Adrianna Waller
- August 22, 1997

A seven year old boy testified against his father in court, saying that he saw his father abusing an 11 month old baby girl, the daughter of his father's girlfriend. Adrianna Waller is the daughter of Shonda Waller who lived with Charles Frederick Warner, the man who abused her daughter to death. Adrianna was sexually abused, suffered a six inch fracture of her skull, a broken jaw, three broken ribs, bruised lungs and her spleen and liver were lacerated.

Shonda was living with Charles and his three children a seven year old boy and five and two year old daughters. At about 7:30 a.m., Charles left the home to go pay a traffic ticket while Shonda stayed home with the four children. Adrianna was said to be her normal self, happy, playful and hanging out with her mother. Shonda changed the baby's diaper and then got up to feed the children. Charles and Shonda had planned to go to the grocery store together with all of the children until Charles suggested that Shonda go alone. Shonda left about noon and then returned about 2:30 p.m. and when she went to check on Adrianna, she was in bed so Shonda said she wanted to go and have a telephone connected in their home. Charles went to check on Adrianna and brought her out of the room saying that she was not breathing so the couple drove her to the hospital with Shonda doing CPR on the way.

Arriving at the E.R. of Mercy Health Center, Adrianna was showing no signs of life and medical personnel were not able to revived her, 45 minutes later she was pronounced dead. Nurses began to clean the body of Adrianna and one of them noticed that she had blood around her anus and tears in her rectum and the injury appeared to be new since there was no sign of healing or scars. The nurse discontinued cleaning Adrianna's body and called the Police.

An autopsy showed that head and abdominal injures were what had caused the death of this little Angel and later testified that the injuries were most likely inflicted on Adrianna about an hour before she died though it was possible that she could have been assaulted for up to three hours before.

On August 22, 1997, Charles was arrested and charged with the rape and murder of this precious little Angel. In a video taped interview, Charles said that Adrianna had fallen off of the bed. In 1999 Lou Keel prosecuted the case and Charles was convicted of rape and first degree murder, a jury gave him the death penalty for the murder conviction and 999 years for the rape charge. Charles appealed and was granted a new trial and was given 75 years for the the rape conviction in June of 2003. Prosecutors were going for the death penalty again, on the charge of murder.

Charles was facing another charge for the abuse of a five year old little girl who he beat with an extension cord and a belt and then raping her.

Shonda had gone to pay a traffic ticket and while she was gone, Charles abused and raped Adrianna. Public Defenders Tamra Spradlin and Gina Walker said that Charles had not killed the baby, even though he was the only adult in the home at the time. The two Public Defenders tried to say that Prosecutors had manipulated evidence and given inconsistent and embellished testimony during the trial:

"He is not guilty. He did not kill Adrianna Waller and he did not commit
any anal rape of this baby"
Tamra Spradlin

District Attorney's Lou Keel and Robert Swartz didn't agree:

"The defendant says: it wasn't me. The evidence says it was. This was not
an accident:
Robert Swartz

Lou Keel noted that on the video tape, Charles had said "You already got me":

"Those were his words the same day. Those were the words that came out of this
defendants mouth. Adrianna couldn't do anything to protect herself either sexually
or from suffering the ultimate violence at the hands of Charles Warner. Charles
Warner was convicted twice by juries and given the death penalty each time and
given 75 years for sexual assault"

Shonda Waller did not want Charles to die for his crime, she is against the death penalty and says that she was never even asked how she felt about the sentence:

"I don't want to see him to be sentenced to death. If they truly want to honor me then
they will do away with the the death penalty for him and they will give him life in prison
without the possibility of parole because that's that only thing that going to honor me.
I can only see him spending the rest of his life in prison and dying in prison without
him ever walking outside of those cell walls. I don't see any justice in just sentencing
someone to die. To me, the justice is in someone living with what they have done to
you and your family and having to live with that the rest of their life knowing they will
never get to walk out those doors. When he dies, i want it to be because it's his time,
not because he's been executed because due to what happened to me and my child.
I don't want that on my hands. It makes me feel like I'm no different than him and I don't
want to feel that way"

ACLU Legal Director Brady Henderson agreed with her:

"That's a very powerful statement. I think she hits it right on the head when she said: You
know what, this person took a life, this person murdered, this person killed. Now, we're
just doing the same thing in my baby's name. That's wrong. That's fundamentally wrong
We can't control that somebody killed someone. We know murders happen sometimes.
What we can do is make sure we don't commit them as a state. We can make sure that
we as a people don't murder. We don't kill. We don't take life. We don't make the same
mistake of failing to value life"

Lou Keel had this to say:

"This person doesn't deserve to live. If you're going ot have a death penalty,
if there are going to be some crimes, some homicides that are so atrocious,
then the rape and brutal murder of a child has to qualify"

Today is January 14, 2015 and I came upon this story because a report was saying that after a short ban of executions after the execution of Clayton Lockett went wrong due to the failure of a IV line. Department Of Corrections Director Robert Patton told the Board Of Corrections that he and his staff have been working to prepare for the execution of Charles and three other men who are going to be executed shortly after him:

"The staff at the Oklahoma Department Of Corrections has trained very,
very  hard and I'm very confident in their abilities"

Charles is set to be executed the day after I am writing this story, January 15, 2015. After the execution of Clayton, the state made changes to their procedure and equipment used for executions. In December of 2014, Charles and other inmates scheduled to die over the next few months had filed lawsuits to have their executions stopped with the argument that the drug Midazolam used as a sedative could possibly cause unconstitutional pan and suffering due to an inability to anesthetize them before the remaining two drugs are given. This is the same combination of drugs that has been used in 11 previous executions with no incidents. A Federal Judge rejected their cases and the inmates were appealing to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals in Colorado..

Attorney's for the State Of Oklahoma said that the people living there have an interest in seeing that these men paid for their crimes by being executed:

"The citizens should not see their criminal justice system derailed and subverted
by criminal defendants who have completely exhausted the entire range of appeals
and processes required by the U.S. and Oklahoma Constitutions due to baseless
speculation of theoretical harms"

Prison officials say that their first choice would not be the sedative they are using, however, the drugs previously used were no longer available since the manufacturers have stopped supplying them for execution use. Oklahoma is one of 32 states that still have the death penalty, while 18 states have discontinued it.

Shonda has moved out of the state and said she will not be a witness to the execution of Charles.

My thoughts on the death penalty are much the same as Shonda's, however, if that is the punishment that is handed down, then that's what should happen. I just find it insulting to the victims that these people who are sentenced to death are afraid to experience pain. What little Adrianna went through certainly caused HER a lot of pain and she was not able to comprehend what was going on, she knew nothing of how sick this man was or why he was hurting her in unimaginable ways. Why didn't Charles and any other person who fights their sentence of death, consider the feelings of those they were violating and why do they feel they deserve to die peacefully and painlessly when their victims were not given that same courtesy? I will never understand it.

January 15, 2014:

Reports today are saying that Charles F. Warner would die in a renovated death chamber, after extensive training of the staff and new levels of drugs used in executions had been accepted. The only hope for Charles would be a last minute reprieve from the Supreme Court, without that reprieve, Charles would die at 6:00 p.m. at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

Later in the day it is reported:

Charles requested as his last meal, 20 boneless chicken wings from KFC, a Coke, fruit cocktail cup, cole slaw a Big Mac and some gummy worms. There is a delay while they wait for a ruling from the Supreme Court, though the time that he was supposed to die was about a half hour ago from the time I am typing this at 5:25 MY time, which is an hour behind their time.

35 minutes later:

The execution was reported to be back on.

About 30 minutes later:

The Department Of Corrections in Oklahoma reported that Charles Frederick Warner was executed at 7:28 p.m. on January 15, 2015.

January 16, 2015:

Reports this morning say that the execution of Charles took 18 minutes from start to finish. Charles was seen laying on a table, wearing gray prison clothing and covered up to his waist with a sheet, his head was shaved and he already had IVs in both of his arms and he was doing what I consider to be whining:

"Before I give my final statement, I'll tell you they poked me five times.
It hurt.
It feels like acid"

Considering at the time they "poked" him five times there was nothing but saline solution in the IV line, I guess he might have been lying. I got an IV myself yesterday, I thought of Adrianna and the fact that the man who raped and killed her would be getting and IV in HIS arm, only for a different reason,  while the nurse "hurt" me by giving the IV that would administer the drug Entyvio to help with my Crohn's Disease. I wonder if Charles was thinking about Adrianna at all while he was getting HIS IV, how much "HURT" she went through at his evil hands.

Charles told his family that he was sorry for whatever pain he caused them. Charles was apparently defiant to the end, when asked if he had anything to say he said the following:

"I'm sorry for all the pain that was caused. I'm not a monster. I didn't do
everything they said I did. I love my people, I love my family, I love Jesus"

Charles thanked his mother and his sister for their support of him and told them to tell his baby girl that she means the world to him. Charles was said to show no signs of being distressed though  after the process had started, he did say:

 "My body is on fire. No one should go through this. I'm not
afraid to die. We's all going to die"

Noone, especially a BABY should go through what YOU did to Adrianna, Charles. You're not much of a man after what you did, but your whining and arrogance to the end makes you LESS of a man. If you TRULY love Jesus, you would have known that you had to admit what you did, be sorry for and ask forgiveness for what you did and really MEAN it, not just say it.

Sadly, Charles didn't appear to say anything to Shonda at all, even after she fought for him NOT to die after what he did to her baby. I wonder if Charles was thinking about his son, the one who testified against him and was WITNESS to what he had done to this little Angel. I hope that child was young enough that the memories do not remain and haunt  him for the rest of his life.

Witnesses saw the affects of the medications begin when Charles' neck started twitching and that lasted for about seven minutes and then he stopped breathing. Madeline Cohen, Lawyer for Charles said that they had no way of knowing if he was suffering because the second drug administered was the one that would paralyze him and would have prevented him from moving:

"Because Oklahoma injected Mr. Warner with a paralytic tonight, acting as a chemical
veil, we will never know whether he experienced the intense pain of suffocation and
burning that would result from injecting a conscious person with Rocuronium Bromide
and Potassium Chloride"

I wonder, Ms Cohen, do you feel badly that Adrianna didn't even have the same courtesy given to her as this man had? We KNOW for a FACT that Adrianna suffered in pain, crying out and moving around in an effort to avoid what was happening to her. What ADRIANNA went through lasted MUCH longer than seven minutes and took place more than one time.

Adrianna didn't get the luxury of living after what happened to her, she didn't get to file appeals and tell people about the pain she had suffered, she didn't get a last meal request and she didn't get to say good bye to or even speak to her family before she died. Charles had all of that and more and to the end, he dishonored this precious, little baby by claiming he didn't do all of what he was accused of.

Adrianna had done NOTHING wrong to deserve what she got at the hands of this MONSTER and yes, he IS a monster no matter what he said. Adrianna had no way of understand what was happening to her or why this man was raping and beating her, she didn't even know what rape was all about, she only knew the PAIN he caused her, but had no idea why he was doing what he did. Charles knew exactly what was going to happen to him and he knew WHY, even if he never admitted it. Charles was given more dignity than this little Angel was and he was FAR less deserving of ANY amount of dignity at all.

How much more evil and disgusting does a human being have to be in order for YOU, Ms. Cohen, to stop defending them, even after they are gone? It's sad, disgusting and pathetic that you couldn't just leave it be, you had to be dramatic to the end and stand up for the man who raped and killed an 11 month baby, to the end of HIS life without giving a single thought about how her family felt. They will love and miss Adrianna for the rest of their lives and YOU victimized the man who took her from them. SHAME ON YOU!

The Governor was more in touch with reality when she said:

"Justice was served tonight as the state executed Charles Warner for the heinous
crime of raping and murder an infant"
Governor - Mary Fallin

About 10:30 p.m. my time, I went online to check e-mails since I couldn't sleep. The first headline I read on the news feed was about Charles. The last words this man spoke seem to have caused quite a stir.

The article spoke about how had complained about being poked five times and how before anything other than saline was sent through the IV tube he complained of how it burned. Madeline Cohen said that she had not been in the room when they gave him the IV so she had no way of knowing if any problems had come up, however, she said that his comments had his family confused and upset. I would take a guess that Charles was selfish and evil enough to the end to WANT his family to feel that way or he would not have said that saline was feeling like acid.

Madeline Cohen said she didn't believe that Charles would be making up the fact that his body was on fire. I don't agree with Madeline, I think he would TOTALLY make it up to cause drama because he was upset that he had to die for he did to Adrianna. Madeline Cohen DID admit that others in the room agreed that he didn't seem to actually BE suffering, or show any signs that he actually WAS, but she still said there was no way to know for sure:

"I don't know. We have tried to get transparency about what they're doing and to
be able to observe the IV insertion and we've been denied that. So between the
actual veiling and the chemical veiling, it's very hard for us to know what's going on"

Other people say that it is very possible that inmates would be willing to lie in order to help others who were supposed to be executed:

"I think what you witnessed is predictable, especially if it could be helpful to the
guys behind him"
Rex Duncan - Prosecutor (Though not on this case)

A retired prison guard said that there was a kind of brotherhood within the death row unit and he felt confident in saying that he felt Charles was "hamming it up":

"He did it for the other inmates:
Randy Lopez

This page was created on January 14, 2015

Death occurred in the state of Oklahoma

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