Caleb Chad Blansett
February 23, 2004 - December 14, 2014
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On May 1, 2014, the Department Of Children And Families was notified that a child was being neglected, sadly, no one went to check out the allegation until the next day and Caleb Blansett was not at school that day. A Social Worker showed up at the home later that day and was told that Caleb was in Wichita, however, no one verified that it was actually the truth. DCF did interviews with people who were involved in Caleb's life. Lindsey Nicole Blansett, Caleb's mother, was offered services that would help her, she refused to accept any help from the State.

Caleb had gone to bed that night and Lindsey had it in her mind that she needed to end his life because he was going to suffer throughout his life time and she thought it would be better if he was in Heaven. After Caleb was asleep, Lindsey went into his room with a rock and a knife, she stabbed and hit him until he was dead and then she called 911 and the call lasted for five minutes and 38 seconds:

Dispatcher: Sumner County 911
Blansett: Hi, this is Nicole Blansett. I just stabbed my son.
Dispatcher: I'm sorry?
Blansett: I just stabbed my son I thought somebody was coming in to get us.
Dispatcher: Okay, where you at?
I'm at *** *** ******* (Address left out by site creator)
(typing) Is he still conscious?
And that's *** *** ******* (Address left out by site creator)
Blansett: Yeah
(typing) Where'd you stab him at?
In the chest, several times, I thought somebody was coming in.
Dispatcher: inaudible
inaudible...has done nothing but threaten me and
Dispatcher: And you said your name's Nicole?
Dispatcher: And Nicole, phone number for you, area code first.
The phone number was bleeped out and then:
Blansett: I don't know what to do, it's on 911
Dispatcher: Okay, hold the line for me.
(speaking low to herself) God, what did I f*****g do? I'm never gonna get out of jail, never
(inaudible then moaning)...I'm gonna have to live with that. Oh God, why? (crying) Why? (crying and moaning)
(a child like voice asks "why...inaudible" then Nicole answers)
Because I thought that he was supposed to
(inaudible) I was trying (crying) Because I thought I was saving him from the pain that was coming. (inaudible)
Dispatcher: Nicole, you still there?
Dispatcher: Okay, Is he breathin?
(sighs) I can feel his heartbeat, barely.
Dispatcher: Okay, how old is he?
He's ten.
Dispatcher: (dispatcher speaking to police)
(whispers to someone and then cries)
Dispatcher: Nicole?
Dispatcher: I know you gave it to me, spell your last name for me.
(spells her last name)
Dispatcher: Okay
  I'm having a nervous breakdown and I, I, I went and stayed the night with the somewhere else with
the kids last night and they were (sighs) and I just felt like people were coming in to get us and I was scared that...
Dispatcher: Okay is your, uh, front door open and porch light on?
Uh, no the porch light is, oh hold on, (inaudible)
Dispatcher: Ten year old male supposedly stabbed in the chest
(crying) Oh my God I...(inaudible-then crying)
Dispatcher: (Speaking to Police then to Nicole) Nicole, there should be an officer there, do you see her yet?
Dispatcher: Nicole?
(nothing but a TV can be heard at this point)

First responders were upset at what they found:

"Caleb had sustained a wound to his chest. Caleb was subsequently pronounced
deceased by Wellington EMS at around 12:05 a.m. this morning. This is tough and
I apologize. I've been with Wellington for 27 years, this ones tough (said through tears)"
Chief Tracy Heath

In an interview, Clint Blansett said that Lindsey had been having trouble with Bipolar disorder and that on that very day she was supposed to go to a mental evaluation. In the divorce, Lindsey had been given what is called "residential custody" of Caleb. Lindsey was arrested and held in jail on a $500,000. bond.

A DCF case history would show that this family had been in the system since June of 2012 when a report was filed about allegations of neglect, at that time DCF did a background check on Lindsey and her children. The day after that report was filed, a Case Worker was assigned the case and closed it on the very same day. DCF was reviewing the case:

"As with any child death, we are deeply saddened by this news. We are carefully
reviewing this incident and our history with this family. Our hearts go out to any-
one effected by this unthinkable tragedy"
Phyllis Gilmore - DCF Secretary

Neighbors had nothing but positive comments to make about Caleb:

"They did everything together. He was never alone. She was always beside him"

"They were really sweet kids and the mom didn't seem like she was capable
of doing something like that.
He was rambunctious, he was silly, he loved
to run around, he had a little scooter, he and my brother, like, race their scooters
around and they just, they played all the time. They jumped on the trampoline
right next door and all those kids got along really well

"I never even seen her raise her voice at them"

"Everything seemed to be pretty normal, I mean, I seen Nicole and the
boy walking by this house, last week as a matter of fact and everything
seemed normal to me. It was unreal, I couldn't believe it"

"How could it be true? He was only ten years old. He didn't, he was just
a kid. We're, ass parents, we're supposed to be their protectors and to
protect them. I don't understand"

On December 24, 2014, Judy Thomas and her daughter had organized a vigil in remembrance of Caleb. It was said that Caleb loved everything about Christmas:

"We want to remember Caleb, but in turn, we want it to be Christmas for Caleb.
I know that from Heaven, Caleb is going to see every bit of this and it's going to
be a wonderful night"

Family, friends and even those who didn't know Caleb showed up to to honor Caleb, outside of the family home. The group sang Christmas songs to honor the memory of Caleb and how much he loved Christmas.

"He just wanted to have a good Christmas and he didn't want to

be taken away"
Grant Hutton - Caleb's Friend

One person who attended the vigil said:

"It has been so heart wrenching. I've cried every day about it.
I love this little boy"

At the initial hearing in December of 2014 Defense Attorney Mike Brown informed a judge that he had not had the proper amount of time to review the case and speak with his client, it was five days after Caleb died.

In January of 2015 Lindsey Nicole Blansett, the 33 year old mother of ten year old Caleb, was granted a mental competency evaluation by Judge Scott McQuin after Mike Brown made a request to have the evaluation done. Mike Brown was requesting that his client receive this evaluation to determine if Lindsey was of sound mind enough to stand trial and understand what was taking place legally. A hearing date was set for January 29, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. and at that time a review of the evaluation would take place.

Lindsey is charged with first degree murder and stands accused of having used a rock and knife to kill Caleb. The charge carries mandatory life without parole for 25 years sentence. Judge Scott McQuin agreed that there might be reason to think she is not competent to stand trial. Mike Brown also requested that there be a gag order placed on speaking to the media to prevent the Lawyers on both sides from giving information about the case to news outlets.

Kerwin Spencer, the Prosecutor, said that he was against the gag order and would ask that this motion be dismissed:

"I believe this is a very, very tragic event on society. It is important for the public
to know that we are handling this as effectively as we can and competently. I feel
it is important that the press is involved in the process"

When asked if if he believed there would be a change of venue, Kerwin Spencer said:

"This case has garnered statewide attention. It would be hard to find jurors who
had not heard something about this case in the State of Kansas"


Caleb Chad Blansett passed away Sunday, December 14, 2014 at his home in Wellington, Kansas at the age of 10.

Caleb was born the son of Clint and Nicole (Womack) Blansett on Monday, February 23, 2004 in Fairfield, California.

Like most boys his age, Caleb loved spending his days outside. He loved being in sports and being with his friends at school. Caleb was a great kid that did his best to care for those he loved and knew. He will be missed by many.

Survivors include his father, Clint Blansett of Winfield, Kansas, mother, Nicole Blansett of Wellington, Kansas, sister, Cadence Blansett of Wellington, Kansas, grandparents: Mary Keating of Diane, Texas, Hatch Womack of Nocona, Texas and Carrie McMahan-Murphy of Wellington, Kansas, great-grandmother, Carol McMahan of Wellington, Kansas, uncle, Chad Blansett of Grafwoher, Germany, uncle, Hunter Womack of Thailand.

Visitation will be held at the funeral home from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Friday, December 19, 2014 with the family present from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Funeral services for Caleb will be held at 3:00 p.m., Saturday, December 20, 2014 at First Christian Church, Wellington, Kansas.

Private interment will take place at a later time.

A memorial fund has been established in his loving memory to the Caleb Blansett Memorial Fund. Contributions may be mailed or left with the funeral home.

To share a memory or leave condolences, please visit

Arrangements are by Day Funeral Home & Crematory, Wellington, Kansas.

Obituary found here:
Day Funeral Home & Crematory

Thank you Jenny for remembering Caleb.

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