Owen William Anthony Collins
August 20, 2011  - January 18, 2015
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A call came into the Wells County Sheriff's Department, someone wanted a check done on the family living in a home, the caller said that someone in the home wasn't behaving in the right way. The Bluffton Police were called to the welfare check and when they got to the home, they found that a child with Autism was missing. Three year old Owen Collins was not found in the home and a search was started. Owen had supposedly been last seen on January 17th when his parents put him to bed, when they woke up, he was gone.

The Sheiff's office, Ossian Police Department, Indiana State Police, Indiana Excise Police, Indiana Department Of Natural Resources, Bluffton Fire Department, Wells County EMS and K9 units from Search And Rescue all participated in the search for Owen. Sonar as well as K9 units were used to check a pond near the home and the surrounding area, but nothing was found. On January 18, 2105, Police found Owen, unfortunately, they found him in the woods, just before 8:00 p.m., ten miles from his home and he was dead. Interviews of the people living in the home had lead to the finding Owen and three people were arrested.

Breanna J. Arnold, who was 21 years old was arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death, this was a level one felony. Zachary S. Barnes, who was 30 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death and abuse of a corpse, which is a level six felony. In the home was an unidentified 16 year old mail who was charged with abuse of a corpse. In their mug shots, Breanna looks like she could care less and Zachary just looks like he knows he's in trouble.

Breanna was reported as the mother of Owen, Zachary is her boyfriend and the 16 year old male was said to be a friend. It was said that during the interviews, Police were lead to believe that Zachary and the 16 year old had taken the body of Owen to the woods and left him there, though it wasn't immediately clear how he had died.

A note on the door of the home said that illegal drugs and/or hazardous chemicals used to make illegal drugs were taken from the home and though the products had been removed, the home might still be considered dangerous.

An autopsy done on January 19, that's the day I am writing this, confirmed that the body found in the woods was this precious little boy, Owen Collins, a cause of death was to be released later. The Coroner said that a cause of death could take up to two weeks.

Comments on Zachary's Facebook were asking people not to make nasty comments because his daughter was one of his friends on Facebook and can read what is being said. I would hope that the mother of that child would protect her from that and not allow her to get on Facebook or delete him as her friend. Ironically, one picture on his Facebook page shows him with handcuffs on, in what seems to be a bathroom, he is trying to pick the lock with what looks like a bent paper clip.

The pictures show a dirty home, with boxes all over the place and what I can only describe as "debris" all over the floor. There are many pictures of Zachary with what seems to be his daughter, many with Breanna and many seem to have sexual implications. There doesn't seem to be any pictures of Owen at all. Then there is this post:

January 14 at 4:38pm
Look at what I must do.
I have to pay for my crimes. I will pay with my time.
alone, on my knees screaming. 
Oh god
why oh why
have I let everything I care for be taken from me?
How do I live without the ones I love? 
How could I do what is done? I have so much to say. But I don't have the words to say what has to be said.
So far away.
With no way to get there.
So many painful tears. That turn into to many lost years. I need you to know. I love you kids with everything in me. That you kids are the only thing good that came out of my life.
I can never fix or take back what has happened. Lord knows I would pay any price in this life or the next to fix my mistakes. But sadly I have done this.. And there's no second chances. That this is my nightmare.
In the end. When it's all said and done. When the dust has settled. And the time I owe has been paid.
I will be there standing. 
Standing as a man who has lost everything. That has nothing. But to you kids I will give everything. I will never let you down again. That when I come out of prison. I will be a new man. Like the mythical Phoenix I will rise from the ashes a new man. I am sorry. So sorry for not being able to be the father you needed. Sorry for all the mistakes. Sorry for letting you down. I will be back they can't keep me forever. And when we are reunited I will never let you down again I will be there I will always love you with all I have.

Breanna's Facebook has pictures of what appear to be her and Owen with another child, but mostly pictures of her trying to look sexy.

It seems that Zachary's brother was the one who turned him in:

Joey Barnes:
I was the one who turned Zach in
I love Owen
God bless him i love you so much
These b******s that did they may rot in hell i love you Owen
I will be going to the funeral
If anybody wants to talk message
I love own so much Jesus love the little children may you rest in God's arms cradle you no more pain my tears are for you Own

I am not exactly sure what roll Owen's biological father played in his life. Posts on his Facebook page end in July of 2014. In February of 2014, he posts:

Tyler Collins
February 15, 2014
I can't wait till my wifey gets home...I love u baby - with Breanna Joy Arnold

Posts on Zachary's page say that Tyler has not had an active roll in the life of his son and had not seen him for a few months. Other posts say that he had been reporting the fact that drugs were being made in the home and that those calls were ignored by whoever they were reported to.

A second day of checking shows that Tyler has posts on his wall about legalizing Marijuana on one of his Facebook pages and the second one he doesn't, however, he doesn't even speak about Owen at all, only his girlfriend. On his page, which he just updated about 40 minutes prior to me typing this (January 20, 2015), he is standing in a room, a messy room, smiling. He lists himself as Ty Collins (Deadbeat), I guess he knows himself very well.

A picture is beginning to form in my mind of a child who really didn't stand a chance in life with both parents doing drugs and nothing seems to have been stable in his life.

A Go Fund Me account was set up by Tyler, to pay for "Things that Owen needs", not sure what they are, however, the state of Indiana will pay for whatever he needs according to this:

In 1978, the Indiana General Assembly enacted into law a program to provide financial assistance for violent crime victims known as Indiana Violent Crime Victim Compensation Fund. The fund, which is maintained by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, assists victims or their dependents with medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, and psychological counseling. If you would like more information on Violent Crime Compensation, please visit: www.in.gov/cji/comp or you may contact the Institute directly using the information below.

Victims Compensation Indiana Criminal Justice Institute 101 West Washington Street - Suite 1170, East Tower Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Phone: (317) 232-1233 Toll Free: (800) 353-1484 Fax: (317) 233-3912 Email: victimservices@cji.in.gov

Then today, after someone said they were turning Tyler in for fraud, he posted this on the Go Fund Me Page:

Update: It was announced that the funeral home will be covering the service. We kept the page up to pay for the headstone and flowers, but later the cemetery offered to cover that. Now, all that is left to pay for is flowers. Anything extra is being donated to an account for Travis, his brother that was taken away from his home, and the rest is being donated to an Autism charity. If anyone would like refunds please contact me on my Facebook, not on here as I may not see it. Thanks everyone!

Oddly, he says that the cemetery would pay for a headstone and flowers, then he says all they need the money on Go Fund Me for is flower, that makes no sense.

Reports are saying that Owen's body was set on fire in an attempt to burn him so he would never be found.

News from during the day on January 20, 2015:

Reports today say that Owen had been dead for almost a day before the three monsters put his body into a cardboard box, took him into the woods and set him of fire. Zachary and Breanna had the 16 year old boy who lived with them, as a babysitter for Owen and his six year old brother.

Zachary said that he, Breanna and the teenaged boy were all using illegal drugs that day and Breanna decided to go check on Owen and his six year old brother. Breanna came out of the room holding Owen's body saying "my baby", according to the teenaged boy. Zachary starting talking about how they needed to get rid of the body. Zachary and the teenaged boy wrapped Owen in plastic wrap and put him in a drawer, then they all had a discussion about cutting up Owen's body into pieces and throwing them into the river.

The next day, Zachary and the teenaged boy, put Owen into the box and caught a ride to Marion with an unnamed woman. On the way, they stopped at a wooded area, put the box down, Zachary poured finger nail polish remover on the box and caught it on fire. They got back in the car and went to Joseph Barne's house where Zachary told his brother that Owen had gone missing the night before. Joseph called the Sheriff's Office to ask about reports of a missing a child and found out that there weren't any, he was told that the Sheriff's Office would check out the situation.

Police stopped the car with Zachary, the teenaged boy and the woman in it and while Zachary and the teenaged boy stayed at the Police Station the woman showed them the area where they had stopped. Police found Owen's badly burned body next to a tree.

Zachary not only admitted that what they had done, he said that at times, they had put drugs into the bottles of the children in the home to watch them, as HE put it, "have fun". I can imagine it wasn't very fun for the children. A former friend of Breanna's said that the two had been very close up until about six months ago and she couldn't believe the monster that Breanna had turned in to.

On January 22, it was reported that a decision had not been made for it the 16 year old boy involved would be charged as an adult or not.

A hearing was held and Tyler Owen's was there. It was said that he, his family and friends prayed before going into the court house. I have a hard time with that, maybe Tyler has "found" God all of a sudden, maybe losing his son has caused him to have a change of heart about his life. I DO know that he told people NOT to go into the courtroom before he got there. Tyler clenched his jaw and was said to be shaking as the charges were read in court against the three people responsible for the death of Owen.

Bond was set at $300,000. for each of the two "adults" involved which means they can bond out for $20,000. or $10,000. of they get a bondsman involved and they are scheduled for a pretrial hearing on March 11, 2015. If the couple is convicted on the charges they face, they could be sent to prison for up to 60 years, let's hope that is what happens.

News on January 26, 2015:

The teen boy in this case had been referred to as "Face" in the past and today the media identified him by his name, Zac Barker. Zac showed up at the court house, he wasn't wearing a bullet proof vest like the Zachary and Breanna, he was in his own clothes with no protection other than the Police. Zac's parents were by his side when the charges that had been filed against him were read: Neglect of a dependent, neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury, altering the scene of a death, obstruction of justice and abuse of a corpse.

At the age of only 16 years old Zac had been living with the two adults for about three months and he had been their babysitter for Breanna's children. Zac said that when Owen died, he helped in the plans to cover up his death which was assumed to have been drug related. Breanna had asked what they should do and the idea was brought up that they should chop up Owen's body and throw him in the river. Zac said that they then decided to put him in a box saying that the last time they had done Meth was a few days before.

Zac stood in front of the judge and showed no emotion as the charges against him were read and he learned that the Prosecutor was wanting him tried as an adult. A hearing to determine if Zac would be tried as an adult or not was set for February 6, 2015. It seems to me that Zac was able to make some "grown up" decisions and should be tried as an adult.

Owen's six year old brother was said to have been placed with family in the beginning but he was eventually placed in to foster care.


Owen Collins, 3

Posted on January 21, 2105

Arrangements are pending at Goodwin-Cale & Harnish Memorial Chapel for Owen William Anthony Collins, 3, who died Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015, in Bluffton.

(I certainly hope that something else will be written for this little Angel)

UPDATE Obituary published in Fort Wayne newspapers on February 22, 2015


OWEN W. COLLINS, 3, of Bluffton, died Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015. Arrangements by Goodwin - cale & Harnish Memorial Chapel, 3220 East SR 124, Bluffton, Ind.

Funeral Home

Goodwin Memorial Chapel
3220 E. State Road 124 Bluffton, IN 46714

Obituary found here:  http://www.legacy.com/

Thank you Julie for sending me this story.

UPDATE: January 31, 2014

On January 28th it was reported that charges related to dealing Methamphetamine, a level four felony, had been filed against Zachary and Breanna.

UPDATE: February 11, 2015

On February 9, 2015, Zachary Barnes and Breanna Arnold were in court to hear the charges against them and for the first time, someone took the witness stand, that person being a Detective and it was in connection with the drug charges. Tyler Collins was there and had this to say:

"I can't even see straight when I sit in there with them. They deserve
be put in a hole. They don't even deserve to see that courtroom"

Tyler said that he didn't have any knowledge of the conditions that his son was living in:

"I didn't have any knowledge because she didn't let me around. I didn't know"

I can't STAND that fact that this man keeps saying "she wouldn't let me see my son". If you really WANTED to see your son, you would have seen him. If you weren't so busy with your own life, having a girlfriend, speaking about the good things about doing drugs such as pot and other crap, you would have taken the time to make SURE you saw you son even if you had to get the Police involved. Of course that would have meant the Police would have been involved in YOUR business as well and you couldn't have that.  Tyler had another message on his Facebook page that read:

Ty Collins
February 6 at 8:03am

Monday court to read them more charges at 130 whoever wants to go ur more than welcome to meet out front at 115

This man seems to want people to rally around HIM, in support of HIM, when he didn't take the time to support his child. It seems he wants to give the APPEARANCE of having a bunch of people who support him. If people want to go to court, for one thing, they should be there for justice for Owen, NOT to support a man who did nothing to help Owen. If people want to go to court, they don't NEED Tyler to say they are welcome to meet him out front. People should go in, sit down and be there for OWEN since OWEN is the victim in all of this, NOT his father, OWEN is the one who suffered because neither of parents gave a crap about him enough to stop what was happening, yes, that includes Tyler.

Tyler, with a cleanly shaven face, a change from his last appearance, said:

"I just miss him running around, seeing him smile. I just miss everything about him"

I wonder how he could miss someone he didn't seem to care about, never got serious enough about seeing that he went in and DEMANDED to see, never got Police involved with and didn't seem to care what was going on in his life. Bond was raised from $300,000. to $350,000. due to the additional felony charges against the couple. Reports said that Zachary Barker was due back in court on May 11, 2015.

On a side note someone joined Tyler up for the Facebook group called: The Indiana Non Custodial Parents Alliance. It might be interesting to see how a man who didn't seem to WANT custody of his children, participates in this group. The post below echos some of what I believe:

Neither have any. And you're right...he won't change. He knows his other son is in foster care and I've yet to see him add employment to his timeline, or even mention an interview for that matter. His excuse was she wouldn't let him see them. So what's the hold up now? Im sure the state would love to see him get his shit together so they could give him his son. He has to prove himself now...and he's made no attempt in the last month. I've seen him post begging for a ride home at 2 in the morning...but no posts begging to go fill out apps. Worthless.

Tyler posts ASKING for things from others. He doesn't post about missing his son, or how he wishes he could have his other son, he doesn't post pictures or talk on Facebook about how he misses Owen and wishes he had it all to do over again. He saves his comments about missing Owen for when the camera is on him.

Note from the site creator: Think I'm being overly harsh on Tyler Collins? Then you haven't seen his Facebook, the place where he glorified drug use, bragged about being a deadbeat, never mentioned his children, talked all the time about his girlfriend and how much he loved HER, didn't have pictures of his children but had plenty of him and his girlfriend. The first picture of Owen didn't go up until AFTER he died, that's disgusting to me, that's not a parent who wants to see his children, who wants to be involved in their lives. NOW Tyler wants the attention that the death of this little Angel is getting him so he'll talk about him all the time, he'll show up in court, of course with his "posse" there to make it look legit. I'm not saying he didn't love his children, I'm saying he didn't love them enough to save one of their lives by getting them away from the situation he KNEW they were in. He's changed his story from saying "They were cooking Meth" to now saying he didn't know what was going on. He's got some people fooled, however, I've been doing this a LONG time and I am not one bit fooled by this man. I hope he finds God, get's a job, goes to rehab and lives a better life, until then, shame on him for not doing what needed to be done to help his child.

UPDATE: July 31, 2015

In May of 2015, the Coroner released information stating that Owen died of blunt force trauma to his head and County Coroner Kent Gilbert signed the death certificate stating his death was a homicide.

In June of 2015 Zachary Barnes was 31 years old when he plead guilty to a charge of murder. Under the terms of a plea agreement, Zachary was to be sentenced to 50 years in prison and would be required to serve 75% of that sentence, amounting to 37 1/2 years. His sentencing date was set for August 6, 2015.

In July of 2015, Breanna Arnold's charge was amended to neglect of a dependent causing death. Reports state that Breanna knew that Zachary had a history of violence and allowed him to live with her any way. Breanna was also facing charges of neglect of a dependent, obstruction of justice, altering the scene of a death, abuse of a corpse and dealing Methamphetamine. Breanna is due back in court on August 26, 2015.

It was also decided that Zachary Barker, the 16 year old teenager who contributed to what happened to Owen, would be tried as an adult in this case.

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