Gregory Carver
- July 26, 2013

It gets tiring when searching for pictures of children who have been abused to death, to see the faces of those who have killed them for something the rest of the normal world wouldn't even yell at them for. A 26 year old man named Vonta McClellan and his girlfriend, 28 year old India Kimble, the mother of Gregory Carver, beat him to death for wetting his pants. A five year old boy had an accident and it cost him his life. These two monsters have the nerve to look defiant in their mug shots, like they feel they don't deserve to be arrested, or held accountable for what they did, pretty much like most of the child abusers out there:

"He wet his pants and he died for it. There are no words that are adequate when
a child dies, especially when they are victims of abuse"

District Attorney - Brian McVeigh

A call came in to 911 saying that a child was having trouble breathing, that call lead Police to find Gregory in very bad condition. Reports say that Gregory was taken to Stringfiled Memorial Hospital and later life flighted to Children's Of Alabama Hospital and later he died there. Vonta was served with the warrant for his arrest for murder, while he was in jail having been arrested for child abuse. India had left town with her remaining children to avoid arrest but was later picked up in Mobile and taken back to Anniston.

The Coroner's report said that Gregory was beating with a belt severely enough to cause fatal, blunt force trauma and they ruled his death as a homicide. Vonta and India were charged with capital murder after Vonta used a belt to beat Gregory unconscious while India stood by watching and yelling at the little boy. A seven year old little girl who lived in the home was also hit with the belt by Vonta and Police found bruises on her body that they knew were made by a belt. While there were other children in the home at the time, they were left unharmed. Vonta was held on $500,000. bond.

“The male is charged with capital murder in that he beat this child over an extended period of time,
5 year old child with a belt and the child ultimately died of multiple blunt force trauma injuries from
that beating. The mother of the child is also charged with capital murder in that she aided and abetted.
And the allegations against her are that she kept the child in an environment where domestic violence
was taking place and child abuse and on that particular day that she participated in verbal abuse of a
child and kept the child there while the child was being beaten and did not call the police didn't call for
help didn't do anything that would have resulted in protecting this child"
Brian McVeigh, District Attorney for 7th District of Alabama

When asked if the death penalty was a possibility in this case, Brian Said:

“We're still gathering evidence, working with the police; I think it's probably too soon to
make that judgment.  Obviously when the case involves the death of a five year old child
it certainly sounds like something that should be a death penalty case, but we've got
additional information that we need to consider before we make that decision”

Investigators were trying to figure out if the other children in the home had been abused prior to this incident and were asking that anyone with information call them. Brian McVeigh said that it could be up to two years before a trial would take place. The family had moved to the house next to a church which they all attended, only six months before Gregory died.

In August of 2013, Robert Fuller, Gregory's father, attended a vigil that he said meant everything to him. Robert called his son Gregory "Man-Man" Carver:

"It just touches me. you just don't know how much it tells me. he will not die
in vain and I just appreciate y'all. Y'all just don't understand how much I love
y'all and love seeing this. It was a lot and I'm just thankful"

Claudette Kimble, India's mother, listened to what Robert had to say and then stood up and hugged him before talking through her tears:

"I don't know what to say, but I thank everybody here. I wish somebody had called me.
I wish somebody had heard. I wish somebody had walked by and saw this. I know Jesus
got this and I know Jesus is going to fix this. I've listened to the mayor, I've listened to
everybody up there and the don't do something, I'm going to keep coming up there. I'm
going to get on their nerves. I'm going to bug them. They've got to do something and
we've got to stop this"

Someone put a cross outside of the home, with Gregory's name on it. A teddy bear held a truck and a card that said:

"Don't look for him here. He has a new home.
He has gone to be with the lord"

Robert Fuller is the biological father of Gregory and he said he had not seen him since July 18, 2013 when he was in Anniston for a child support hearing. Robert says that he could tell that Gregory was not okay, but he wasn't sure what was going on.

The next thing he heard about his son was that he was in the hospital. Robert was getting ready to leave and go visit his son when he got the call that Gregory had died.

Robert was told that one of the children in the home had we the bed and that was what had started the beating of the children and that his son had been beaten so badly that he ended up having seizures and that he is now upset and shocked that someone beat his son, a child, who had no way of fighting back or protecting himself. Robert's two daughters would go back to Mobile to live with him.

Over 150 people attended the vigil for Gregory and listened to those who spoke, asking for change, asking for an end to child abuse and domestic violence. Programs handed out and a projection screen shared the message "Children Have The Right To Be Safe" as Gregory's picture was shown and the Mayor spoke up:

"I'm so sorry. We're better than this. When part of you hurts, it hurts the whole
community. We must come together. We must be preventative. We must join in.
It's a village. Let's not let Gregory died in vain. Let's make his life count. Let's
pledge to ourselves that this will not happen again. Let's go from here tonight
knowing that we're better than this. We are better than this and we will prove we
are better than this"
Mayor Vaughn Stewart

Mayor Stewart would be meeting with Calhoun County Mayors to ask for future rallies to be held against child abuse and domestic violence to be held in every community in their county. Other people spoke about how the community could come together to help the cause. Police Captain Allen George told the people that it was a matter of people be extra attentive to children and paying attention for signs of child abuse and though people might think it wasn't their business, it is everyone's business to help make sure that children do not die from child abuse, adding that people can make calls anonymously if they are under the suspicion that a child is in danger.

Donna Ross, the Anniston Board Of Education President said she was sad about the fact that she will never get to meet Gregory, who would have started kindergarten in the Fall and that she always makes students aware that they have their entire lives ahead of them and they should make every day count:

"His life counts. Every single day counted and we have to make sure that none
of us go home and forget. We have to remember. We have to be the example.
If you see something that is wrong, tell. When your parent or teacher or some-
body that's an adult does not listen, then tell someone else. And then if they don't
listen, tell someone else, until someone listens"

Gregory had already decided what he wanted to be when he grew up, he loves the Pastor at the church, Charles Gregory, he loved that they shared the name Gregory and he wanted to be a Pastor:

"In a day when little kids want to be found football players and move starts, the
fact that he would say he wanted to preach the gospel, says something to me.
And he's preaching right now. He's preaching. He's preaching"


Robert said that Gregory had always been a respectful child, a smile on his face at all times:

"The heart he had and the joy he brought to everyone, my son didn't deserve that"

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