Conrad Anthony Morales
June 10, 1992 - October 8, 2005
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Ricky Morales
October 14, 1994 - December 25, 2005
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Born to a mother who was addicted to and sold drugs, it seems that Conrad and Ricky Morales didn't stand a chance in life, right from the beginning. These two handsome young men along with their siblings, spent their life going in and out of the protective custody of Child Protective Services due to physical abuse and neglect. The life of these children was filled with SWAT team and CPS visits due to the drug deals and violence in the home.

Rosa Sariana was at one point arrested, convicted and sent to prison while the father of the boys had been deported.. Conrad was 13 years old and he was sent to live with Rosa's brother Raul who ws a convicted felon himself who was living with his wife Cathy. Ricky was ten years old and send to live with his grandmother and ended up telling a teacher that his life was not worth living. Ricky would right "die Ricky, die" on his arms and eventually the school was afraid he would take his own life so they called CPS who had Ricky admitted to a Psychiatric facility under the supervision of Social Worker Elia Godinez.

Rosa was out of prison a short time later, however, she was not able to care for her sons and she was allegedly told by the Social Worker:

"Conrad seems to be doing fine in Washington, so why don't you send Ricky
to Washington too. You've got one week to send him to Washington or I'm
going back to court and your kids are going back into foster care"

Reports said that in the beginning, Raul was happy to have the boys in his home, he told people the boys were in school and both were getting along great, making friends, playing sports and getting great grades. It didn't take long, just a few months later, for people to start noticing that the home wasn't all Raul had claimed it to be. Neighbors, Police and a sister of the boys aid that the boys were being abused in the home physically as well as sexually and Ricky had never been put in school even though Conrad attended every day. Some of the other teens in the school noticed that Conrad was wearing makeup to cover up bruises he had received from his Uncle and Aunt. Conrad was starting to complain to people that Raul was hurting him and when Police notified CPS, an investigation was opened, but quickly closed when they found that the allegations were unfounded.

Rosa was ready to have her children back with her in California. Raul made excuses, he couldn't afford plane tickets or other things. In October of 2006, Maria was really pressuring Raul who then told her that Conrad had run away from their home because he had been acting out and causing problems at home and in school. Raul and Kathy said they woke up one day and he was gone, they said he left with a gay man who was his lover. Kathy was said to be so upset about Conrad that she and her two biological children were going t live with her sister in another town. Raul said he would stay behind because he didn't want to leave without Conrad. A different story was told to CPS, they were told that Conrad had been sent to live with family in another state, CPS did nothing further to find out where Conrad was, the case was closed again.

An Aunt of the boys, Berta Cervallos was given an address so that she could visit with her nephews on Christmas Eve that year, she soon discovered that the address was a fake. Ricky had called her home and said he wanted to live with her. Plans were made for Ricky to go, however, on December 25, 2005, Ricky was dying while locked inside of a closet while Raul and Kathy sat down to a nice Christmas dinner with other family members and some friends. In fact, it was reported that Conrad and Ricky suffered horrible abuse at the hands of their Uncle and Aunt practically from the moment they arrived.

The day that Ricky died, he had been kicked over and over for vomiting up food that had been made by Kathy. Ricky was made to clean bathroom in the home, after he had been kicked, as punishment for not eating dinner. Ricky was not cleaning fast enough for Raul who found it okay to continue to kick him causing him to vomit even more before dragging him into a closet and continuing to kick him. Ricky tried to get away and Raul stomped on him, closed the door and left the room to go eat.

Kathy went to check on Ricky a few hours later and he was dead so she called the Police who pronounced him dead at the scene. The next day, Raul and Kathy were questioned and Raul admitted that he had disciplined Ricky but had not meant to hurt him. Raul and Kathy were arrested after the questioning ended.

Someone notified the Police that another child in the home appeared to be missing. Police went to the home and started a search that turned up a trash can, covered in plastic and duct tape and then encases in concrete, it was kept on the carport. Raul readily admitted that Conrad had died after being discipline in October of 2005. Family members had been asking and he admitted that he lied about where Conrad was. Raul and Kathy were already making plans to kill Ricky who had been witness to the killing of Conrad.

An autopsy done on Ricky showed that he had been severely beaten, with old and new fractures, contusions and cigarette burns all over his body. Deputy Medical Examiner Dr. Mark Fajardo found multiple traumatic injuries:

"Scars on Ricky's body were consistent with being whipped with an electrical cord
or similar instrument. Ricky's scrotum was damaged with a penetrating laceration and
his scrotal sac was severely damaged. There were multiple scars to Ricky's scalp,
primarily centered on the back of his head. he had severe infection on the back of his
legs. Finally, there were multiple circular injuries consistent with cigarette burns located
throughout Ricky's body there were determined to be at least several weeks, if not
several months old"

Ricky had reportedly been treated like a slave by Cathy who forced him to clean up after the family and witnesses said that they had seen the abuse that Raul and Kathy had given Ricky who showed signs of being very thin and malnourished. An autopsy report was done on Conrad, but results were not released.

Raul and Cathy were arrested and charged with first degree murder and child endangerment with special circumstances of inflicting torture. Cathy of course said that she was a battered wife and that she wasn't aware that either of the boys had been being abused. Raul said that he did beat the boys but he never meant to hurt them and their deaths had been accidents. I guess he didn't learn from the FIRST beating death that beating a child could cause them to die.

Raul Ricardo Sariana who was 42 at the time and Cathy Lynn Sariana who was 32 at the time, were both convicted on March 26, 2009, of first degree murder and inflicting torture and great bodily injury on a child, the jury recommended they both get the death penalty for what they did. A sentencing hearing was scheduled by Superior Court Judge Paul Zellerbauch for June 12:

"I'm very happy with the verdict. I've been waiting for this day for three years"
Rosa Sariana

"We were chosen to do a job and we did it. I haven't really analyzed the death
penalty, so I don't know whether I'm for or against it. But it's part of our American
judicial system and we played by the rules in choosing it"
Jury Foreman - Brad Wrightstone

District Attorney John Aki said that Cathy had been active in the abuse that took place and that she had been the one to tell people that Conrad had left with a gay man:

"We all felt she was the mastermind. She said in her police interrogation video that
her husband had the mind of a 15 year old. That says a lot. She was part of it, Cathy
had every bit of control to stop the abuse, but didn't"
Robin Dimuccio - Juror

Rosa and another family member handed jurors a picture of the two boys together with a handwritten noted thanking them for giving justice for them and saying that they could now rest in peace.

On June 26, 2009, Cathy was sentenced to death and on July 2, 2009, Raul was sentenced to death.

The names of these two handsome young men were placed on the
memorial wall of murder victims.


In Loving Memory of Conrad Anthony Morales June 10, 1992 - Dec. 27, 2005
Ricky Carlos Morales Oct. 14, 1994 - Dec. 26, 2005

Survived by mother Roslinda Sarinana, sisters, Destinee Morales and Vanessa Gallardo, other siblings April Cevallos, Martin Jr. Cevallos and Steve Cevallos; grandfather, Pedro Sarinano.

Services to be held on Friday, January 20, 2006 at 7:00 P.M. at the Church of the Redeemer 3839 N. Monterey Ave., Baldwin Park. Cremation to follow.

Published in San Gabriel Valley Tribune on Jan. 20, 2006

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Death occurred in the states of California & Washington

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