Kyhesha-Lee Joughin
  - March 2013

Kyhesha-Lee was a beautiful little Angel who by all appearances was the apple of her father's eye. Matthew Williamson had his daughters name tattooed on his arm and he called her his little girl. When Kyhesha-Lee died, her family was left wondering what happened:

"She was a very bubbly child, no matter what, she was always smiling.
She was very cuddly with animals. She just wanted to sit there and
cuddle with all the time. I think it's still sinking in. I don't believe it.
It doesn't feel right at all. We don't know exactly what happened, that's
what the investigation is all about. My brother was informed he did
everything he could, but he hasn't been able to talk about it. I believe
he fell asleep on the couch but she was still being looked after by someone"

Jarrod Williamson - Uncle

The family informed reporters that they didn't know who else had been in the house at the time Kyhesha died. Jarrod said that his niece had loved to dance, she loved cars and spending time with her cousin Mia. Jarrod also said that his niece was the most beautiful little girl in the world. Matthew had tried to do CPR on his daughter, but was not able to revive her. It was said that Matthew was the full time care giver of Kyhesha and that he was completely devoted to her, her first word had been dad and Matthew was said to be "shell shocked" about her death and was not able to speak to anyone, including family.

A Police team, including Scientific Officers, did an investigation starting at the home after establishing that a crime had been committed. Finger printing was done and a complete search of the home took place in an effort to figure out what had happened. Kyhesha's family wanted answers to why on the day the little girl should be celebrating Easter with her basket and looking for eggs, she was instead, no longer with them.

In May of 2013, Matthew Williamson was 28 years old when he was in court facing charges of child cruelty and manslaughter in the death of Kyhesha. Police had interviewed him for over five hours before the decision had been made to arrest him. Matthew sat, looking at the floor while Senior Sergeant Mark Gorton told the Judge that he was opposed to bail for Matthew since three year old Kyhesha's death was tragic under squalid circumstances. Sgt. Mark Gorton said that this little girl had sustained significant injuries at least twice in the past two weeks of her life.

Defense Lawyer, Jim Coburn stated that his client had been fully cooperating with Police during the interviews over the last five days and that Matthew had been the one to contact the Police when he had found his daughter in their home and tried to do CPR on her. Another man in the home had left before Police arrived. Jim Coburn said of Matthew:

"The presumption of innocence is in his favor. When Police attended
the unit, my client was attempting to resuscitate the child. The co-accused
was the one who took flight, he did not wait for the authorities to show up.
All the way through he's maintained contact with the Police. They found him
easily yesterday, advised him that he was going to be charged and he presented
himself for charging. It's very early days. It'll be necessary for us to see all of the
evidence before any comments made in relation to those allegations. But once
we get the full brief, we'll have a better idea as to what direction we'll be taking"

Matthew was apparently under a doctors care for depression and he would be contesting the charges:

"He's obviously suffering, so far as the fact that he's lost his daughter. But
the reason for that will all come out in due course"

Magistrate Linda Bradford-Morgan granted bail with the conditions that Matthew have no contact with his two year old son and would never be around his niece alone, he would live with his father and sister and return to court on July 1:

"He'll be pleased to get back to his family"
Jim Coburn

Christopher Arthur Neville Kent, the 44 year old man who had fled the scene before Police could get there, was later arrested on a traffic violation and was sent to jail, but not yet charged in the death of Kyhesha. In April of 2013, Solicitor Greg Coombes said that bail had been denied for Christopher who had been arrested and jailed on charges of driving unregistered, uninsured and driving while disqualified as well as an outstanding warrant for his arrested. Greg Coombes would not say yes or no to questions about Christopher being involved in the investigation about Kyhesha's death.

As I am typing this, I read that today the two men responsible for the death of this little Angel are set to have what is a called a committal hearing on April 14th and 15th of 2015. The court expects to hear at least 24 witnesses which will include medical experts who will be cross examined about the case. The court would hear that the injuries she sustained were substantial and that her living conditions were horrible. A Magistrate will then make the decision on if there is enough evidence to hold the two men over for trial. Neither of the two men appeared in court today, Matthew was out on bail and Christopher was still in jail.

Danielle Joughin, Kyhesha's mother wanted justice for her daughter. It is not clear why she did not have custody of this precious little girl, but she said on her Facebook page in 2013:

"Its ok justice will be served"

Danielle has not been on her Facebook page or there are no new entries or responses from her since May of 2013, though there are a few entries made by other people, those ended in December of 2103.

Poem For Kyhesha-Lee
(By her family)

An Angel on load
IS what people may say
But you were ours
Forever you were meant to stay

We were not meant to see
The day you were gone
You left for too soon
But will stay with us all along

A never ending stream
Of pain and tears
For this day has shown
Some of our greatest fears

I know there will not be a moment
The you will not be in our hearts
For you have stolen a piece
The day you had to depart

As much a I wish
This day was a lie
I love you Kyhesha
Farewell and good bye

Thank you Allison for sending me the story of this little Angel.

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Death occurred in Australia

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