Baylee Duggins
October 28, 1999 - January 11, 2015

A beautiful 15 year old Angel died from respiratory failure which was linked to her having Pneumonia. The cause of Baylee Duggin's death was ruled a homicide because Baylee had been shaken as a baby by her father, Christopher Schwanz. Christopher was convicted in the year 2000 of second degree child abuse after he shook Baylee so hard that he left her physically and mentally handicapped and totally dependent on others for all of her needs.

Baylee survived Shaken Baby Syndrome, but could not survive the lung infection and Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist said that charges were probably going to be brought against Christopher, charges of second degree murder would most likely happen after a Medical Examiner's report was finished:

"She was totally dependent and when she got sick, it was harder for her to heal"
Shannon Stiles - Mother Of Baylee

Before she had been shaken Baylee was a happy, healthy child and at the age of only three months old, her life changed forever and growing up, she was confined to a wheelchair, was blind and was never able to speak. Christopher plead guilty to second degree child child abuse was sentenced to 48 months in prison, he only served about two years of that sentence. This time, Shannon wanted the charge against Christopher to be murder:

"I want justice for Baylee. That's what it needs to be. She could never fight for
herself, so we have to fight for her"

"I was 19 years old. I had to grow up quick. I had to be the mom of a disabled
child. She ate from a feeding tube into her stomach. She never rolled over, she
never sat up on her own"

Over the 15 years of her short life, Baylee had been through about 20 surgeries and she could not walk, talk or do anything for herself. In December of 2014, Baylee's health began to decline and on January 11, 2015, Shannon made an impossible,  heartbreaking decision to remove life support from her daughter:

"They let me me climb in bed with her. Held her hands. Wrapped my
knees around her knees and let take her last breaths and then I laid
in bed with her for an hour until after she passed"

Shannon has trouble staying home and she has nightmares about Baylee's final moments and her death, she blames Christopher for the death of this precious, teen aged girl:

"I'm hoping he has to pay for taking my daughter's life away. If it wasn't for
him hurting her, she would be able to do anything that she wanted to do"

Shannon said home was where Baylee was happy and at peace:

"I hope people will remember her love of music, her love of family.
Her smile, her happiness. Never shake a baby. If you're mad or upset
or if a baby is crying and you're frustrated, put down. A baby has never
died from crying"

A friend of Shannon's has set up a Go Fund Me account to help pay with the arrangements for Baylee's funeral as well as cremation costs: http://www.gofundme/k0yw90 

On January 16, 2015, reports said that the Coroner's Office had ruled Baylee's death a homicide. It was not immediately clear if her father would be facing charges in her death.

Thank you to Leila for sending me this story and allowing me to memorialize Baylee.

This page was created on January 14, 2015

Death occurred in the state of Washington

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