Enna Isabel Baretto
April 21, 2006 - May 19, 2008
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Ramon and Janet Baretto adopted eight children, five girls and three boys, from Guatemala, the first child was adopted in 2005 and all of the children were kept in a disgusting mobile home that smelled horrible. The children inside the home were neglected and abused and were usually fed only cereal and bologna. At times, the seven children in the home would be bound with duct tape. Ramon and Janet made their money by selling dogs they were raising, they kept what was said to be hundreds of sick and injured animals in cages with waste from the dogs:

"The crimes they are alleged to have committed are nothing short of horrendous
and despicable and now it's time to let justice be served"
Sheriff - Jimmy Edwards

In May of 2008, Ramon and Janet took their daughter, two year old Enna, to a hospital saying that she had fallen out of a shopping cart, they left her there alone and she later died after being transferred to a children's hospital in Memphis. Marainna Torres was the daughter of the couple and she said that she lived in fear of her parents who forced her to take care of and discipline the children in the home who were younger than her with most being under the age of three. Marainna said that she had thrown her sister across the room and that Enna had hit her head.

Marainna said that the punishments for the children included sleeping without a mattress, using duct tape to find their feet and hands and being forced to eat hot pepper sauce. One child in the home with special needs was forced to sleep in a cage inside a closet and at times, Janet had gone online looking for people who wanted to take some of the children.

Ramon, Janet and Marainna were arrested and someone thought it would be a good idea to let them out on bond. Ramon and Janet skipped town on their $450,000. bonds and were eventually placed on the FBI's most wanted list. All of the other children were taken into protective custody after the couple was charged with manslaughter and child abuse.

Authorities had been trying to find the couple and the trail lead them to Mexico where Ramon's family lived, however, when they got there, the couple was gone. Another call lead them to California where the couple had been living in rental place and selling dogs, CDs and DVDs as well as panhandling to make a living, in June of 2012, the couple left that rental. A five year search for the couple ended in August of 2014 when they were found in a shopping mall in Oregon when someone called in a tip that they were there. The couple had a child with them when they were arrested and that child was taken into protective custody.

Dennis Erby said that the couple had been hard to find because they used alias names, changed their appearance, always paid with cash and moved around a lot. The couple was placed on the Marshal's top 15 fugitive list and the show "America's Most Wanted" featured them on their show:

"We exhausted several tips from the California area that didn't pan out with an
arrest, but this one did. This one was credible"
Dennis Erby
In August of 2014 the couple was arrested and extradited to Mississippi. Marainna Torres had already been convicted in Enna's death in May of 2010 and Judge Andrew Howarth sentenced her to 19 to 20 in prison on a manslaughter conviction. Judge Howarth suspended 15 of those years and gave her credit for the time she served, which was about two years. In court, Ramon kept his head down and didn't say a word, but Janet said she was innocent:

"It'll be proven, God pay. Jesus is number one"

September 2104 Janet Baretto plead guilty to six counts of child endangerment, three counts of child abuse and one count of manslaughter. Janet was given a sentence of 60 years with 35 years suspended. I have to wonder why she deserved ANY of that time suspended considering what she did. Ramon was still in jail waiting on his trial for a ten count indictment.

In December of 2014, Janet was sent to the hospital and was said to be close to death. Marainna was out of prison by that time and posted a message:

"No matter what she did will always by my mother. I'm asking for everyone to
please pray for her. She is in ICU and they're not thinking she will pull through.
Only God and prayer and change this"

The Mississippi Department Of Corrections web site had listed Janet's location as: NOT APPLICABLE TEMPORARY MOVEMENT - BED HELD. Janet's unit was listed as: LOCAL HOSPITAL. Janet never went back to prison, shed died in the hospital with her cause of death being listed as: Natural Causes.

Today I went to the Facebook page of Marainna and it appears she is quite upset about people giving her advice on what to feel about her mother. While I can agree that no one should tell her how to feel, I have to wonder what she expects people to feel. There are ways of not allowing people to see a Facebook page, if Marainna doesn't want the negative comments, she could make her Facebook page private and then no one could see it unless she allowed them to.

Personally, I have not forgotten that the blow that killed Enna came from her older sister. I realize that Marainna was afraid of her parents, however, I can't figure out why there wasn't any protective nature inside of her to keep her from throwing her sister across the room so violently that she hit her head and died. I am not trying to judge Marainna at all, I am just trying to figure her out.

On her Facebook page is a picture of inmates walking down a hall and it says: Not everyone gets to be home for Thanksgiving. Please remember the ones that don't. This is disturbing to me since those who are in prison usually caused their own incarceration and while I am not saying that people should not pray for those in prison, I just found that picture to be odd.


Enna Isabel Barreto, 2, died May 19, 2008, at LeBonheur Children's Medical Center in Memphis.

Services were at Tutor Memorial Funeral Home in Pontotoc with burial in Martin Town Cemetery.

Survivors included her parents, Janet and Ramon Barreto; five sisters, Lucricia Barreto, Luisa Barreto, Marainna Torres, Celeste Barreto and Janet Barreto; three brothers, Byron Barreto, Juan Barreto and Edwin Barreto; her grandparents, Sarah and Coy Killough of New Albany, and Ramon and Libia Barreto of Mexico.

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Death occurred in the state of Mississippi

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