Aaron Gilbert
2004 - May 6, 2005
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By the time I am adding Aaron Gilbert to my site, if he were still alive, he would be ten years old, he'd be enrolled in school, he might be playing baseball or football, he might be a bully, who knows, we'll never know because Aaron was beaten to death and once again, it was a death that could have been prevented by someone in power to save him, who didn't. I take some comfort in knowing that Social Services Official Eleni Cordingley was fired for failing to protect this precious little Angel.

Reports say that Eleni did not use proper procedures when she Aaron was entrusted with her care. Two anonymous calls came in with attempts to save the life of Aaron, Eleni was said to have delayed her response when she should have have been concerned. At a conduct hearing it was said:

"By exercising extremely poor judgment you failed to work in a safe and effective
way. The misconduct admitted in this case is considered to be so serious that
removal from the register in maintaining from the register is the only appropriate
sanction. This is necessary for the protection of the public and to uphold the
public interest in maintaining confidence in social care"

Aaron had started out life as a healthy, happy baby boy and then his mother, Rebecca Lewis met a man named Andrew Lloyd and the life of the 13 month old child would never be the same. Aaron's father, Gareth Gilbert had only recently moved out of the family home and then when Andrew moved in, he started abusing the little boy who he openly said he hated.

Injuries to Aaron's body included bite marks on his face, which was exactly what Andrew had done to an adult male recently, Aaron had over 50 injuries on his body including bruising over his entire body and brain swelling. It was said that Andrew had been abusing Aaron for weeks

"Andrew Lloyd was responsible for the deliberate infliction of those injuries. For a number
of weeks, he systematically and violently abused the defenseless child and ultimately killed
him. Rebecca Lewis should have protected and cared for her son but she allowed Lloyd's
ill treatment of Aaron to continue until eventually her inaction cost him his life"
Paul Lewis QC - Prosecutor

In court, pictures were shown to the jury with a warning about how graphic and stressful they could be to those who saw them. The jury listened as Doctors spoke about over 50 injuries to Aaron's body and how family and neighbors had begun to notice that Aaron was getting a lot of bruises all of a sudden. Sharon Hurlow, Rebecca's cousin, had made the two anonymous calls to try to get help for Aaron and she had been asked to attend a meeting at Swansea Social Services. On the day she was supposed to to go the meeting, it was already too late, Aaron was taken to the hospital.

Reports say that Police and Health Service staff had missed several chances to help Aaron and that Rebecca had watched over and over as Andrew beat Aaron. Andrew was 21 years old at the time when his last beating had killed Aaron. Rebecca had once been witness to Andrew picking the baby up by his ears and throwing him across the room and swing him from his ankles in a violent way. Andrew would often yell and cuss at Aaron and at times he would blow smoke into his face and threaten him that he was going to smash his little head in. Andrew would flick the babies ears and feet and not care as he screamed in pain and people said that Aaron was so afraid of him that he would shake with fright whenever  he saw him.

Sharon said that she feels like there would be justice for Aaron after Andrew and Rebecca were arrested and Eleni Cordingley was fired:

"Little Aaron would be running around now, off to school, if people had listened
to me. Instead he's in a small dark grave all alone, his little body black and blue
You think that if you see a child being hurt and have the guts to report it, then
something will be done. I feel like we've finally won. I tried to warn Social Services,
but nothing happened"

Gareth Gilbert said:

"I am pleased to hear about this. I agree with every word of the judgment. Nothing
will ever replace Aaron, but I think this person involved should make an apology to
me personally"

A Swansea Council Spokesman said:

"The death of Aaron Gilbert in 2005 was a terrible tragedy and Swansea Council
is very sorry that it happened"

Before the calls made by Sharon, Aaron was not known to the Council and was not in the at risk register:

"However, it concluded that all the agencies involved with the family had
important lessons to learn and make recommendations on how these
should be implemented"

The Council said that they had spend quite a bit of money to hire more Social Workers in an attempt to make things better within the system.

Andrew Lloyd and Rebecca Louise Lewis both denied that they had killed or even hurt Aaron in any way. Aaron's case was the first case in Wales where someone was prosecuted for not protecting a child suffering from abuse. Andrew eventually admitted what he did and his sentence was life in prison without parole for 24 years. Rebecca was sent to prison for six years after being found guilty of familial homicide and allowing the abuse of Aaron to happen and continue to happen over several weeks time.

It wasn't until the year 2011 that Aaron Gilbert finally got a headstone. A dispute between Gareth and Rebecca had taken place and Gareth was not able to place a stone for his own son, which was sad since Rebecca had allowed Aaron to die in the first place, it feels like she should have had no say in what happened with his grave.

A group called The Remember Me Foundation, a group that raises money for headstones of children who have been murdered, raised money for the headstone and acted as mediators between Gareth and Rebecca and even though it took such a long time, Aaron got his headstone:

"It has taken such a long time. The pain of losing Aaron will never go away, but this
means that as last I can start to move on. It is a simple memorial. It just has Aaron's
name on it and "Rest In Peace", and is not biased in any way. It has taken so long
because the rights to the plot were originally in her name but the cemetery revoked
her rights and gave us permission to place a stone on Aaron's grave. Swansea
Council waived the permit fee and £1,800 was raised after The Remember Me
Foundation got involved. It is a huge weight off my shoulders"

Reports say that taxpayers paid the bill for Rebecca when she got out of prison and was given a new identity, so sad, she's protected more than her precious son was. Gareth said that he struggles every day with the loss of Aaron, but he was glad for the support of his partner and their five year old son:

"I am still suffering from depression and I still have nightmares, but I have Barbara,
who is my rock"

I am not sure what all of the details were of this child not having a headstone but it seems to me that Rebecca is one selfish piece of trash to allow her son to be killed, not do anything about it, WATCH him be abused and then stop him from having a proper burial place with a headstone that allows people to know that he actually lived.

Cat continues to care about the children making sure their names are added to this site.

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Death occurred in Wales

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