Aiyanna Thompson
February 9, 2015

When I saw the beautiful, blue eyes on this child, all I could think of was that those beautiful eyes are now taking in all that Heaven has to offer her. This beautiful, little Angel was three years old when she was beaten to death in what Homicide Detectives were calling the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen:

"This is probably one of the most disturbing things I have seen in
20 years as a Police Officer"
Detective Martin Kester

Reports say that Aiyanna had bruises all over her body when she was taken to the Ugent Care Facility on February 7, 2015. Tyson L. Reliford, 24 years old at the time, is the man who is accused of beating this little girl, he was arrested, charged with felonious assault and held on a bond of $1 million. Tyler was said to have been babysitting Aiyanna and her five year old brother while their mother was at work, he is not the biological father of these children. When Aiyanna died, the charged was upgraded to murder and Tyler's bond was raised to $2 million.

Aiyanna's mother, Tessa Thompson, received a phone call at work saying that her daughter had been injured, she arrived home about noon and took her to an Urgent Care Facility and from there she was transferred to Nationwide Children's Hospital where it was evident that Aiyanna had been abused before this time. Police learned that a five year old boy had been left at home and when they went to the apartment to find him, Tyler and one of his family members were there with the boy and once it was determined that they were actually in the home, Police got a search warrant and found out that Tyler was not going to allow them entrance into the home even with the warrant:

"Our emphasis in the beginning was to find the five year old"
Sgt. Christ Holzhauser

A standoff lasted several hours before Tyler gave up the next morning and was arrested, the other adult in the home was not charged with anything and the five year old child was okay and with Children's Services stepping in, he was placed with family.

A report said that as well as the bruises on her body, Aiyanna had suffered a brain bleed from a blow to her head and it was said that this was not the first time Aiyanna and possibly her brother, had been abused. In October of 2014 a complaint was made to Children's Services that a child or possibly children, were being physically abused in this home. Deborrha Armstrong is a Children's Services Communications Director and she said that a screening was done and it was found that the children were not in any danger and Tessa agreed to work with the agency and use the various services available to her:

"They interviewed both children and the mom. There was no active
safety threat found"

Really? They didn't interview Tyler at all? Of course no threat would be found if the threatening party was not present. The case was closed six weeks later. Tyler is reported to have no prior criminal record in Franklin County, but he is not originally from that county. Court records in another county show that Tyler had been convicted of drug possession in 2010, domestic violence against a family member in 2011 and carrying a concealed weapon, a switchblade knife, also in 2011, all misdemeanors. Tyler had one felony that was dismissed in 2009 for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, where he ended up pleading guilty to a lesser, misdemeanor charge.

A comment from a news story:

I personally knew Tyson and the little girls mom...I honestly can't believe he could do something like makes me sick. He was never right in the head, but this is dirt low even for him. I hope the 5 yr olds dad gets custody. God only knows what could happen to him. R.i.p Aiyanna.

Thank you, again, goes out to Michelle for sending me this story.

UPDATE: July 1, 2016 - Thank you A.M. for sending me this update:

In April of 2015 the charges of felonious assault against Tyson were dropped. Police said that with the charges being dropped, the case against Tyson was "still moving forward". Prosecutors stated that the reason for the dropped charges were concerns related to additional findings that needed to be follow up. Aiyanna's mother was now considered a suspect in her death. It was reported that new charges could be filed against Tyson in the future.

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