Below are some Facebook messages that I find to be very interesting in this case and of course I WILL let you know why I find them to be interesting. Before you get angry with me about ANYTHING I am posting below, just remember, I have been doing this for over 17 years now and I have seen, read and heard about it all. I know the drill, I know how things work, I know how a parent will be absent from a child's life and then if something happens, all of a sudden BOOM, they're back in that child's life and lawsuits are being filed for millions of dollars for the lack of protection of a child they never saw, of their own free will. If you weren't willing to go and do EVERYTHING within your power, EVERYTHING you could possibly have done to protect a child, you deserve NOTHING after they did. If lawsuits are filed, they should benefit any remaining children in cases like Owen's, NOT the parent who stood by and did little to nothing in the life of a precious little gift from God!

Ty Collins:
January 21, 2015
Don't worry baby boy daddy is going to do you justice I'm really sorry I wasn't around but they will all pay for taking my baby from me fly high baby boy daddy will always love you

I find this interesting because: This man was not in his sons life, his son was NOT mentioned on ANY of his Facebook walls and NOW he's loving him and wanting justice for him? My thoughts? A child is gone and a father, who may have loved him, is now getting a lot of attention because the child has died and the father is loving that attention.

Ty Collins:
January 21, 2015
The words out motherf*****s on some real s**t u ain't makin past the gates in any prison for us suckers forgot who I was and Wat I've done in life I'm a powerful man and now u have powerful motherf*****s on the inside waitin on u have fun dying.

I find this interesting because this man seems to be PROUD of the fact that he's been in prison and he's bragging about the fact that he's a "powerful" man on the inside. Too bad that Mr. Big & Powerful didn't do anything to protect his child from the people on the outside, when he could have. Someone posted to him that he shouldn't make threats, I agree with that.

So many people are supporting this man who didn't see his son, didn't speak about him on Social Media, telling him he was a great father, he has a few pictures of his children on his wall, but that's it. All he speaks about are drugs and getting even with people, not just those who took this child from the world. His girlfriend is given a lot of attention on the wall, how much he loves her and is glad she's in his life. This to me is NOT a good father, a good father would have gone over and TAKEN his children out of that house for their own protection. He's been in prison before, so what would be the big deal if he went to prison again to save the lives of his children?

Ty Collins:
January 22, 2015
those monsters have court today at 3 I'm going to be there who else is going

Ty Collins:
January 22, 2015
remember be there at 245 anybody that's going I want to have a talk before we all go in no one go in without me

I find this this interesting because: this man had nothing to do with his child for a long time and now all of a sudden he's there for him. What could he possibly have to say to "everyone" who is going, what could be so important that he doesn't want anyone to go in without him? People can make up their own minds and should have the freedom to do what they want to do. I'd go in without him, he has nothing to say that is of any importance now, he should have had a lot to say before his son died. Tyler changed his profile name from Ty Collins (DeadBeat) to Ty Collins (HedPhones), what could possibly have caused him to change that? (eye roll)

Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way. On Zachary's Facebook wall yesterday and today (January 22, 2105) were the following Facebook posts. I will not alter them in any way s for spelling except to put * in the cuss words:

I think the only reason Tyler is going to court is to be a part of the spectable and he wants to be in the midd of it for attention like some three ring circus. He has exactly what he desires the most, feeling important. The center of attention.

 The father isn't any better. I saw him on tv and he's as white trash as the killers are. I don't give 2 fucks if he played with Owen (when he saw him which wasn't often) and was a "good dad" while in public. I bet Breanna was a "good mom" in public as well. It's obviously what's behind closed doors that matters. The dad is always going to have people that defend him. Those people are called "clueless friends & family". Just like ANYone who does ANYthing wrong there are always those people that stick by them. I'm NOT one of those people. Pretty sure if the mother of your child is a meth head, you're going to know it. Maybe they should test Ty out for illegal substances BEFORE they ever think of letting him take care of the other little boy. I watched Ty on the news when he was told what was in the police report as to how and when little Owen was murdered. If I had been told that about my child, I would've fallen to the ground hysterically. He didn't even shed a tear. Just said he hoped all 3 rotted in Hell. I can only pray he doesn't get custody of Owen's brother.

If tyler was a real man/good dad he would grown a set of b***s and a spine and went there and kicked the door in, that would have attracted the cops to the meth house. He's f*****g punk/p***y no account sperm Donner. He likely knew his kids were living with a couple cut throat Addicts. I am sure that he was clued in on that something wasn't right. Look at what he dates. Some little slut named stay real. I check out profiles. They broke up two days ago and the whore is already got a new feller. The young whores he dates is a reflection of his own character and priorities. Too busy smoking up, dating little sluts and having fun being a whiggerto know what was happening to his kid or to even clean his own act up and get a job so that he would stand a chance of getting his kids out of there. Rwhiggerler talks about beating or killing this baby killing. Monster Zach. Ty ain't gonna do s**t. More tough guy empty whigger bravado. Empty s**t talking. He won't do s**t just like he wouldn't do anything to rescue his kid to begin with. I would have killed me a whole house full of tweakers to save my nephew from living in such conditions' for real. It's better to go in prison than bury your baby or let it live at the mercy of a bunch of strung out method addicts. Anyone that gets near my nephew know what I demand, including his dad. My demand is that he is put first.I go out out of my way to know stuff, dig, find out what folks are about if they're gonna be near him. If I can that for my nephew I expect anyone that calls them self a real man or calls them self a dad to do the same. Tyler ain't worth the air in his lungs... just like the method head junkies that burnt his child's body. I usually wouldn't say stuff like this, give the deadbeat dad the benefit of the doubt and all that but image uncaring uninvolved parents with a passion and it's obvious he is a miserable failure as far as being a dad goes. I d toss him off the courthouse headfirst unto the pavement right along with the junkies that killed that adorable child. They ain't worth a bullet. Everyone involved including the dad ain't worth a bullet. March em some steps and chuck them all off the building and leave them on the pavement to rot I say. As an example to every p o s mother, live in boyfriend/loser and deadbeat dad to see. That's what I wish our society would start doing. F*****g trash.

 Yeah I mean the fact that the Bio dad was asked what he needed help with and he states "I need food and clothes" clearly your a piece of s**it too! This is why young kids shouldn't have babies! Ty collins how about GO OUT GET A F*****G JOB, QUIT ACTING LIKE A F******G WIGGER AND BE A NORMAL MEMBER OF SOCIETY! what is wrong with all you young folk anymore? Y'all think you don't need to work for s**t.. or raise your kids. .. I'm so disgusted at everyone in this situation.. I couldn't ever imagine begging for food or what the f**k else you need when I have two kids in an awful environment.. DON'T HAVE F******G KIDS .. THAT SIMPLE. F*****G DISGRACEFUL FAILURES

 Asking for help, for WHAT??? He doesn't have any children with him. What does he need help with? Nothing! He should feel bad, he is a dead beat. He could've stopped this. He was too selfish to care. Can you not see that? No you can't because you're a child.

Some people suggested not judging this father for what he is saying and doing. It seems to me that with his actions, he is showing that he is going to take advantage of the situation just as I predicted. He is asking for help to buy food and clothes for himself. He's not raising any of his children, he has no right to ask other people to buy him food or clothes. He could go out and get a job, stop acting all gangster on his Facebook wall, straighten out his life and make a better life for the child he still has.

No one is "judging", he is literally asking for free s**t! He doesn't have any kids in his custody to take care of, never has and never will, and he has the guts to ask for "food and clothes" on facebook! That isn't right. He isn't a "douche" or a "f**k", he's simply a freeloader trying to gain from his diseased son. Incredibly sad.

child, the father is a grown able-bodied man, I didn’t see him in a wheelchair. All I saw were posts on his Facebook page about how he’s proud to “keep calm and be a stoner.” He has money to smoke but not to eat? Really? The funeral expenses are donated, he needs money? Really? You know what I did the last time I as an ADULT needed money for food and clothes? I got a f*****g JOB. I didn’t have money after college for food and new clothes so I did with what I had until I got my first paycheck. I wore the same clothes every day to work. I went to bed hungry at night and went to work the next morning. I did not ask anyone for that money, I earned it. I did not go on welfare, I EARNED IT. I made mistakes in my life. I FIXED THEM. All on my own. If he were stable and had a JOB that kid would not be dead right now. No judge will leave a kid with his meth head mom instead of with a responsible father. Grow up, child. That’s the reality you have to face as an ADULT. I’m sure you’re okay with welfare, too, “awwwww he needs food and clothes.” NO. EARN IT. THAT INNOCENT CHILD needed food and clothes and love, he and his 6-year-old brother are the only ones here that should get all of that handed to them. NO ADULT needs anything handed to them. Adults WORK. Your welfare’s not going to be free either, it’s people like me who are paying for it, so get off this damn post, go to school and make something of yourself.


No one ever defending the 3 that caused his death. Yes the bio dad shoulda been there and tried to help his kids but no one but them no why he didn't help. And it will be on him his whole life everyday he will regret not helping his child but he should try to better himself for his other kid wether he gets him now or later on in life. Bashing the bio dad isn't going to get anywhere but him in a slump. Everyone needs help sometime wether it's addiction or in anything they need a support system not lousy comments.

I really wish someone would deactivate his Lil Girl's facebook so the poor Baby doesn't have to see what a horrible monster he really is and what people want to do to him

The post above from S.S. is the one that mostly speaks the truth of all the ones I have seen. Zachary's daughter is going to go through Hell for what her father did and I hope her mother or someone else has the sense to sensor what she's seeing and maybe get her into therapy. The posts go on and on, with some saying people are being hard on Tyler, but the majority agree, he's taking advantage of the situation. Shame on him, a child is gone, HIS child is gone and all he can do is think of what he can get out of such a tragic happening.

Sadly, a post from February of 2014 that is showing on the wall of the 16 year old boy, says the following:

Zachary Barker
February 4, 2014

Mom, dad, I'm no longer the boy you're used to seeing. I've change a lot plus i've grown to hate every human being. My mood swings have now turned my dreams into gruesome scenes. now I'm doing things I don't normally do and illusions seem to be the only pleasure I can gain.

I wonder if this teenaged boy could have predicted how true this would become. On his wall is a picture that tells the different words for things like arousal from biting, arousal from pain, arousal from butting, all very sad things. He has a few pictures of him with a girl, but no posts that I can see after February 2014.

I am left wondering why family members have not deleted the profiles of these people.

Today, January 23, 2015, Tyler Collins has a picture of his son FINALLY. I hope that Tyler can see that he missed out on so much of the life of his son and maybe get Jesus is his OWN life, get a job, get clean and maybe be a decent father to his other child.

On Zachary's page on January 24, 2015, Tyler Collins popped in to say the following about the over 1,700 posts that had taken place in one thread, since Owen's death:

Ty Collins
F**k what u all heard. I tried. Bre wouldn't let me around. now I have my chance so excuse me while I ignore ALL of you ignorant a** people and take it. I have more important things to worry about than what you people *think* you know. Your dismissed

I hope that Tyler isn't speaking about getting custody of his surviving son. Tyler seems to be doing what he has been said to be doing, playing it up, using the death of his son for attention and acting like the tough guy he wishes he was.

An interview with Tyler before court went like this:

Interviewer: Tell me, why are you here today?
Tyler: To hear the sentencing, see what these monsters are gonna get.
Interviewer: What are you thinking, feeling?
Tyler: I'm really not feeling anything.
Interviewer: Think you're in a little shock?
Tyler: Yeah
Interviewer: You have some friends and people, who's here with you?
Tyler: All my friends and family.
Interviewer: Um. have you heard the charges?
Tyler: No.
Interviewer: At this point the interviewer read the charges for Tyler.
Tyler: Tyler just stood there with a straight face and nodded while she read the charges.
Interviewer: Of the charges, only one is a first degree felony, what are your thoughts on that?
Tyler: Honestly, pardon my language but I think that's bulls**t. They deserve the maximum, they deserve the death penalty for what they have done to my baby boy and I will push it until I know.
Interviewer: What about, there aren't any drug charges on here.
Tyler: No, that's bulls**t too cause there's proof and signs of them cooking meth in that trailer.
Interviewer: What are you um, are you gonna try to be here for, you know, throughout the court process
Tyler: :::nodding his head::: Yeah
Interviewer: Um, only Owen was you son, the other child...
Tyler: No, he's my son too.
Interviewer: Okay, so both of them. And where, is he with you now?
Tyler: No he's not.
Interviewer: Okay. Is he with her family? Can you tell us...
Tyler: Uhh...He's just in placement right now, that's all I wanna further release.
Interviewer: Okay, he's safe though?
Tyler: Yes, he is safe. He is safe.
Interviewer: Um, if you could say anything to either one of them, what would it be?
Tyler: That I love em and I'll see em both some day soon.
Interviewer: What about to his mother and her boyfriend?
Tyler: Nothin.
Interviewer: Got nothing to say to them?
Tyler: Nothin to say
Anything else you wanna...
Tyler: No, I'm done.
Interviewer: Thank you sir.

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