Avery Xavier Glynn Bacon
June 9, 2012 - December 18, 2012

Looking at mug shots and even court photos of Amanda Bacon, she looks like she would be a nightmare to have as a mother. I know you can't really tell by looking at someone if they are good mother or not, but clearly, this woman was not. Avery Bacon was six months old when he was life flighted to Children's Hospital at the University Of Michigan with severe injuries to his head. Amanda had at first taken Avery to St. Anne's Hospital and he was transferred from there to Children's Hospital, none of that did any good, Avery died at about 11:00 p.m. on December 18, 2012.

What happened to this little boy is disgusting and Amanda would deny the entire time that she had anything to do with his death. Avery was thrown against a hard surfaces of some kind by his mother and that caused his head injury and eventually his death. Amanda was charged with felonious assault and child endangerment in the beginning, however, after Avery died, the charged was upped to murder and she was held on a $1 million bond. Amanda had another son, a six year old boy named Jeremy Jr.,  according to her Facebook profile.

Reports said that Amanda had trouble keeping a job so that meant she had worked in several places.

Family, friends and even strangers gathered to remember Avery. Jeremy Glynn, Avery's father, said he misses his son and was thankful for all of the support and prayers:

"It's remarkable all these people coming together as one source of positive energy
to try and deflect all of the negative. I thank everyone for coming and for everything
they've done"

Jeremy Jr., older brother of Avery, wore one of his knitted baby hats and held a candle in memory of his brother:

"This is Avery's hate and I keep it and wear it at night when I miss him. He (Jeremy Jr.)
wasn't too strong today, so I'm going to let him wear it"

One of Amanda's friends spoke about her:

"I knew Amanda was going through a hard time. He was a good baby and
deserved a lot better"
Katrina Herron

"I'll never be the same man I was before. It's horrible and it's just one thing we can
ask as many questions as we want, but we'll never fully understand it. If I had any
inkling he was in danger, he wouldn't have been there"
Jeremy Glynn

Jeremy said that Avery had been a happy baby who always smiled and he will never forget his lively personality:

"One day he was going to do something great, I knew it. He was going to do something
really big. He had all the tools God gave him, the tools to do it"

The decision was made to donate Avery's organs so that other children could live on:

"The most beautiful thing I thought of is it's right around the holidays, so Avery
is giving a remarkable gift"

A fundraiser was being held to raise money for a funeral for Avery.

In April of 2014 Amanda Bacon was found guilty of murder and endangering children by a jury of nine men and three women who took over 13 hours to deliberate the case. Amanda took the stand, still claiming that she never did anything to hurt Avery. Amanda told the jury that she had been living as a prostitute because she had been forced by Frank Jones, the man she lived with, to become a prostitute and she added that Frank had been the one who hurt Avery.

Amanda said that she had gone for a walk and took Frank's cell phone so she could look for business, she left Avery alone with Frank. Amanda returned home just after 10:00 p.m. and she noticed that her son had a bump on his head and bruising around his ears. Even with what she saw, she claims she left the house again at 10:30 p.m. to meet a client who she said paid her $60.00 for sex.

Franks said that he took Avery to the store with him to buy some food and use the phone to tell Amanda to get home because something was wrong with Avery and they needed to take him to the hospital. At the hospital, both adults lied about what had happened to Avery.

Defense Attorney's in the case said that Police had decided that Amanda was guilty and they ignored evidence that suggest it had been Frank who had killed Avery. Witnesses took the stand and Peggy Monroe said that she lived with Frank at one point in the year 2003 and he had thrown her son to the floor and injured him, though there were never any charged filed against him for it.

Amanda Bacon was 26 years old when Judge Frederick McDonald sentenced her to life in prison with parole eligibility after only 15 years:

"We'll oppose parole every step of the way, whenever she becomes eligible"
Frank Spryszak - Assistant Prosecutor

Prosecutors had said during the trial that Amanda was a disinterested parent, dancing at adult clubs, working as a prostitute and by her own admission, she had come home on the night of December 16 and seen that Avery was in trouble and she left him there with Frank instead of taking him to the hospital, so she could go meet a "client":

"I think the saddest part is that Avery didn't have, his biological father never showed
up for the trial, so he didn't really have a voice on his behalf. Luckily David Skrepenski
and hi family made themselves available to advocate on his behalf during the trial and
the sentencing so at least somebody's been there for Avery"

David and his wife, who had died, were said to have been the ones who took care of Avery for most of his life and they had hoped to adopt him. David was serving an eight year prison sentence on two counts of burglary, but had sent a letter to be read in court. Judge McDonald did not allow the letter to be read in court, but he said that a copy of the letter would be given to Amanda. David said in the letter that he was still wondering why and how Amanda had killed Avery and why she never asked anyone for help:

"I can't speak for everyone in this courtroom, but I can and will be the voice of Avery and
I know deep down he has already forgiven you because Avery didn't know how to hate, he
didn't know how to be mad at anyone. All Avery knew how to do in his short, wonderful life,
was to love"

David's daughter, Heaven Bowles said that Avery was a happy baby and she'd always considered him to be like a little brother to her:

"He was always smiling. He was just so content, so observant. He always had his
eyes open, watching around him"

Detective Kermit Quinn said that this case had been one of the most emotional cases he was ever on and that Investigators had been able to rule Frank out in the death of Avery because his story checked out and Amanda had just buried herself in lies she had told from the start:

"One thing about it, you can't remember the lies that you tell. You change your story
like she did several times and it just came back to bite her"

Defense Lawyer Spiros Cocoves said that Amanda was planning to appeal the sentence to the highest court available because she was innocent. Judge McDonald had ordered her to be held at the jail until she was interviewed by the Lucas County Adult Probation Department and evaluated by the Court Diagnostic And Treatment Center:

"The sentence in this case is mandatory. I have no discretion, but I think that this
information could be helpful to the Parole Board in making it's determination at
some later date"
Judge McDonald

Amanda was given credit for the 494 days that she had already been in jail while waiting for trial and Judge McDonald ordered that if she was ever released she would have to pay all of the costs of the court in her case.


Avery Xavier Glynn Bacon

Avery Xavier Glynn Bacon, 6 months, passed away unexpectedly December 18, 2012 at University Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI.

Avery was born June 19, 2012 in Queens New York.

He is survived by his mother, Amanda, 4 grandmothers and grandfathers; 2 great grandmothers and grandfathers; special aunt, Brittany Bacon Flores; many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Private visitation and funeral services were held at Eggleston Meinert & Pavley Funeral Home, Oregon, Ohio. Interment was in Lake Township Cemetery.

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Death occurred in the state of Ohio

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