On Monday, January 19, 2015, people from the community got together in front of the home where Owen had died, to hold a candle light vigil to honor his memory.

People who knew Owen said that he was a loving child, he was quick witted and loved to play with his toys and watch cartoons. A family friend who attended the vigil and had participated in the search spoke to Owen's father, Tyler:

"He (Tyler) said: thanks pops for getting out there and looking"

Todd Zorich said that he would do anything for any child and that Owen had been a child that everyone cared about:

I got to know Owen, cause he'd come over to the house to play with my
grandsons. It was fun, you know. Fun being around him. He was just so
loving, very loving"

Tyler Collins was present at the memorial, however, he didn't want to speak on camera.

A second candle light vigil was held on January 24, 2015 in Angel Memorial Park. This community is really coming together in support of honoring Owen and demanding that he be given justice. Reports said that hundreds of people showed up to honor Owen's memory:

"Here is Bluffton, you just don't really, we just don't really have this kind of thing
happen here. So, when we first found out, we were wondering if there was going
to be a search and we kind of wanted to volunteer for that and it's just been horrible"
Tabitha Sumen

"I've been pretty lost this week. I don't know him, I don't know the family but
it was very hard. I have kids and it's just so sad, it's tragic"
Stephanie Pierce

"I have three kids and my youngest is four, so he's really close to his age
and I can't even imagine someone soin that, it's heartbreaking"
Kayla Emerica

"I have a baby and it's pretty hard, I couldn't imagine going through what he's
going through"
Andrea Thatcher

Tyler Collins attended the vigil and once again didn't speak:

"Tyler was just so overcome with emotions that he could bearely speak. we were
just gald to remember the good boy that was Owen. Just this past Summer, we took
him fishing in the community where we live. We took him and his older brother fishing.
Tyler and I, I'm not just his minister, he's my buddy. It was just very moving tonight to
celebrate his memory. I was with Tyler the whole time and was just able to pray with
him, offer him peace and support. This young man that really needs our prayers and
needs his community right now"
Clinton Nusbaumer - Reverend

A prayer was said and then hundreds of balloons were released while candles burned in front of a statue of an Angel that is in the park. What a beautiful tribute below!



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