Michael Vallejo Seiber
August 2, 2002 - August 29, 2005

Michael Seiber suffered horribly at the hands of Alex Kermith Mendoza, the 30 year old boyfriend of his mother, Pam Seiber who began dating Alex in the Summer of 2005. It didn't take long for Alex to decide that Michael, who was only three years old, was not tough enough and that more discipline would mean he would not grow up to be a sissy. Pam worked at a topless bar during the evenings and she made a deal that if Alex would baby sit for her at night, she would watch his elderly father during the day time. The father of Alex was 80 years old and lived in a back bedroom in the home. Also living in the home was a man named Richard Daniel Cox, the man was a witness to what happened to Michael and stood by doing nothing to help him.

In August of 2005, Michael was taken to the hospital with a bruise and when asked, he said his mother had hit him and then he changed that and said he fell. A case had been opened and then close with claims that the allegations of abuse were not true. Also in August, Pamela saw Alex hit Michael on the back of his head so she left him. When Alex promised that he would be more gentle and loving with Michael, Pamela went back to him and she left Michael with Alex while she went to work and on August 29, 2007, Michael was tortured and beaten by Alex and Richard. All three would be prosecuted for what happened to this handsome little Angel.

In August of 2006, Pamela Seiber was found guilty of child endangerment and sentenced to six years in prison and she was expected to testify at Alex's trial.

In March of 2007,  Richard Daniel Cox had been found guilty of first degree murder and grievous assault and was sentenced to 25 years. Richard's Lawyer had said that he was an immature 18 year old boy who never actually took part in the torture of Michael and he was afraid of Alex. Alex told another story, saying that he and Richard were close friends and that Richard had been a part of the "discipline" that MIchael was given.

Alex was charged with first degree murder, assault on a child resulting in grievous bodily injury and a special circumstance of torture in the death of Michael. In February of 2009, during the trial, Defense Attorney Stuart Sachs tried to say that the only thing Alex was guilty of, was poor judgment.

Let's DEFINE poor judgment in the mind of this IDIOT lawyer: According to Richard, Michael suffered over and over and this torture would start the minute his mother left for work. Michael ended up with injuries including internal bleeding, a cracked skull, broken ribs, having an object forced into his rectum, an injury to his penis, he was forced to eat his own feces, having his head slammed onto the concrete over and over until the child could no longer get up, having an adult male (Alex) stand on him with all of his weight until he gasped for air and pulling on his arms while standing on him, until he passed out, punching a three year old in the chest and stomach for about 15 minutes and forced him to drink alcohol, ALL OF THIS happened while Michael was begging this monster to stop and telling him:

"I'm sorry. I love you"

Adding insult to injury, Alex was laughing while he was torturing Michael. And that, folks, is how the slime ball attorney Stuart Sachs defines "poor judgment". Richard said that he though Alex resented Michael because he was not his biological father. An autopsy showed that Michael died from  massive internal injuries that included a hemorrhaged diaphragm and kidneys as well as a lacerated liver and pancreas. Something had been forced into his rectum and it caused damage to his bowels.

"Poor judgment and poor child rearing skills is what this case is really all about. Alex
Mendoza, with a lot of experience raising pit bulls and little experience raising children,
was left to care for a very energetic three year old. Mr. Mendoza felt Mikey was not getting
enough discipline, that he was a sissy. He wanted to toughen him up. He said: I want to
make this kid a little soldier. He cared for that child and he tried to teach that child certain
things, in a misguided fashion"

Stuart Sachs

SERIOUSLY? How could this man say that with a straight face? It doesn't take "child rearing skills" to know that you DO NOT TORTURE A CHILD! It doesn't take experience with children to know that the sadistic, evil things this monster did to this child were wrong. This man got pleasure out of hurting a three year old boy, that is not poor judgment, that is PURE EVIL!

District Attorney Stephen Gallon told the court that Michael had suffered horribly:

"Terrified, alone, cold, internally bleeding. Skull cracked open, broken rib, forced to
eat his own feces, an object forced into his anus, an injury inflicted to his penis. This
is how Michael Vallejo Seiber spent the last minutes, the last hours of his life and the
defendant laughed about it. That defendant sitting over there did all those things to
that little boy. This three year old boy was intentionally murdered and tortured. this
was no accident"

After torturing Michael, Alex put him to bed and when his mother got home, he told her not to wake him up. A few hours later, Alex woke Pamela up and said that Michael was having a seizure. The couple took Michael to Riverside Community Hospital where medical personnel was able to revived him and he was transferred to Loma Linda University Medical Center where he died. Stuart Sachs tried to say that Michael was already sick when Pamela left that night and might have been given the injuries prior to her leaving for work.

Luckily, the jury wasn't buying what Stuart said and in March of 2009, Alex Kermith Mendoza was convicted of first degree murder and assault on a child under the age of eight, causing bodily injury that ended in death. Pictures had been shown in court of the injuries Michael had sustained at the hands of Alex. When the verdict was read, Alex sat at the table and showed no emotion at all, he was facing 25 years to life in prison:

"This was a horrific, barbaric torture murder of an innocent three year old boy that
no way a civilized society can tolerate. I'm pleased that both men responsible for this
unspeakable act have been convicted and justice obtained"
District Attorney - Stephen Gallon

The Defense Idiot, Stuart Sachs said he was surprised about the verdict:

"I thought there was enough evidence to cast doubt about torture and murder. The
medical evidence clearly indicated Mikey had trauma from prior injuries. A lot of
other people watched him"

Stuart was happy about the fact that another IDIOT, the Judge in the case, Roger Leubs threw out the special circumstance  of tortured because that meant Alex would not be eligible for the death penalty. I don't know how ANYONE could NOT find that this child was tortured. How many IDIOTS can work on one case?

Bill Seiber is the maternal grandfather of Michael and he was there for the trial and was happy with the verdict though he wished that Alex would have gotten the death penalty:

"I believe in an eye for an eye. He should suffer the way my grandson did"

Alex was also facing charges in connection with the death of his father. Michael's biological father, Francisco was in prison from the time he had been born.

As of today's date, I am unable to find information about the sentence given to Alex.

UPDATE: January 19, 2015 (Thank you Julie for this update)

Alex Kermith Mendoza was sentenced to 25 years to life on the first degree torture murder charged. Alex was given 25 years to life on the assault on a child conviction.

Thank you Cat for remembering Michael.

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Death occurred in the state of California

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