People set up a memorial on the Dick Misener Bridge in Phoebe's honor.

Family, friends and strangers gathered on the bridge to remember Phoebe in a vigil held to honor her.

"I would give anything away, if I could have back, just for one day"
Michelle Kerr - Mother

"She always had a smile her on face, she loved to dance and she sung I don't
forgive him. There is no sense in this. He didn't have to do this to her. I just wish
there was one thing God could do, was to bring her back"
Michele Lynn Jonchuck - Grandmother

"I just saw him the other, I saw her the other day, I just can't believe it"

Stephanie Cherry - Friend



Family and friends had gathered for another vigil for Phoebe on January 10, 2015 at a home that Phoebe had previously lived in with her father. A display of Phoebe's toys and books could be seen in the glow of the candles. Michele said that a memorial service and plans to bury Phoebe would take place during the following week.

Michelle Kerr and Michele Jonchuck spoke out in an interview:

"Right now I have no intention of talking to him because nothing he could say could
give me an answer to what's he's done"
Michelle Kerr

"He wouldn't be able to explain himself, I don't think he'd be able to. My whole
family loved her so much and they did everything in the world for her. I saw no
indication. If I though there was an indication of this, this would have never
Michele Jonchuck

Michele said that she is left with only memories of her granddaughter who she used to bounce on her knee:

"I loved hugging her, playing games and painting with her"

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