Charles Mullaley

- March 20, 2013

Tamica Mullaley never imagined that anything bad would happen to her son, she was wrong. Mervyn Kenneth Douglas Bell was something horrible that would happen to Charles Mullaley.

Charlie Mullaley was reported missing, he had supposedly gone missing from his mother's home. The very next day, about 12 hours later, Charlie was taken to what is called a Roadhouse and though he was alive at the time, it was clear that he had been severely injured and needed medical attention. Mervyn Bell had tried to get help for Charlie, however, he had also been the one to cause the injuries to this little Angel and his attempt to get help was too little too late. Mervyn was charged with grievous bodily harm and Charlie's family was trying to understand:

"Our whole extended family is all totally devastated with the tragic loss
of the youngest member of our family. There is an ongoing Police
investigation and at this particular time, we're unable to make any
comment at all about the incidents surrounding this tragic loss"
Patrick Mullaley - Charlie's Uncle

Charlie was an innocent victim of Mervyn's need for revenge against Tamica Mullaley, Charlie's mother, who he felt had humiliated him. Charlie was ten months old when Mervyn jumped in his car, taking Charlie with him and drove over 600 miles away and then for 15 hours, he proceeded to abuse and torture precious little boy.

Details of the abuse Charlie suffered at the hands of this monster came out in court. Charlie had a broken arm, broken leg, bruising on his genitals and anus and he had third degree burns on several parts of his body. Mervyn had tried to say that Charlie had fallen out of a moving vehicle and that he had been burned by sitting on hot rocks by the river. Mervyn claimed that some injuries happened when Charlie fell into the water.

Justice John McKechnie held court without a jury and listened to the evidence which included looking at very graphic pictures of Charlie. Justic McKechnie had this to say about Mervyn's explanation:

"It is not possible for the deceased to have injured himself. He was
not yet able to walk"

Justice McKechnie said that while Mervyn said he had not intended to kill Charlie, he HAD intended to threaten Charlie's life and that meant he was guilty of murder and that Mervyn showed a callous disregard for the health and safety of the child adding that this cause was one of the most evil he had ever seen:

"Once in every ten years there comes a crime so evil, that it shocks
the public. The fact that you did not intend to kill counts for little. You
may never be released, but it will be for the next generation to decide
whether it is safe for you to re-enter their society"
It was noted that Mervyn had a bad childhood with a stepfather who was violent and showed some signs of being psychopathic, though he head never been diagnosed that way. Justic McKechnie then said that Charlie must have suffered horribly, been in terrible pain and cried during his final hours.

In the court room, Tamica and other family members cried and were happy with the verdict. Tamica was facing problems of her own because the night before Charlie went missing, Mervyn had punched, kicked, stripped her of her clothing and then left her on the floor. Tamica was taken to the hospital and somehow ended up being charged with assault on a Police Officer, that issue was unresolved at the time of the court date for Mervyn's sentencing.

Mervyn Kennthy Douglas Bell was 27 year old when he was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering Charle's Mullaley, the little boy who everyone called "Charlie Boy" and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole until the year 2040.Tamica read an impact statement and through tears spoke of how she felt helpless when she found out what had happened to her son:

"I felt sick. How could someone do this to a child. My son would
have been petrified. This will forever be a lifetime sentence for
me. I feel a sense of loss and I just do not know what to do"

Tamica said that Charlie was a happy baby who had always been smiling adding that now, she is always afraid when she sees someone who even looks like Mervyn. Tamica said that instead of watching her son grow up, she would now have to visit him only at his grave. Charlie's grandfather, Ted, said that he felt guilty because had not been able to baby sit the night and had failed in his attempt to get the Police to find and help Charlie. Ted said that after finding out his grandson was dead, his body went numb and he was in shock and that it always hurts his heart when he thinks about Charlie now.

An Aunt of Charlie read a statement outside of the court house and she said that the family was disappointed with the fact that the Police did not act quickly enough when they were told a child had gone missing. She spoke of what she felt might have happened during the attack on Charlie:

"The baby's beautiful eus would have searched for his mother. But
he was not to know she was under custody in intensive care in
Broome Hospital having just been critically bashed by Mervyn Bell
and strangely arrested by Broome Police when they attended the
assault. His eyes would have searched for his beloved Pop, who as
soon as he realized he had been taken by Mervyn Bell, frantically sought
help from the Broome Police to find him and sadly was turned away"

Outside the court room, Tamica wanted to know why Police had not started to search for her son immediately. Police were doing an internal investigation into the matter. Tamica added that she was happy with the sentence and would continue to be strong because she has other children:

"We're really happy with the sentencing, it's not going to bring Charlie back,
but it's really good he may never be released"
Family members said that the death of Charlie was unbearable and they were now left to live with the grief of his loss.

In October of 2013, Charlie's family made a trip to Broome to put up a plaque in his memory. Tamica and other family members made the trip to the Fortescue Roadhouse to find a place to put the plaque to honor the memory of her son. A family friend said that the family wanted to commemorate Charlie's life before his burial:

"This is our last goodbye because some of us can't go. To remember
Charlie as he was here in Broome, in our community. He was a lovely
kid, always smiling, always happy. He'll be sadly missed both by my
family and by his family"
Joseph Roe

So precious, so innocent, not yet knowing what life holds. I love
you my child, my second son. I love you my baby, my dear Charlie Boy"

Tamica Mullaley

Thank you goes out to Daria for sending me the story of this handsome, little man.

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