Emily Elizabeth Rimel
March 24, 1999  -
December 2004
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Before her kidnapping and murder, Emily Rimel was said to have been neglected to the point that Freda Copely, the step-grandmother of this little Angel, had suggested and even helped in contacting a lawyer for her son, Brent Copely  to put the little girl up for adoption though they never discussed the idea with Emily's mother, Jane Rimel. Freda Copley's boss, Loretta Leasure said:

"Freda and Brent like the idea. She was, in my opinion, neglected"

Loretta was the boss at the child care center where Freda worked. Loretta and her partner contacted a lawyer about adopting Emily even though Jane had never been included in the discussion and when Emily went missing on December 7, 2004, Loretta and her partner were questioned about her disappearance.

The Principal at Emily's school said that Emily had not been to school for about a week before she went missing and a Secretary said that Emily had been tardy for class at least eight times in a  four month period. Emily had an unexcused absence on December 3 and Jane was not able to be reached to find out why Emily had not been in school. There is not much mention of another child, a son who was born to Brent and Jane.

Lindsey Bruce, who was 25 years at the time, was arrested and on trial for aggravated murder and tampering with evidence in the death of Emily. Lindsey had been charged in May when Emily's skull was found along the riverbank of the Big Walnut Creek though her body was never found. Lindsey was serving a ten year sentence at that point, for kidnapping Emily, though he denied hurting her. Police say that Lindsey was the last of the adults to leave the apartment the morning Emily went missing and that Brent was asleep when Lindsey left and Jane was working the night shift. Lindsey was charged after Police found that DNA on his genitals turned out to be Emily's.

In Court, Christopher Cooper, Donald Schumacher and Crysta Pennington, Defense Lawyers, were attacking Brent and Jane as parents while the Prosecution said that the family only had one car and Jane worked overnight which meant that Brent had to pick her up in the morning before they dropped Emily off at school which sometimes caused Emily to be late for class. Jane said that at times she would keep Emily home if she was running a fever since Doctors had told her that it could lead to seizures in her daughter's case.

Loretta Leasure said that while she had known the family for two years, Emily would often come to the child care center and she would be dirty so she anonymously reported this to Children's Services, though she admitted that the law said she should report every instance of neglect or abuse, she only reported it one time. Loretta had been to the home on the day Emily had gone missing:

"It wasn't fit to live in. It was appalling. I really wanted an opportunity to
get her a better life. My roommate is very much into education and we
wanted her to become whatever she wanted to be"

Loretta said that there was dog feces on the carpet and she added that Emily was delayed in her social skills.

Judge Patrick E. Sheeran heard the testimony and sequestered the jury. If Lindsey were convicted, he was facing the death penalty.

Lindsey's family came forward to say that he had a troubled life. BOO FRICKEN HOO! Having a troubled life and using it as an excuse to behave badly is so over done. You don't rape and kill a child because you suffered as a child, you grow up to be a better person, MILLIONS of people do it every day. I guess a person has to be willing to toss aside a pity party and learn to be a better person. I'm sorry for what happened to Lindsey as a child, no child should have to go through ANYTHING horrible, HOWEVER, what they do when they grow up should NOT be to then turn around and ruin the childhoods of others.

The courtroom heard how Lindsey's father was a drug addict and his mother had abandoned him when he was 12 years old, then Lindsey spoke:

"I maintained my innocence in the beginning of this trial and I maintain
it now and I'll maintain it until the day I'm called on. If you ever hear
anything otherwise, it's a lie"

Lindsey spoke from the Defense table since he was not under oath, he would not be allowed on the witness stand. I am not sure why they didn't just swear him in, but it doesn't really matter I guess:

"You may have seen my smiling. People interpret that I don't care.
I am remorseful, but I'm nervous. I'm really a shy person. Instead
of showing my feelings, I smile a lot. I'm not heartless, I'm not
careless, I am remorseful and I'm not an animal"

Jane Rimel was sitting in the front row watching the man who had been her friend and had been found guilty of kidnapping and killing her daughter, but found not guilty of raping her even though the evidence said differently. Jane listened as Lindsey spoke to her:

"I'm sorry for the loss to your family. I've never tried to hurt you or
your family or anyone in your family"

Defense Lawyers called on Lindsey's father, mother and brother to speak about his life as a child. Lindsey had not had a good relationship with is father, Floyd A. Bruce Sr. while he was a child since he had been addicted to Cocaine, he wasn't a good father and he was said to have taken Lindsey off of Ritilin which he needed and even took him out of much needed counseling:

"You're not parenting when you're drugging. I was drugging. You don't
know my son. I know my son. I want my son to live"

Floyd Jr., Lindsey's brother, said that his father had helped his sons learn how to sell drugs what he called the "right" way, in order to make a living. They had everything they wanted and Lindsey was raised by his brothers while his mother, Carrylann Bruce, worked 15 hour days. At some point, they were living in a condemned house and Carrylann decided that she was overwhelmed so she packed Lindsey's stuff and dropped him off at his father's house without even letting them know what was going on:

"I was at my wits end and I didn't know what to do any more, so I let him go.
Lindsey was like the odd man out. He had a mistrust of people. I love him, I do"

In March of 2007, Lindsey Bruce was found guilty of killing Emily Rimel who would have turned eight years old in a few days. It had taken 17 months for Emily's skull to be found after she disappeared and when the jury was sent off to deliberate, seven women and five men found Lindsey guilty on one count of aggravated murder, one count of murder and one count of tampering with evidence while finding him not guilty on one count of aggravated murder. There had been about 21 witnesses in the trial of the man who had become friends with Brent about ten years prior to his kidnapping and killing Emily.

It came out in court that Lindsey had visited the home twice during the night after having been out at night drinking and needing a place to sleep and that his girlfriend had lived there for a few months earlier in the year and he would visit and stay some nights with her. When Lindsey left the apartment that day, he left the door unlocked and at 8:00 a.m. when Brent woke up, Emily was gone.

Prosecutors were able to get the jury to see the facts, that Lindsey had raped Emily, since her DNA was found on his genitals, he also had three small scratches on his arm, he was arrested ten days later. Lindsey had claimed that he left the home at 3:00 a.m. and went to work on some cars, but he could not prove where he had been until 9:27 a.m. which showed he had been to a car parts store, he had a receipt.

Of course Defense Lawyers tried to say that the DNA evidence was suspect and that there was no further evidence to show that Lindsey had done anything to Emily. SUSPECT? What does that even mean? CLEARLY this man raped this little Angel and thought nothing of killing her to hide that fact. Some of the men in prison with Lindsey said that he had confessed to them what he had done to Emily.

Lindsey was lucky when the jury decided against the death penalty and sentenced him to life in prison without parole. Not accepting the gift of not killing him that he had been given, Lindsey appealed the sentence in June of 2008 as the Court Of Appeals listened to his arguments in court.

I am unable to find any information about the appeal being denied, I can only  hope it was.

Thank you to Michelle for sending me this story.

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