Cameron S. Beckford
2013 - December 2014
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Shawn Beckford called Police to let them know that his children were missing, that their mother had taken them and not let him know where she was. Dainesha Stevens, the 24 year old mother of 14 month old Cameron and a six year old girl named Cheyenne, told Police that she had left her son on someone's front porch because she was no longer able to take care of him. The truth came out five days later she told the truth and Police were lead to the place where divers would find Cameron's body stuffed inside of a backpack.

It had only been two weeks since Dainesha had left the home of Shawn Beckford and had been staying with a man named Kurt Flood. At some point, Dainesha allowed an unnamed man to spank Cameron so hard that skin actually peeled off of his bottom, this beating took place between the day of December 21, 2014 and December 23, 2014. Cameron's body was stuffed into a backpack and was found by divers in Big Walnut Creek on December 31, 2014.

In January of 2015, a report came out saying that the Franklin County Coroner had announced that Cameron had died of blunt force trauma and his death was ruled a homicide. Dainesha Stevens was arrested and charged with failing to protect her son when she allowed someone to spank him the way she did and she had allowed it on more than one occasion.

In a court appearance, Mark Collins, Lawyer for Dainesha said:

"There's reasons why she said what she said, but she's trying to do the
right thing and that's what she did by helping yesterday and today"

Dainesha had asked for help to move to Ohio from Maryland with her two children which she had legal custody of, she was given a buss pass and food stamps from a local Protective Services Agency, this was after a supposed fight between her and Shawn:

"I know they had , like, an argument on the 14th and that's why we think she went
to Ohio on the 15th"
Lt. Clark Pennington

On December 27, 2014, Dainesha had moved the body of her son so that it could not be found when she reported her daughter missing, she made no mention of her son at all when she called to report Cheyenne was missing. Dainesha had called and told Police that her daughter Cheyenne was missing and that she had been taken by a friend who had not disclosed the location where she had taken the child:

"But I haven't seen her since Christmas Eve and I've been trying to get her
back from the people and they won't tell me any information about her. They
wont even bring her back to me"

Cheyenne was eventually found and she was doing well, she was taken into protective custody by the Franklin County Children Services. Kurt Flood had been arrested on charges unrelated to the disappearance of Cameron and Police wanted to keep him there:

"It is our goal to keep that man in custody pending further investigation by Police"
Prosecutor - Ron O'Brien

A missing child alert was eventually sent out for Cameron, it said that he was wearing a puffy black coat, gray pants, black and red boots and a gray elephant hat, he was described as black with brown eyes and a Mohawk. Dainesha was originally arrested and charged with endangering of her children and tampering with evidence, when he sons body was found, her charges were upgraded and she was being held on $150,000. bond and she was placed on suicide watch.

As of today's date, I am unable to find any further information about this case.

This page was created on January 10, 2015

Death occurred in the state of Ohio

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