Torey Vincent Dymond Jr.
September 15, 2010 - February 15, 2012

Clifton Frazier was the boyfriend of Rasalia Poirer. Clifton Frazier was abusing Roaslia Poirer in front of her son. Roaslia stayed with Clifton even though he abused her and that eventually lead up to the abuse death of 17 month old Torey Dymond, the son of Rosalia. Clifton only lived in the home for about a month before it became apparent that living with him was a big mistake. On February 14, 2012, Torey would be beaten so badly that he would never recover.

Once again I am finding that the actions of a mother has caused her child to die. Rosalia is reported to have told Police that the day before her son died, is the first time she left Clifton alone with him and that he had never taken the child on a walk, all alone before. About 3:40 p.m., Police were called to the home and according to their report, Rosalia was in a panic. Rosalia told them that she allowed Clifton to take her son for a walk alone, something she had never done before. When they came home she noticed that something wasn't right with her son, his face was purple and blue and he seemed to not be responding. Clifton told her not to worry, that he was asleep. Clifton took off his clothes and then washed his hands and she went to call 911. Clifton at some point said:

"He had a fight with the pavement"

Torey was life flighted to Arnold Palmer Hospital where Doctors pronounced him dead about 8:00 a.m. and told Police that it appeared that Torey had suffered severe brain injuries. Clifton Alexander Frazier was arrested and charged with aggravated child neglect after on February 15, 2012, life support was removed and Torey died and it was said that after the autopsy, charges could be upgraded. Clifton was held without bail.

The man who owns and rents out the house Rosalia lives in said that he had seen Clifton taking the "girl" for a walk, he was confused and thought that Torey was a girl:

"He would go out with the little girl and we would see him when he came back"

This is different from Rosalia said when she told Police Clifton had never taken Torey on a walk alone before. Of course this tells me that she is not being honest and I have to wonder what else she is covering up. Clifton was interviewed and told Police that Torey was a whiny child and that on their walk he had fallen and hit his head on the side walk, two separate times. Clifton admitted that there had been times he had smoked Crack Cocaine in from of Torey and this Rosalia said that he had been physically abusive towards her in front of Torey. Odds are that if Clifton was physically abusive towards Rosalia, he was also physically abusive towards Torey and the odds are even better that Rosalia knew about it and did nothing. If she is willing to lie about something as simple as a walk, she's willing and able to lie about other things as well.

Calls had been made to DCF with complaints of drug use and fighting in the home, over a four month period. In September of 2011, a call came in saying that Rosalia was high and she was supposed to be taking care of Torey. In January of 2012 a call said that Torey had been injured when Clifton and Rosalia were fighting and Clifton had chocked and dragged her across the floor. A background check was never done, however, it would have revealed that Clifton had been arrested 28 times before and at least one of those times was for a sex offense against a child.

Loretta had a feeling that Torey was in trouble and didn't want to see him become a casualty because her daughter made bad choices. Loretta tried to arrange it so that Torey would be removed from her daughters care, she spoke with DCF and told them what was going before begging them to take the child away from his mother. DCF made the decision that as long Loretta was watching out for him, he was safe and they said they lacked any cause to remove him from the home. Loretta told them that she felt Clifton was going to kill Torey and sadly, she was right.

In February of 2012, Child Welfare Investigators in Broward County asked Child Welfare Investigator sin Orange County to do a welfare check on Torey. A visit SHOULD have been scheduled right away, however, it didn't happen until a week later. On February 14th a DCF Supervisor in Orlando sent an e-mail to the Broward County office stating that a worker had gone to the home and no one was there, Torey died the next day.

It is said that Torey's grandmother, Loretta Young, never left his side while he was on life support. She spoke to him, read him stories, bathed him and did all that she could do to make sure he was comfortable, though she said she couldn't feel him there any more. This loving grandmother is said to have saved everything she had that belonged to her grandson because she just didn't want to let go. It is said that at one point, she begged Rosalia to give her full custody of Torey.

After Torey died, Clifton was charged with manslaughter of a child, aggravated child neglect and he was facing the death penalty. I am unable to find much about the trial and found one report that said Clifton was sentenced to 35 years in prison for what he did to this little Angel.

Loretta Young has a memorial for Torey in her home, pictures, his first and last footprints, toys and a lock of his hair:

"DCF didn't murder my grandson. But they didn't protect him. If they
had done their jobs, Torey might be here today"

Loretta commented on a memorial made for Torey: (It is printed exactly as she posted it)

January 2, 2013

"Torey and i have shared so many things together and i could go on forever. I was there the day they did a c-section and pulled him out of his mother,s belly and how that day changed my life at two days old he left his head up and look his uncle ryan in the eyes it was amazing. his uncle Roland teahing his mom how to change a diaper in the hsopital. I remember his crawl you see he had his own styleof crawling one leg tucked in and the other one doing all thge work. I remember his first tooth and his very ffirst step, his mom me and of course Torey was on a road trip and my car brokedown and we were playing and he took his first step that day, he made even stressul times great ones. I remember when he strated taking several steps at a time . he strated running every where he went. How he loved his dogs. He had a truck he liked and i would go to one side of the table and we would push that thing back and forth and he would laugh so hard!! One day i come home and his Uncle Roland was in my hudge bathtub in his swimming trunks withTorey they were taking a bubble bath having a great time. He took his first boat ride with His Uncle Ryan. He thought his Aunt Kelso tatoos were amazing. His haloween, his christmas, b days and taking walks with him how excited he would be. He loved riding Skate boards with his Uncle ryan he owned his own before he was one. I guess what I am saying is I thank god upabove he blessed us with Torey my angle I love and miss him so...."

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Torey Vincent Dymond

September 15, 2010 - February 15, 2012
Davie, Florida

Dymond, Torey Vincent, 1, of Davie, passed way on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

He is survived by his mother, Rosalia Poirier; maternal grandmother, Loretta Young; uncles, Ryan Poirier, Roland Poirier, & Bruce (Jessica) Young, paternal grandparents, Marcus Matthews & Sarah Dymond-Richardson; paternal great grandparents, Marie Dymond-Wilson & Donnie Koonce; paternal great grandparents, Jose & Terria Dias; aunts, Tasianna Dymond, Deborah Richardson & Alyah Richardson; and numberous great aunts, uncles, cousins & special friends.

Visitation will be held on Thursday, February 23, 2012, from 6-8 PM with a Celebration of Life at 8:00 PM, at Boyd- Panciera University Drive Chapel.

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