Jayniah Watkins

- March 2015

Social Workers with the Job And Family Services did what they could to help a precious, little Angel who they felt was in danger if she stayed with her mother. Jayniah Watkins was removed from the care of her mother and placed with her Aunt who was aware of a court order stating that Deaisa Watkins, the 20 year old mother, was not allowed to be around her daughter after she was found to be in need of hospitalization for what was called "acting crazy" and speaking about demons. A Judge determined that it was possible that Deaisa would harm her daughter.
may be needed as a witness, Deters said.

Reports say that the Aunt eventually allowed Deaisa to move in with her and that gave her access to the three month old baby. Social Workers had been making welfare checks on Jayniah and everything seemed to be fine. Up until the time Jayniah died, Social Workers believed that Deaisa was living with the father of the baby and that Jayniah was safe.

After her hospitalization, Deaisa moved back in with James Brown, Jayniah's father, and Jayniah was with them, though it was ordered by the court that she was not to be left alone with baby and she was supposed to take her medication.  James told Police that she was speaking about demons and acting crazy and that he had never seen her take her medication. Eventually the baby was removed from the home when the court found out that she had stopped taking her medication and the court order was made that she and James were to have no contact at all with Jayniah.

Deaisa had only been living in the home with the Aunt for about a week when she killed this baby by stabbing her at least 15 times and cutting off her head, then taking the knife she used, placing it in her daughter's hand and going to bed. A 15 year old girl was said to have found Jayniah when she returned to the home that day and found the baby, the Aunt was said to be sleeping while the baby was dying.

Prosecutor Joe Deters said that there had been no warning signs that could have predicted that this child was in danger when being placed with the Aunt:

"Whether this Aunt was the right choice, obviously she wasn't and
this tragedy ensued"

Job And Family Services didn't make any comments about the case, however, it was previously known that Deaisa Watkins was suffering from Postpartum Psychosis and was diagnosed in January of 2015 when a call came in to the Police that there was a problem in home. Deaisa had been screaming so loud that it made Jayniah cried and someone had called to report this. When police arrived at the home, it was clear from the smell that someone had been smoking Marijuana and Deaisa didn't want to allow them into her home. When the Police were finally able to enter the home, Deaisa didn't want to give the baby to them and when they were finally about to get the baby away from her, it was reported that Deaisa passed out.

In March of 2015 when Police entered the home of the Aunt who was in care of Jayniah, they found her laying on the counter in the kitchen. Deaisa was in bed and they found her to be covered in blood. Deaisa had been prescribed the medication Risperdal and it was reported that since when she stopped taking it, it caused her to killer her child:

"If she had a mental illness, the onset of this occurred recently and very
rapidlyThis is one of the most disturbing cases I've ever seen"

Prosecutor - Joe Deeters

Joe Deeters said that Investigators had found that several factors played into the death of this baby. What was said to be a lethal combination of severe mental illness, problems in the family and Social Services not being able to watch this child for 24 hours had all played a roll in the death of Jayniah. I can agree with all of this except I don't consider Social Services to be to blame in this instance. Social Services is not an agency where they are SUPPOSED to watch the child 24 hours a day and in this case, they did their job. Jayniah was placed in what they thought and had no reason to believe differently, was a safe home, they didn't fail this little Angel, the Aunt who allowed Deaisa to live with her KNOWING that the court had ordered no contact, is partly to blame, Deaisa is mostly to blame for not taking her medication and for actually being the one to use a knife to end the life her child.

Joe Deeters said that he most likely would not be seeing the death penalty in this case because of Deaisa being mentally ill adding that it was possible that the Aunt would not be facing criminal charges though she would probably be needed in court as a witness. Why ISN'T she facing charges? She violated a court order and now a baby is dead, that's enough for her to at least face SOME kind of a consequence. A baby dying should not be "lesson learned, she's suffered enough" case. That's just my opinion of course, but it's based on the fact that this Aunt KNEW that Deaisa was a danger to this baby and didn't turn her away, she ALLOWED her to move in with her and be around the child and that's disgusting and wrong.

Joe Deeters said that Job And Family Services did all they could do for Jayniah by finding a family member who was willing to step in when both parents were found to be neglectful and by checking on Jayniah both in the home and with visits, including one just a few days before she died, in their offices and they gave repeated warnings to family members that Deaisa was NOT to be allowed access to Jayniah, what more could they do:

"The JFS people did their job. No one has the resources to monitor
a child 24.7. They did the best they could"
Joe Deeters

The Aunt was given specific instructions that neither the mother or father
could have contact with the baby at this time or reside in the home"
Julie Wilson - Spokesperson

Social Workers had a visit with Jayniah on March 6, 2015 and at that point, they were not aware that her mother had moved into the home, the visit took place at their office that day. Social Workers found out the following Monday that Deaisa had moved into the home, however, they found out when the learned that Jayniah was already dead. Deaisa was being held in the hospital, with a guard present and she was charged with aggravated murder, she had not spoken to Investigators at that point. The Coroner had this to say:

"It's days like this when you really wonder how much evil there is
in the world and how we're fighting it. These are images that will
undoubtedly be marked in my memory. We're trying to do right by
this child. We're trying to bring justice for this baby"
Coroner - Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco

James brown was devastated with what happened to his daughter:

"Just trying to live with the situation that's been going on has been
very hard for me. She's so young and I haven't really had a chance
to be around her as long as I wanted to"

Oddly, Careatha White, who is a paternal great aunt of Jayniah said that since Deaisa had suffered from Postpartum Psychosis, she believed that Social Workers had failed Jayniah by allowing her to stay with her mother:

"This could have been avoided, seriously. Job And Family Services needed to
be more on their A-game, investigate more in depth with people"

SERIOUSLY? What more could they have done? They checked on her, they visited with her, they couldn't have predicted that an Aunt would break a court order and allow Deaisa to move in with her. Maybe if this Aunt would have been the one to be on HER A-game, Jayniah wouldn't have had to die. The AUNT gave the mother access to the child and THAT is how this precious, little Angel ended up dead. Please make those responsible take responsibility for their actions, even if they ARE your loved ones, don't blame an agency that did all they could for this little Angel, the did NOT fail her.

A neighbor had this to say:

"Somethings wrong. She's got to be sick in the mind or something. I don't
see how anybody can do that to a little baby"
Jimmie Graham

On March 19th, Deasia Watkins was released from the hospital and booked in the jail on the aggravated murder charged. During a court appearance on Friday, the 20th of March, Deasia was given a bond of $500,000., Prosecutors had asked for a high bond amount and they got it.

The Coroner had not yet determined a cause of death, though it was found that Jayniah had been stabbed 15 times or more and she had a fractured arm. It was clear that the Coroners report would contain the word decapitation.

Deasia was said to be calm when she faced the Judge with her lawyer, Michael Trapp. Deasia didn't say a word as she left the courtroom.

It had been reported that Job And Family Services had visited and done checks on Jayniah no less then ten times between January 25th and March 13, with visits taking place after she had been placed with her Aunt, on January 26th and January 30th and then once a week after that for between 15 and 30 minutes. It was reported that during the visits, Jayniah always seemed happy and healthy and in good condition.

Thank you goes out to Debby for sending me the story of this precious, little Angel.

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