Ayesha Ali
  December 13 - August 29, 2013

Paramedics were called to a home in London and once there, there they found a beautiful, eight year old girl was dead. Kiki Muddar had called 999 to report an attempted suicide by her girlfriend who supposedly tried to kill herself in the tub. Ayesah Ali, was found cold and stiff wearing only a pair of underwear and it was immediately evident to Police that she had been dead for quite a while. Polly Chowdhurry was the mother of Ayesha Ali and there was a note written by Polly saying that she had killed Ayesha and was in love with a man named Jimmy. The note read as follows:


I, Polly Chowdhurry, am writing this letter to let everyone know that I have taken my life and Ayesha's life.

I am writing This of my own free will. I have become severely depressed and do not want to live my life any longer.

Some things cannot be forgiven.

Ayesha, my daughter, who gave me the greatest pain. She wished me dead every day. Telling me to kill myself. Doing things to hurt herself and then blame me I tried everything with her but nothing was enough.

She tried to drown herself today. I pulled her out of the water and tried to save her but I couldn't get her fully better. This was the last straw.

I failed.

I cannot take any more.

For all the grief and pain I have caused and am causing, please forgive me.

Pray for my soul
Polly Chowdhury

Below is a picture of Ayesha's room and the position in which she was found.

Polly Chowdhury who was 35 years old and her girlfriend, Kiki Mudder who was 43 years old had a lot of questions to answer and the investigation was going to take a lot of time. Social media played a big part in what took place in the life of this little Angel, the suffering, the torture, the abuse and the eventual death of Ayesha.

In 2007 Polly and Kiki met when they were neighbors and by 2012, their friendship had grown quite strong and Kiki convinced Polly that she had Cancer and needed help:

"To me, she came across a very evil person. From the outset I knew
there was something not right about her. She was very sly, she was a
control freak, she wanted to control things"

Kiki had managed to manipulate Polly by making up fictitious names on Facebook. Kiki made up names and those names were giving advice to Polly about Ayesha and how to raise her. The name Skyman was made by Kiki and this person gave Polly advice about how Ayesha was being possessed by evil spirits and that she had bad blood, discipline was going to be needed in order to get rid of the spirits.

Afsar Ali was Polly's husband and at one point he moved his wife and children in an attempt to get them away from Kiki who he thought was a bad influence on them:

"She would never come to my property when I was there. She would never
speak to Polly when I was there. So everything that happened was done
when I was at work or when I was doing social stuff, I felt that she was
leading our lives, my life in a way, in terms of being their father and Polly's
husband, she had an agenda which I knew from day one"

Kiki was able to find the family and eventually her influence on Kiki caused the breakup of the marriage and in December of 2012 Afsar moved out and Polly wouldn't allow him to see Ayesha.

In court, Afsar said that Polly had been the best mother to Ayesha until Kiki had come into the picture. Polly became a stranger to him over the next few years and it was almost like she was possessed. It came out that in 2013 when Polly moved away, she and Kiki started sharing a bedroom and became lovers, this opened the door for further manipulation to take place and things got worse for Ayesha. Several of the fake names that Kiki made up were supposed to be cousins and her siblings and they all had influence over what happened in the home with Ayesha.

A court appointed Psychiatrist said in court that Kiki was fully aware of what she was doing the entire time, she had not been dilusional, she had not been mentally ill, she was fully able to understand what she was doing and what the outcome could be:

"She was rational in her judgments in having a disgust with Ayesha.
She did not like Polly Chowdhury putting Ayesha above her interests.
However immoral, abhorrent and illegal her judgment, it was rational,
there is no question of either defendant having been mad"

Police had gone through over 100,000 texts, social media message and exchanges between Polly and the made up names in order to figure out what had happened to cause the death of Ayesha. Skyman was supposed to be Muslim and a Spirit Guide which was how he was able to tell that Ayesha was possessed by evil demons. Also in the mix was the man who was known as Jimmy. It took a while for Police to get the records from Facebook and they even had to make a trip to India in order to find the man who had been an innocent pawn in this sad story when his picture was used to create the man known as Jimmy who became Polly's online lover.

Messages to Polly told her that her daughter was evil and she shouldn't love or even like her, in fact there had been over 40,000 messages with the same intent, to make Polly believe that Ayesha was evil and didn't deserve to be loved. Ayesha was blamed when Kiki said that her Cancer had become worse, when in fact, Kiki didn't even have Cancer. In a conversation with a friend just a month before Ayesha died, Kiki told that friend, during a conversation that was being recorded, that Ayesha was an evil witch and she wanted to drown her in the bath tub. When the two women moved in together, they began to hit Ayesha with a wooden spoon on the advice of Skyman:

"Your daughter will be destroyed and you have no right to
ever love or like your evil daughter"
Skyman - Facebook message

In April of 2013, Ayesha's teachers began to notice that she was changing. The abuse she was suffering at home was so traumatic that Ayesha started keeping a diary in which she outlined ways that she intended to try to be good:

"I have learnt while I am sitting here, that I have to change! I will change,
no matter what! Being thought bad, naughty and mean it's getting to be
very upsetting. I don't like hurting other people's feelings"
Ayesha - Diary entry

Ayesha kept what she referred to as a "naughty list" and in that list she kept details of the good and bad things she felt she had been doing. Entries included, "finishing my jam sandwich on time" and "being quick in the bathroom", these things were listed as good. The list of bad behavior included, "pulling faces" and "not putting my shoes in the right place". The list that Ayesha made on April 19, 2013 said that she was going to finish all of her meals on time, put her "things" in their proper place, be kind to everyone and stay in her room unless he was asked to come out, these were on the list of "good". On the list of bad were: whining and making a fuss, telling lies, pretending that you didn't hear someone, ignoring someone, huffing and puffing, not listening, not replying, not eating all my meals and not doing my homework. Sadly, this little girl was beginning to see herself as mostly bad.

Ayesha was punished by being force to scrub the bathroom clean and do most of the work in the house. Kiki was on the phone to her friend Hemma when she was recorded saying that she was going to kill Ayesha by drowing her:

"Seriously, I'm going to kill her. I'm going to kill her Hemma and I'm going to
go to prison tonight. I've never in my life ever, ever wanted anyone dead,
never except for her, never"

An autopsy showed that Ayesha had died as a result of damage to her head caused by the hits she had received from the two women. Ayesha had injuries that were consistent with rug burns and she had been bitten by Polly, she had over 50 injuries to over her entire body:

"It took us months to unpick and investigate the web of lies that Kiki
Muddar had constructed. In the six months before her death, Ayesha
was subjected to horrific levels of mental abuse, which during the
Summer holidays escalated to become physical. She was an
innocent child who was caught up in the most bizarre set of events,
manipulated by two adults who were intent on causing her harm"
Det. Insp. Donna Convery

Kevin Brown, a Professor of Forensic Psychology & Child Health said that Kiki had a narcissistic personality disorder and that she had easily manipulated Polly because Polly was a vulnerable person with low self esteem:

"She was putting her needs for love and affection before the needs of
her child and she found it in this woman. The more dominant individual
was a narcissistic person who wouldn't have sympathy for anyone else's
point of view and was only concerned with her own view and ideas and
convinced herself that her view was the right one or the reality, no matter
what was going on. She wouldn't have seen the pain and cruelty to the
child, she would only care that the child did what she wanted her to do.
The mother was so preoccupied with the friendship and having virtual
relationships that she, took, would not have seen or understood the pain
the child was going through. These were two individuals being cruel, with
the dominant one encouraging the cruelty probably out of jealousy as she
didn't want the attention on the child and instead wanted it all on her"

In court, Polly said that Kiki had called to her that Ayesha was drowning in the bath tub:

"I thought she had tried to drown herself. We lay her on the floor
and I asked Kiki to help because I did not know what to do. Kiki
did CPR. I was standing nearby in Ayesha's bedroom. She did
not seem herself. She was pretty cold and very stuff and her eyes
were not closing properly. I was very distressed. I was crying, I
was hugging her. I was crying out for Skyman to help me"

During the trial, it was revealed that a neighbor had heard a child screaming in the night, though it was never reported. It was said in court that Paramedic Laura Ward had asked Kiki several times if she was worried about Ayesha and she replied:

"She was a naughty child and mum thought she was possessed by the devil"

Kiki was asked again if she was worried about Ayesha and she said that her friend was her concern.

Paramedic Laura Ward said she repeatedly asked Muddar if she was concerned about Ayesha to which Muddar replied:

"She was a naughty child and mum thought she was possessed by the devil."

Kiki refused to give any evidence in court at all. It did come out that there were allegations of sexual violence towards Polly in her married life and that her childhood had been abusive as well. Polly said that she had come to hate Ayesha because she was being manipulated by Kiki and that she and Kiki had abused her daughter because Skyman had told them to. On the night Ayesha died, Polly said that Kiki had been giving her a cold bath to punish her for wetting her pants. Psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Joesph said that Polly had admitted to him that she was manipulated and had been groomed to hate her daughter, though while it was happening, she had not been aware of it:

"I was groomed for sex with her (Kiki). Everything changed about her when
she had sex with me. Skyman was doing us a favor because me and Jimmy
were not allowed to see each other. It was like his soul in her body, like in
the film "Ghost"

Detective Con. Karen Wilson read from the messages that they had collected and under cross examination, Henry Blaxland QC, Kiki's Lawyer stated:

"In amongst this material you get glimpses of my client as a rather
sad and lonely woman"

Detective Wilson did not agree, she said she felt that Kiki was sad, but not lonely. Henry Blaxland brought up a text from April 1, 2012 in which Kiki was sending messages from herself to the name she had created and the online lover of Polly, Jimmy:

"I'm alone because I don't have a husband. I don't have kids. I don't
get to go out much because of this illness. Everything I want, I don't have"

Karen Wilson said that the messages had been self serving on the part of Kiki, that she intended for Polly to read them. Both Polly and Kiki denied having been the cause of the injuries and death of Ayesha. In court it was said that in the days leading up to her death, Ayesha had been tortured while Polly and Kiki took turns wearing a mask and scaring her at night. The neighbor who heard Ayesha screaming said that the little girl had cried out:

"Amah, I don't want to be bad. Amah, Amah, I don't want to be bad"

In March of 2015, the jury deliberated for over 31 hours and by a majority of ten to two, they found Polly and Kiki not guilty of murder, however, they found them guilty of manslaughter. Polly Chowdhury was 35 years old when she was sentenced to a RIDICULOUS sentence of only 13 years for what she did to the Ayesha. Kiki Muddar was 43 years old when she was sentenced to 18 years for what she did to Ayesha, another RIDICULOUS sentence. Judge Christopher MOss QC said that Kiki got a longer sentenced because she was a manipulator and a wicked woman and that Polly had failed her daughter who had trusted her to keep her safe.

Afsar said he was never going to get over the loss of Ayesha:

"I think as a father, I will always think that there was something I could have done
cause no father would want to bury their child. You know of want your children
to be there, live longer than you do and for them to organize the funerals. When
I laid Ayesha in her grave, I didn't want to come out. I just wanted to be there with
her, but my hands were tied"
Afsar Ali - Ayesha's Father

"Over the last few weeks, I sat in the courtroom as the truth unfolded. It was not
the truth about my princess Ayesha, it was the truth about what they did to my
little girl, how they tortured her and took away her life. Ayesha was an amazing
little girl, loving, caring, intelligent and always smiling. She was helpful and
considerate to everyone she met. She was a gift of love. I knew that the very
moment she came into my world. Nothing will bring Ayesha back. All I have now
is happy memories of the past, the joyful monents we have had together. She filled
my world with beauty and I'm going to hold on to that for as long as I live. She was
my sunshine, my closest friend"
Afsar Ali

My heart goes out to his man. I LOVE that he has shared his daughter, who she was, how she loved life, how she treated others, though she obviously was not treated well herself. I am glad that he has the memories of his daughter who he obviously loves more than his own life. I wish he still had her with him. I am glad that he has shared her with us as so often the child gets lost in the trial and we never know who they WERE other than the suffering they went through.

Thank you goes out to Gill for sending me this story.

UPDATE: June 26, 2016 - Thank you Clare for sending me this update.

In November of 2015, Polly Chowdhury, who was 35 years old and Kiki Muddar, who was 43 years old, each had their sentences reduced when they appeal them. Polly would now have to serve only ten years instead of the original sentence of 13 years. Kiki would now have to serve only 15 years instead of the original 18.

Lord Justice Treacy, Mrs Justice Carr and Mr Justice Kerr were in agreement that the sentence of Kiki that was 18 years, was "manifestly excessive" and they reduced her term by three years. In March, Judge Christopher Moss QC had told the Old Bailey that Kiki's sentence should be the "lion's share" of the cause of misery that Ayesha had to go through.

REALLY? How much of a reduction in the death sentence did Ayesha get? Oh yeah, NONE, she's dead, she doesn't get an appeal, she doesn't get time off for good behavior, no more ANYTHING for her. DISGUSTING, these three people should be ashamed of themselves.

Judge Christopher Moss said that Kiki had been manipulative and wicked and that she had brainwashed Polly into believing her child was possessed. Kiki was said to have created a world that didn't exist using alter egos on Facebook and texting to seduce Polly and eventually turn her against Ayesha.

DISGUSTINGLY, Mrs Justice Carr said the reduced sentences were not intended to lesson their crimes saying that Ayesha had not deserved to die the way she did and that the new sentences were "proper".

I have news for Mrs Justice Carr, the ONLY acceptable sentence would have been life without parole. I am disgusted by the fact that courts are refusing to accept that the lives of children DO matter. A life for a life is the only way to go when a child dies at the hands of an abuser.

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Death Occurred in England

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