sympathy for this family for the loss they suffered with Emma and with one of their family members having to serve a prison sentence.

June 27, 2016 - I sent another e-mail to this person asking what is incorrect on this page and needing to be changed. I am not an unreasonable person. I will check for mistakes and change them when I know they are there. Simply telling me that the entire page is a lie, is not helping me because I know that it's not the truth. I need to know exactly what is wrong and be able to do research and fix or delete what is wrong. I am trying to do what this woman wants me to do, but if she is unwilling to help me, I am stuck. :(

UPDATE: December 1, 2016 - Thank you Tiffanee for this update.

I received an e-mail stating that a picture was not correct and some information was not correct. Finally someone has been decent enough to let me know what I had wrong on the page. I am being told by Monica's sister that pleading to reckless murder in this case meant that Monica knew about the abuse, though she never hurt Emma herself, and didn't report it, though she didn't stop the abuse either. I am told that Monica was also being abused. Tiffanee has said that Evan is the one who is solely responsible for the death of this precious little Angel. I respect the fact that Emma did the right thing by letting me know this information since the hateful e-mails I had been sent before and responded to, were never responded back to.

Tiffanee, thank you so much for sending me this. I can't agree with you though, I respectfully disagree that a person who is being abused should be able to use that as a defense in the death of a child. I was married very early in life, by the age of 17. I was not aware that the man I married came from a family of abuse, I never saw any in the time we dated. I married him one month after giving birth to our son. I divorced him ten months later after being abused verbally and physically. He never hit my son, though years later when he had visitation he did threaten, I told him he would never see him again and he never hit my son that I know of. I'm sorry, I truly am, but someone abusing a child should NEVER be allowed to do that because the mother is being abused as well. I'm sorry that your family has had to go through all of this. In this day and age of information being available to get help, to get away and stop the abuse, there is no excuse for staying in a relationship and allowing a child to die. I know you're not going to be happy with me writing this, but I am only being honest about how I feel in this situation. I hope you can understand that.

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Death occurred in the state of Kansas

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