Ava Douglas Getty
  - January 10, 2015

The year 2015 has proven to be no better than the others before it when it comes to child abuse deaths. A mug shot of Trent Getty shows he has several tattoos on his face, he looks young, very young, too young to be a father and certainly too young to be a murderer.

Police responded to a call from the Gardnerville Medical Center on January 5, 2015, they were told a two month old baby had become unresponsive and her father had brought her to the hospital. It soon became apparent that the little girl had been abused and the abuse was extremely traumatic. Ava Getty was taken off of life support and died on January 10 as a result of  the abuse she had received at the hands of father. An investigation showed that Ava had substantial injuries and that the explanation Trent had given for the injuries didn't match up with what they saw.

Trent apparently left Nevada and headed to California where he was found, arrested and taken to the Superior Court in Sacramento, California where he waived extradition back to Nevada. Trent was taken back to Nevada and booked on first degree murder charges and was expected to be in court on January 16th. Trent was held without bail in the death of his two month old daughter.

From what I am reading, it appears this Angel baby died of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Comments left on the page of an online news story were heated and getting worse. Accusations were being thrown around about the mother of this baby, Haley Douglas, having been addicted to drugs before, during and after her pregnancy, heading off to Las Vegas to party while leaving Ava at home with Trent. Ava's grandmother is defending her daughter and saying that Trent is a monster who violently shook her granddaughter and caused her death.

I can understand the grief, the pain and the suffering that Ava's grandmother is going through, I CAN'T understand her comments below: (Note: I did not change anything, the comment is exactly as she posted it)

"This is Avas GRAMY and we do not want trent to die nor get the death penalty. That would
be too good for him. He needs to be torturted everyday of his life in prison. And I hope the
imagines in his head and the ones he will get from pictures at trial drive him insane and he
gorges his own eyeballs out. I want his fingernails slowly pulled off, his eardrums punctured
 his tongue bitten off his dick torn off his ball twisted in a vice..... I wish I could do these things
but then I'd be of no help to my family"
Gwynn Douglas

If Gwynn could REALLY do those things, she's as big of a monster as Trent. My hope is that she doesn't really mean it, that she's just in shock and hurting so bad that she THINKS she could do those things, but in reality, she really couldn't.

Gwynn organized a balloon release in Ava's honor and opened a Go Fund Me account to help pay for burial expenses and to help raise awareness of child abuse and how to prevent it.

One of the comments lead me to go check out Gwynn's Facebook page:

TL Said: Gwyn by the look of your fb account and the disgusting things you have on there, I would hate to think you were responsible for that sweet baby girl! You and your daughter are trash...straight trash! Why don't you put your boons away and find another shirt ( one that doesn't have two dolls having sex on it and grow up and act your freaking age. Wouldn't SUPRISE me if you did drugs right along with your daughter. Sickening to think this sweet poor baby was in the care of people like you guys! And from what is going around you're no better than this babies mom or dad

I decided to visit the Facebook page of Gwynn, I was expecting to see pictures of Ava and comments about her and how loved she was, since the message below was on the same news story as the one above:

Gwynn Said: This monster violently shook my precious little baby girl Ava she was my light my love my fuel my happiness and he took her away Ava that was a beautiful baby girl didn't deserve this my granddaughter was nothing butpure of heart and soul Ava Grammy will always love you

There were ZERO pictures of Ava before she died. The only picture on there was the one below that lead to the Go Fund Me page. I don't doubt that this grandmother loves Ava, I just have serious questions about if she loves her so much, why aren't there any pictures of her on her Facebook page, why doesn't she ever speak about her?

On her Facebook page are pictures of tattoos, a picture of someone wearing a shirt that has Raggedy Ann and Andy having sex and other pictures that I THINK are supposed to be sexy. Granted, Gwynn's last message before the death of Ava had been in September of 2014 as far as I could see, that might be due to her privacy settings. But as a mother, an aunt and a great aunt, I post pictures and talk about my family ALL THE TIME! My family means the world to me, they come before sexy pictures, tattoo photos and the other stuff I saw on Gwynn's Facebook page. The post below, found on her Facebook page is about doing Mushrooms and leads me to believe that Gwynn was doing some illegal substances of her own:

March 27, 2013: This evening I have decided I want to b a mushroom ( the bluer the better). Why u ask? Cuz the life expectancy is short and I'd go out knowing I put smiles on people's faces and happy times in their heart!!

All that I am reading and seeing, makes me very sad for this little Angel, I wonder if the pictures that show her smiling, were the only few times she was happy in her short life.

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Death occurred in the state of Nevada

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