Anakin Leroy-Michael Wiest
February 2014  - April 8, 2014

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An autopsy on a 59 day old baby boy listed his cause of death as starvation and dehydration with the manner of his death being homicide. Inside the home were Brittany Marie Wiest who was 24 weeks pregnant and her boyfriend Michael Withers along with the baby who had died.

An investigation brought about a Grand Jury indictment for felony murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect when Brittany was arrested, she was held on $100,000. bond. I am unable to find out why this baby died in April of 2015 and it took ten months for Brittany to be arrested on February 4, 2105 other than reports saying that the investigation lasted almost a year.

Police had gone to the home on April 8, 2014 in response to a call saying that a child was unresponsive. Anakin was 59 days old when he was found, deceased, in the home that day. Anakin's body was taken to the Forensic Medical Examiner's Office so that an autopsy could be done.

I am not sure what this picture above was used for, however, Brittany is shown in a picture holding something that has Anakin's picture on it.

From what I am reading, Brittany had  been telling people, including her new boyfriend Steve, that this healthy baby boy died of SIDS, however, if you compare his birth picture (left top) and the picture of him before his death, (left bottom) you can CLEARLY see that this child was starving and no longer healthy at the time of his death.

The picture to the left shows Anakin in his coffin. Yes it IS necessary to show the affects of starvation on a child in this way, so that maybe someone else will notice the signs and help a child who may be in trouble.

There is no reason why those who came into contact with this beautiful baby boy could NOT have seen that he was in trouble, that something wasn't right, something was HORRIBLY wrong with this two month old baby boy and he
needed to get to a Doctor as soon as possible.

I am left wondering exactly how many people DID see Anakin in this life threatening situation and did nothing to help him.

Reports say that the night before Anakin died, Brittany posted a picture of herself on Face- book, she had dyed her hair blue and purple. Sadly, the next day, Brittany's two year old daughter, Autumn, would be in the home when Anakin was found dead and Michael made a
call to 911 to let them know that Anakin was unresponsive. During the 911 call, Brittany can
be heard crying as the 911 operator begins to question Michael:

Michael: A baby, something's wrong with our baby. We need an ambulance now. He's cold and he's not moving."
Operator: Did he eat at 5:00 this morning?
Oh my God
Listen to me, did he eat at 5:00 this morning?
(Michael is crying) Yes Ma'am

"I've been doing this over 20 years and I've had other child deaths,
but, you know, this is probably the worst one ever as far as seeing
the baby and being that young"
Detective Rick Hall

Reports said that during the ten month investigation, Brittany had taken a job at a strip club, appeared in a rap video and had become pregnant again. Police said that the investigation had taken so long because of waiting for the results of a the autopsy and other factors:

"We want to make sure our case was right and we had everything done
before we presented all those facts. We want it right and not hurried"
Detective Rick Hall

A spokesman for the Police Department said:

"We requested an autopsy to be performed on the child's body and needed
to gather enough evidence to build a solid case. Everyone wants quick justice
in cases like this, but it takes time to build a case and we want to make certain
we have validated our leads so we have a strong case:
Bobby Gibson

According to Bobby Gibson, Brittany had lost custody of her daughter who was taken away by the Department Of Children's Services.

Anakin had been found with his ribs showing and his intestines had nothing in them, he had not been fed at all that day. Brittany's Facebook page is full of "selfie" pictures of her trying to look sexy, why is this relevant to what happened? Maybe if she had been as focused on being a mother as she was on her looks and making sure she presented herself to the world, Anakin might be alive today. There are pictures of her children, though very few of Anakin, however, there are NO pictures of her WITH her children, just her and men touching her in sexy ways, her posing in sexy ways and other pictures hardly appropriate for someone who is a mother, IN MY OPINION!

Reports say that Anakin had been born at just under six pounds and when he died, he weighed less than five pounds.

A court date was set for February 17, 2015 and reports said that Michael had not been charged at this point, however, the investigation was ongoing. How could he NOT have been charged? He was there, he was saw Anakin, he must have seen how thin he was, he should be held partly responsible for what happened to this precious, little Angel:

"It's still an open investigation, so there could be more charges that
could come out of this"
Detective Rick Hall

Pregnant with another girl, people were wondering how Brittany could allow her son to starve this way:

"We are asking the same question. How could you ever do that? But I think
people find themselves in situation or in lifestyles that other things get
neglected and I think that's what we're looking at in this case"
Detective Rick Hall

Apparently, Anakin's biological father was not around and Michael broke up with Brittany after Anakin died. The father of the child Brittany was pregnant spoke to reporters:

"I became friends with Brittany in May. We started dating in July. Up until
yesterday, Brittany and I both thought the child died of SIDS. I wasn't in
the picture back then. My main priority is the welfare of my child and my
main goal is getting custody of my baby girl"

A DCS Spokesperson said they were involved in the situation and that each case is handled differently and it would be up to the Juvenile Court to figure out where the new baby would live. Brittany had been investigated in the past by DCS, though they were not able to discuss the case.

A heart felt thank you goes out to Cherry for sending me this story.

UPDATE: June 25, 2016

Looking for updates today, I am unable to find if Brittany has been to trial or not. I have also been unsuccessful in finding if Michael has ever been charged on any level for what happened to this little Angel.

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Death Occurred in the state of Tennessee

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