Naomi Lei Patricia Nichols
November 21, 2011 - October 15, 2014

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I found this information about the day of Naomi Lei Patricia Nichols' birth, it as found on BabyGaga and it sounds like her mother was very excited:

Naomi Lei Patricia Nichols is here
November 24, 2011

Made her way into this world Nov.21st @ 4:31pm! I went in to be induced @ 6 am and labored for about 10 hours. I had to have my epi redone because it moved and I started to be able to feel every contraction but not my legs. I had told the nurses that I could feel everything from the waist up,yet all they did was give me more medicine in the epi. It wasn't until I was in tears telling them it hurt that they decided to take a look and sure enough it had moved. I had it redone,by then I could not feel my legs at all. After my new epi started to work I decided to take a nap and rest up until it was time to push. I was put on my side by the nurse,had just settled into my nap when the doctor came to check me. She went to check and almost instantly said "There's the baby's head,it's time to push." My legs were totally dead to the world and wouldn't even stay in the stirrups,so my DH had to hold my left leg on there while the nurse held the other. I pushed for 31 mins which would have been a shorter time if I wouldn't have had to wait for big contractions to come. 
Naomi Lei Patricia Nichols 
8lb 5oz
19.5 in

In August of 2014, this beautiful little girl was taken to the Emergency Room of Arkansas Children's Hospital. Naomi Nichols had a broken arm and the staff at the hospital felt the need to report it to the State Police's Crimes Against Children Division.

Less than one month before her death, Naomi was once again taken to the hospital with a hematoma on her cheek and it was claimed by family members that she had fallen on a marble coffee table. The next medical attention Naomi would get, would be in October of 2014 when she was admitted to Sparks Regional Medical Center in Forth Smith, Arkansas suffering from severe internal injuries with suspicions that she had been beaten and raped, Naomi ended up dying.

In February of 2015, a Crime Laboratory report held the truth about the severe abuse that Naomi had been going through for the past two months of her life. Prosecutor Daniel Shue filed first degree murder charges against Naomi's Uncle Cohen J. Davis, who was 24 years old at the time and was been being held without bail at the Sebastian County Detention Center since Naomi's condition showed she had been raped. Cohen had been arrested in November of 2014 on suspicion that she had raped this little Angel and then in January of 2014, the Medical Examiner's report said that she died of multiple blunt for injuries and cause her of death was listed as homicide. Family members claimed that she had fallen down the stairs and that is how she had gotten injured.

Cohen had brought Naomi to the hospital claiming that she wasn't acting quite right, she was not responding to him and so he had put her into a cold shower in an attempt to wake her up, he said she began to vomit while in the shower so he brought her in. Hospital staff tried to save her life and had to resuscitate her several times during a surgery that failed to save her life. Naomi had severe internal injuries as well as bruises all over her body. The Doctor who did her autopsy said that Naomi had sustained her injuries within a few hours prior to her death and it was said that Cohen was the only person with Naomi at the time of the injuries.

Courtney Nichols was shocked by what had happened to her daughter:

"We just want to know what happened to her and I'm sure, you know, we're
gonna find out. We're hearing all kinds of different things. We just wanna
know the truth. Obviously, we didn't think he was capable of anything.
There's nothing that I would want to say to him and I haven't talked to him
since anything's happened.She was perfect. She liked to be a Tom boy, but
she loved her dresses. And of course we miss her, we all miss her"

An interview with Cohen as he was being lead in to the Police station is below:

5News: Davis, you are accused of raping your two year old niece. Did you do it?
Cohen: No sir.
5News: All the evidence points towards you, according to this arrest warrant.
Cohen: Have you read the other reports? They say I'm horrible. None if it is true.
5News: What other reports.
Cohen: No comment.
5News: Did you kill her?
Cohen: No.
5News: Who is responsible for her death?
Cohen: No one is.
5News: How did she die?
Cohen: No comment.
5News: What would you say to her parents?
Cohen: I've already spoken to them.
5News: What did they say?
Cohen: No comment.

A Surgeon, Dr. Zbigniew Beyga said Naomi's duodenum was complete severed and that the amount of force that caused the injuries to Naomi was equal so someone lying on their back and having someone else stomp on them with their heals as hard as they could.

When asked about the earlier visits to the Emergency Room, Cohen didn't like the question:

"Cohen immediately got defensive and said; I've already been cleared of that"
Police Report

Cohen said that Naomi fell off of a step stool in the bathroom and that his daughter had grabbed her arm to prevent her from falling and ended up twisting her arm and he said that there always seems to be some kind of false allegations made against him and his family. Cohen gave Police permission to search his house and then refused to say anything else, on the advice of his Lawyer, he then decided to withdraw permission to search the home.

Jennifer Davis, Cohen's wife, also refused to speak to Police on the advice of his Lawyer. Jennifer did say that she had been out of town attending college and was called by her mother-in-law who said that Naomi had fallen and Jennifer would need to come home. She was not told what happened until October 15, 2014 and then she was told that Naomi was carrying her toys upstairs and told Cohen she wanted a drink, he told her there was a drink downstairs and she needed to wait a minute. Naomi supposedly tried to get the drink herself and ended up falling and when Cohen went to see what happened, she was trying to hold on to her tricycle and pull herself back up. Jennifer asked why he gave her a cold shower and he said that had been how he was taught to do things and Jennifer said that whenever one of the children was sick with a fever, headache or any illness, Cohen would run a warm bath for them. Jennifer did say that while the evidence didn't add up to an accident, she believed what Cohen was telling her.

Police were not able to search the house, however, they did search the trash cans and found three pairs of little girls underwear which appeared to be soaked in blood as well as a Pull Up diaper which also contained blood. When a search warrant was granted, Police said they found seven boxes of feminine hygiene products:

"Only one adult female lived in the house. Considering the blood soaked underwear
that were in the trash two days earlier and given the number and assortment of
hygiene products, it appeared to me that they were likely used to hide severe
bleeding suffered by the victim"
Police Captain Jamie Hammond

Doctor. Jennifer Forsythe said that injuries had happened within hours of her death and that she had extensive bruising all over her body with large numbers of bruises on her head, chest and abdomen and extensive vaginal tearing, superficial rectal lacerations with extensive soft tissue hemorrhaging through her pelvis which is associated with vaginal trauma. Tissue samples showed acute, chronic vaginal trauma and that had potentially happened weeks before she died.

Of course it came out that Cohen had been treated for PTSD by the U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs for over three years and that he was living on a VA disability of 80% due to the PTSD. Does that sound cold? All I can say is I don't care what he went through, he had the peace of mind to cover up what he was doing so he OBVIOUSLY knew it was wrong, so BOO HOO on the PTSD! Imagine the horrible trauma this little girl went through at the hands of a man trusted to take care of her, imagine her crying and screaming and possibly begging him to stop and he just kept going and going. What Naomi went through is far worse than anything he could have been through. I am not saying that what military people go through is not bad, because it is, however, if you feel the need to rape, abuse and torture a child, you can go get yourself some help for that, the child you are raping, abusing and torturing has no ability to go get some help!

There were three other children, ages seven, five and four, in the home at the time of Naomi's death and they were removed and placed into protective custody with the Department Of Human Services. I am unable to find any information as for why Naomi was living with this man and his wife.

A court date was set in this case For April 8, 2015.



Naomi Lei Nichols Obituary

Date of Birth:
Monday, November 21st 2011

Date of Death:
Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Funeral Home:
Van Buren
700 Jefferson St.
Van Buren, Arkansas, UNITED STATES

Naomi Lei Patricia Nichols, 2 of Van Buren passed away Wednesday, October 15, 2014 in a local hospital. She was the daughter of Jeff and Courtney Nichols.

Funeral services will be 10:00 A..M. Thursday, October 23, 2014 at Ocker Memorial Chapel with burial to follow at Fairview Cemetery in Van Buren under the direction of Ocker Funeral Home in Van Buren.

She is survived by her parents Jeff & Courtney Nichols of the home; two brothers Jacobii and Kal-El Nichols of the home; maternal grandparents Cheryl Dailey of Van Buren and Andy Dailey of Mulberry; Paternal Grandparents Jerry Nichols of Camden and Robin Nichols of Van Buren.

Family will visit with relatives and friends Wednesday, October 22, 2014 from 4-6 at Ocker Funeral Home in Van Buren.

Pallbearers will be Brian Finney, KevinLindemann, Ryn Garcia and Nicholas Garcia.

Obituary found here:

More memorial/information:

In Memory Of
Naomi Lei Nichols

General Information

Full Name: Naomi Lei Nichols
Date of Birth: Monday November 21st, 2011
Date of Death: Wednesday, October 15th, 2014
Place of Death: Fort Smith, AR

Fist Visitation:

When: Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014, 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: Ocker Funeral Home
Address: 700 Jefferson Street Van Buren, AR

Additional Information:

The family will visit with relatives and friends Wednesday, October 22, 2014 from 4-6 at Ockter Funeral Home in Van Buren.

Service Information:

When: Thursday, Octiber 23rd, 2014, 10:00am

Officiating: Reverand Clarence U. Smith Jr.

Location: Ocker Funeral Home

Address: Jefferson Street Van Buren, AR

Service Extra Info:

Funeral services will be 10:00 A.M. Thursday, October 23, 2014 at Ocker Memorial Chapel with burial to follow at Fairview Cemetery in Van Buren under the direction of Ocker Funerl Home in Van Buren.

Internment Information:

Location: Fairview Cemetery
Address: Fayettefille Road Van Buren, AR

Memorial/obituary information found here:

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