Zuri Whitehead
  2014 -
February 2015
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I have had to stop adding stories of children who were killed but not abused. Some people do not understand that there IS a difference between a parent who has continuously abused a child and then ended up killing them and a parent who for whatever reason, just one day kills their child or children. With my Rheumatoid Arthritis acting up and other illness affecting my life, I have had to stick to my cause, that cause is child abuse. The story below is not a story of a child abuse, however, I feel it needs to be told, to warn people of what can, will and DOES happen all too often in the world we live in today.

Zuri Whitehead was a beuatiful little Angel born to Trina Whitehead, a mother who loved and adored her new daughter. Trina had a best friend who she allowed to baby sit Zuri and that friend had an 11 year old daughter. No one could have imagined that one day, that 11 year old would change the lives of Trina and her family, forever.

"I didn't want to believe what they were telling me.
All they had to do was bring my baby back home to me.
What could she have possibly done to be mistreated
that way"

Trina and her family were shocked by the death of Zuri and more so about how it happened. Zuri had been beaten to death by the 11 year old girl while her mother slept on the couch in the living room. The Medical Examiner said that Zuri had blunt impact in juries to her head, neck, trunk, arms and legs and that her death had been a homicide.

Trina was concentrating on remembering Zuri during happy times:

"Everybody that came around her just brought smiles to their face.
Just how happy she was, how happy she made them feel"

Trina expressed her gratefulness to those who had been supporting her, sending thoughts and prayers saying these things were helping her to get through what had happened. Nothing can take away the pain though:

"I just want her back"

On February 9, 2015, the 11 year old child was in court for her first appearance before a Judge, she was charged with murder and the Judge ordered a competency hearing which would take place on February 26, 2015. Police Chief Randy Ice said that on February 6th the child and her mother had been babysitting Zuri  and the three of them had fallen asleep on the couch. It is reported that around 3:00 a.m., the 11 year old took the baby upstairs and beat her to death while her mother was sleeping. About 45 minutes later, the 11 year old then took Zuri down stairs to wake up her mother and let her know that something was wrong with the baby. Zuri's head was swollen and she was bleeding and the mother immediately called 911.

Zuri was taken to Lake West Hospital and then later she was life flighted to Rainbow Babies And Children's Hospital where she died from her injuries. The Police Cheif said he had never seen anything like this and that counseling was being considered for the Officers who had responded and found Zuri that morning.

A fund was set up to help cover the costs of funeral and other expenses and donations could be made at any branch of Dollar Bank, in Zuri's name.

Video shows the 11 year old from neck down, walking in leg shackles into court, wearing orange prison slippers, hands behind her back in handcuffs, carrying a paper. Pictures show her with her head down on the table, sitting next to her Lawyers. This little girl answered "yes" when asked if she understood her rights and she was being held in the Juvenile Lockup.

Police say that they knew her, that they have been in contact with her during incidents at her school in the past, though never for anything violent:

"She is a threat of harm to herself and others in the community and I would
recommend that she be held here pending other hearings"

"The child was beaten to death. Injuries were reported to us as massive brain
injuries, damage to the liver, spleen and kidneys and extensive internal bleeding"
Police Chief - Randy Ice

Reports said that due to her age, the 11 year old would be held in Juvenile Court and that she could only be held until her 21st birthday.


You may be asking why I am adding this story to my site. That is to show the dangers of ANYONE who is baby sitting a child. I am not trying to say that the 11 year old had a horrible mother. I am saying that it is important to be aware that children can be in danger even when we feel they are not. I have seen MANY stories of children who have killed, yes, children who are killing and I can't figure out what goes on in their minds, what goes on in their lives that they wake up and just kill someone one day.

I expect more will come out in the future about this story and we'll better know, but never fully understand, why this 11 year old child decided to take this beautiful, precious little Angel up the stairs that morning and beat her death and then casually wake up her mother to let her know that something was wrong. Did this 11 year old even understand what she had done? Did she believe that after beating this baby to death no one would be able to figure out what had happened?

It doesn't have to be the "tattooed" man or woman, the one who's doing drugs, the person who has been arrested many times for abuse in the past, the mom who is overwhelmed, the father who can't handle it any more, it doesn't have to be ANY of the stereotypes the world has come up with for the "picture" of a child abuser or child killer. It can be ANYONE and at times, it's shocking the ones we find are capable of doing the most horrible things imaginable.

I am NOT saying to see a child abuser in every person in you life, I am saying to be cautious.

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