Owen's body was released for his viewing and a funeral service, though it was reported that toxicology reports could be released within a week.

Here is what I read and then my feelings about what I read:

On February 23, 2015, a viewing was held for Owen from 1:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. and on February 24, 2015 at 10:00 a.m., Owen was laid to rest. I am hoping that more will come out about the service, because the articles that I have read up to this point are seriously messed up. Articles about this little Angel and his funeral seem to state that he was laid to rest, that ONE sentence is about him and the rest of the article goes on to talk about those who killed him.

Owen's funeral should be about honoring Owen, saying things about Owen, letting us know about Owen, what he liked, what made Owen smile, what took place at Owen's funeral, who spoke about Owen, what did they say about Owen?

I hope that I will SOON read about Owen's memory being honored instead of hearing about what these monsters did to him. It should be ALL ABOUT OWEN at this point!

Digging a bit further, I found another article that had more to say about the service, but STILL mentioned the monsters:

Family and friends were there to say goodbye and honor Owen. Less than one mile from the home he had lived in, people entered that funeral home and listened to Reverend Clinton Nusbaumer who later, spoke to reporters:

"I think it's good for the family to finally have the chance to have some
closure to lay Owen to rest. After more than a month since Owen's death,
they are able to pay their respects but the grieving process never ends"

"You know, his heart is crushed and he just, I think he's ready

to lay his son to rest and to have closure for himself, at the same
time wanting to make sure that justice is served through all this"
(speaking about Own's father)

Owen's casket was decorated with orange flowers and Spong Bob trinkets and he was laid to rest with some of his own favorite toys and stuffed animals. A public service was held and Tyler Collins said it was the right thing to do since the community had come together to mourne the loss of Own and had now come together to say goodbye:

"This means the world to me, I can finally put him to rest. He deserves it.
Because they came together as a community for Owen. I think it's the
right thing to do"

A family friend said:

"I don't understand why all this even happened"
Jamie Berry
A cousin had this to say:

"Everyone's just peace and quiet and like going looking at his pictures
and everything. I just wanna put it out there, fly high little own"
Chelsey Southard

Note: Even though this one news story said more about Owen than the others, it still spoke a lot about the people who killed him. I wonder why it is that SOME stories of abused to death children show people sending balloons up, hugging each other, surrounding the grave site of the departed child and so much more and then SOME stories, such as Owen's, show less than that and SOME stories even less. Each death of a child should be treated the same. I realize that it's up to PEOPLE to arrange memorials and balloon releases, I just wonder why it's not done for EVERY abused to death child.

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