Angela Lynn Biotti
November 4, 2002 - December 8, 2002
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In June of 2003 a shocking bit of information was revealed about the death of a child in December of 2002. Family members had documented at least 14 hospital and in home nurse visits during the short, five weeks that Angela Biotti was alive and on November 22, 2002 one of those visits to the hospital could have saved her life if anyone had been doing the job they were supposed to be doing.

Birth Announcement:

"Mother of Angela" and Casey Biotti of Spokane, Wash announce the birth of:

Angela Lynn Biotti
Born: Nov. 4, 2002
Weight: 7lb 9oz
Length: 20 inches

Found in the online edition of: The Spokane Review

X-rays had been taken of Angela's chest at the time of that 2002 visit, but Doctors didn't look at the x-rays until three weeks after Angela was already dead. If the Doctor had looked at the x-rays, it would have been discovered that Angela had fractures to her ribs that were in various stages of healing and a State Official said that if Social Workers had been aware of the broken ribs, Angela would most likely have been removed from the home and she would still be alive:

"That would have made all the difference in the world. An infant who can't protect herself,
with broken bones would be taken very seriously"
Pat Miller - Division Of Children And Family Services Administrator

Casey Biotti was 18 years old when he was arrested on charges of homicide for what he did to Angela as well as charges of rape since Angela's mother was only 13 years old and he was 17 when she became pregnant, with the mother giving birth at the age of 14 years old. Casey said that he had accidentally hit the babies head on a window ledge and it had hit so hard that it made a popping sound. Casey told Police that he would bear hug Angela so she would stop crying and said he had bounced her on his knees until she crossed her eyes

The State had previously given the cases of Angela a low risk rating, that meant there was no investigation done, but a file was opened for future references. It was unclear why the x-rays taken were never read and Pat Miller said she had not received an explanation from Dr. Steven Laney, the Doctor who should have read them.

Angela's mother said that she felt the the broken ribs were caused by medical personnel who had done CPS on her after she was born:

"I just felt like going and confronting them to their face. We knew something was
so we took her in and they said nothing was wrong with her. I believe they
should get sued"

Angela's mother had started dating Casey when she was only 12 years old (Where was this girls father and mother?) and was saying at that time that she still wanted to marry Casey:

"I believe if the hospital did their job, Casey wouldn't be sitting where he is.
I know
he didn't do it"

Shortly after she was born, Angela was taken to the hospital and CPR was performed on her, a grandmother showed the records of the incident and said that she believes the Doctor who did CPR had broken the ribs which were already healing. Family members became concerned at a popping noise they heard any time she coughed, Jeff Richards, who is Casey's stepfather said that the noise had them worried and that he feels his stepson is innocent:

"We thought we were red flagging it ourselves. We try to do what's right"

A report was filed by medical personnel who noted that Angela was always fussy and wasn't gaining weight. A state report said that their own worker had downplayed the seriousness of the case by not including all of the information that was needed. In the report were concerns that Tasha would not leave Angela alone with Casey and that when he is upset or angry, he hits and punches the wall.

Even with Angela's mother defending  him, Casey would eventually admit that he had been abusing Angela and that abuse had eventually lead up to the skull fracture that killed her. Casey said he would kick and shake her bassinet and at times drop her into the bassinet from heights of about two feet, when he was frustrated. When he would sake her on his knees, if she didn't stop crying, he would shake harder and harder until she would cross her eyes and pass out.

On the day she died, Casey went to throw her into her crib and ended up smashing her head on the window sill and that the sound was so loud, that Angela's mother, who was a sleep in the same room, woke up.  When asked what happened, he said nothing and went to sleep. Casey admitted that Angela had gone cross eyed and couldn't catch her breath, she spent the next day sleeping and vomiting and then she died.

In November 2004, Casey Allen Biotti was 20 years old when he plead guilty to second degree murder after agreeing to a plea deal where the rape charge was dismissed and a charge of homicide was reduced. Casey was scheduled to be sentenced in December of 2004 and was facing a term of ten to 28 years with the Prosecutor, Ed Hay recommending 12 1/2 years.

I am unable to find any information about what his sentence actually was, however, 12 1/2 years is NOT long enough.

Thank you to Cat who continues to care unconditionally.

Note: I received and e-mail from Angela's mother asking me to take her, the mothers, name off of this page. Today is January 29 and I have respected her wishes though it isn't normally something I would do. The names of the people involved in these stories are all over the internet and I find it pointless to not include names when people can and easily DO go searching and find them.

UPDATE: Thank you goes out to Audri for this update.

In November of 2004 20 year old Casey Allen Biotti plead guilty to second-degree murder, he struck a  plea bargain to get the original charge of homicide by abuse reduced and the second degree rape charge was dismissed. Judge Robert Austin can give a sentence of up to 10 and 1/4 years up to 18 and 1/3. Prosecutor Ed Hay recommended 12 1/2 years in prison. Casey got less than 13 years but more than 12.

I'm so sick of these people being able to plea their way out of a life sentence. Angela doesn't get to come back after that time, she will remain dead.

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Death occurred in the state of Washington

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