Luis Miguel Jr.
December 11, 2014 - January 6, 2015

Just a few days before he died, Luis Miguel Jr. was taken to the hospital for unspecified reasons. Daniela Villarreal was the 17 year old mother of this precious little boy and on her Facebook page:

"Can't wait till this little Boy comes and Im able to do what I want.
I want to be successful in life"

Daniela spoke about wanting to get "stacks" so she could help her son. Other posts on her Facebook page that were written earlier in her pregnancy said that she was upset that she couldn't work or go to class because she was pregnant. Daniela showed pictures of her ultrasound as well as her growing belly and at times seemed to be excited that she was pregnant.

Something went wrong and Daniela was accused of beating her 26 day old son to death. On January 6, 2015, a 911 call was placed and the dispatcher was told that there was an unresponsive baby. First responders got to the home and Luis was taken to the Carolina Medical Center-University where he was pronounced dead.

Daniela was cooperating and went to the Police station where she was interviewed and from that interview, she was arrested and charged with murder and felony child abuse after it was determined that Luis had died from a physical assault.

Daniela and her boyfriend had moved in with their friend Maria just a few months prior to the death of Luis. With a translator present, Maria said:

"I don't understand why this would happen to her baby, they looked happy together"

Maria said she was asleep in her home when she suddenly heard voices that woke her up. Walking out of her room, Maria saw Luis on the floor. Maria was shook up about the death and said it had appeared to her that Daniela loved her son and seemed to be excited to be a mom. Maria said that Luis had been sick when he was born and had been in and out of the hospital since that time.

Neighbors were upset and confused about what happened:

"They were quite people. I hardly ever saw them. When I would come out
and I would go to work, I saw, it was like a young girl, probably my age, 17,
she would be carrying him"

"It's pretty crazy,  you know? To hear something like that happened
to a little baby"

"It's sad, cause, you know, you got people who want children and
can't have them. You know and the ones that got em, don't want em"

Police were asking anyone with information to contact them: 704-432-8477


A ribbon attached to the door and the name Luis was written in memory of this precious little Angel.

Thank you Cherry for allowing me to honor this little Angel by sharing his story with me.

This page was created on January 14, 2015

Death occurred in the state of South Carolina

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