Aidan Edward Bossingham
June 18, 2001-  January 12, 2014
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Aidan didn't have to die of starvation, in 2012, his mother, Jessica Lee Jensen and stepfather, Charles Jensen, were arrested and charged with extreme measures of child abuse. Aidan had been sick his entire life, suffering from a growth hormone deficiency which could have been controlled with treatments at the Doctors office. Aidan never received those treatments and he grew thinner and thinner and was taken out of school with his parents claiming they were going to home school him, that never happened. Aidan's biological father had died and was not around to protect him.

In court, Aidan told about the life he had been living with her mother and stepfather. Aidan told of how he had eaten toothpaste, was locked in a room covered with feces and trash with boarded up windows. Aidan spoke of how his ankles and wrists were zip tied to the bed post and he was forced to stand for days at a time as well as being locked in a closet with no way of knowing how long he had been in there:

"My right hand was cuffed to my left leg and my left had was chained to my right leg. Sometimes my
dad would say, "You look like an Ethiopian" and I'm like, well, I'm on the diet of an Ethiopian. I need
a certain amount of calories and nutrients and I'm not getting very much of that. Then my dad would
always say "I have no pity for you""
Aidan Edward Bossingham

Jessica said that she was not to blame for what happened to her son and had not helped in the abuse, that Charles had been the one to do abuse her son. Jessica was sent home and unfortunately, Aidan was sent back to live with her.

On January 12, 2014, that mistake would become all too evident when Jessica called 911 to tell them her son had passed away. When Police got to the home, it soon became evident that this child had been dead for several days and rigor mortise had already begun to set in.  Aidan, who was 13 years old, looked to be about the size of a two year old he weighed only 21 pounds at the time of his death. Jessica claimed that Aidan had eaten some oatmeal that day, but had not been able to keep it down.

When Police Officer Jason Cartier got to the home, Jessica was sitting on the couch holding a small child and she told Jason that the child was dead, Jason noted that she didn't seem to be upset and in fact appeared to be overly calm. Jason wanted to try CPR, but Aidan's mouth would not open due to rigor mortise. Aidan had visible bones as well as joints and bruises could be seen on his body. Jessica claimed that her son had only been dead for about half an hour before she called.

An autopsy showed that Jessica was lying. State Medical Examiner, William Jassello, said that Aidan died from starvation due to untreated juvenile appetite disorder. Aidan had no signs of of having vomited before his death and the autopsy showed that he had not eaten for several days. Investigators said that this was the most horrifying case of child abuse that they had ever been witness to. Jessica had lied when she said she had been taking good care of her son. The cause of death for Aidan was listed as homicide.

Jessica told Police that Aidan had a growth hormone problem, but she had not taken him to the doctor for hormone treatments prescribe to him in 2006, since the early part of 2008 because she believed she could help him on her own and cure his problem.

Jessica Lee Jensen, who was 35 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with child abuse and murder:

"Due to the age of the child, it's extremely tragic"
Captain Bob Barnard

Jessica also faced charges of felony child abuse or neglect of a child in connection to two other children who were aged seven and 14. Jessica was accused of failing to provide proper education for the children as well as failing to provide a bedroom for them in the home that was disgustingly dirty with garbage and smelled like feces. The two remaining children were removed from the home and placed with family members. One child, a daughter, could not spell her own name and wasn't sure how old she was. In the home, where Jessica claimed to have been home schooling her children, Police found a shelf that had materials for teaching, though all of the books were for an elementary level of school. Relatives told Police that when they tried to talk to Jessica about the condition Aidan was in, she cut them off and wouldn't allow them to see the children. WHY DIDN'T THEY CALL CPS!?!

UPDATE: March 29, 2015

I received an e-mail from a man saying he was Aidan's Uncle who told me me that family members DID call CPS and that CPS did nothing to help Aidan. I hope that CPS and the Judge are made to pay for what happened to this young man. It's time to start making Judges and others who fail children, pay for not taking care of them and allowing them to suffer in the way they do.

Charles Jensen said that he had not been in control over the children in the home since 2005, he had no say in how they were treated or how they were being raised. Jessica would get angry and attack him when he would bring up Aidan's medical trouble. WHY DIDN'T HE CALL CPS!?! I think Charles is just as much to blame as Jessica, telling the child he had no pity for him? What is that all about? What kind of heartless jerk says that to a child who is obviously in distress? Why isn't he being prosecuted for his part in the death of this child?

Jessica's bond was set at $250,000. cash and if found guilty of homicide, she could be facing life in prison.

OBITUARY: (note, this obituary incorrectly listed Aidan's birth as being in 2011, I changed it to reflect the correct date of 2001)

Aidan Edward Bossingham

June 18, 2001 - January 12, 2014
Kenmare, North Dakota

Aidan was born on June 18, 2001 and passed away on Sunday, January 12, 2014.

Aidan was a resident of Kenmare, North Dakota.

Private Services will be held.

UPDATE: March 28, 2015

While doing a check to see if Jessica had been to court yet, I found the following information:

In November of 2014, reports said that results from a mental health evaluation had not been available and a trial that was supposed to happen, would be delayed until Spring of 2015. Defense Lawyer Tyler Morrow indicated that he should the results show that Jessica is fit to stand trial, he will ask for another, independent evaluation of his client:

"Depending on the outcome, there actually is already, through the indigent
defense council, an independent evaluator lined up"

Jessica had plead not guilty to murder, child neglect and failure to report the death of a child. Bob Martin was another Defense Lawyer for Jessica and his argument was that Jessica may very well have neglected Aidan's medical needs, but she did not deliberately starve him to death.

So once again we have a child who has died and we have Defense Lawyers trying to make excuses for those who caused that death. Why should it matter if she "deliberately" starved him to death or not? She didn't feed him enough to keep him alive, what's the difference? She could clearly SEE that something was not right, she didn't take him to the Doctor for several years, according to Police reports. She didn't do much to HELP him as far as I can see. Aidan's own testimony SHOWED that he was being abused and whoever send him back to live with these evil parents has his life on their hands.

A deadline for a pretrial conference was set by Judge Gary Lee, for March 9, 2015.

I am unable to find any information about that pretrial conference having taken place.

Update: January 12, 2016 (Thank you Margaret for this update)

Please allow me to apologize for my absence for the past nine months. After three surgeries and months of recovery, I am only now beginning to be able to give some attention to the children. I feel horrible about this, but there isn't much I can do.

In October of 2015 Jessica Lee Jensen was 36 years old when she was sentenced to 25 years in prison after she admitted she had deprived Aiden of medical care, she also said she was not responsible for his murder. Jessica will have to serve at least 21 years in prison before she can go before a parole board.

A plea agreement will stop Jessica from having any contact with her other two children and hopefully allow the family to have some closure and be able to move on with their lives. Judicial District Judge Gary Lee said:

"This sentence lets this poor child rest in peace"

Defense Attorney Tyler Morrow described this trial as the imperfect storm siting that Jessica suffered from mental health issues and she had attempted suicide in the past. Attorney Tyler Morrow also added that there had been financial issues along with drug abuse in the home which made it hard for Jessica to be a good parent to a child with extreme needs.

Jessica said that on the day of his death, she was sleeping in the same bed with Aiden and when she woke up, she saw that foam was coming out of his mouth and nose:

"I kept tring CPR and then I just held him. It's hard knowing that
your child died in your arms and there was nothing that you could
do about it. I know that I did neglect, but for them to call it
murder, that tears your soul out"
Jessica Jensen

Jessica plead guilty to a charge of murder which is a Class AA felony, she acknowledged that she had not sought medical attention for Aiden and as a result of that, Aiden had died. In fact, records would show that Aiden had not seen a doctor since 2008:

"I'm sorry that I didn't get the help I needed to care for my
son or myself. Maybe he would still be here. I'm sorry to
everybody that I've hurt"
Jessica Jensen

In addition, Jessica plead guilty to abuse or neglect of a child which is a Class C felony and the result of her failing to provide a proper education for her remaining children and forcing them to live in what was describes as near feral living conditions. Aiden and one of his siblings had not been to school since may of 2009 and the youngest child who was of the age where she should have been in school, could not spell her name and didn't even know how old she was:

"Most parents I know would give their own limbs or even live
their lives to prevent serious harm to their children. Yet, Ms.
Jenson allowed one child to die and kept two others as if
they were wild animals"
Judicial District Judge Gary Lee

Judge Gary Lee gave a sentence of 40 years with 15 suspended and Jessica will have to serve supervised probation and register as on offender of children, hopefully for the rest of her life. After the hearing, Jessica claimed responsibility though she added that she had reached out to family members as well as her ex-husband for help:

After the hearing, Jensen she said accepts responsibility, but said she had reached out to her ex-husband and other family members for help:

"I was mentally broken. I would have days where I'd black out. I asked
for help several times. I said I needed someone to take them"

Jessica also said that she was glad that the case was over and that there had been no need for a jurors who might have been traumatized by the pictures of her sons autopsy, adding that she had seen them, wishing that she hadn't.
Family members of her ex-husband attended the hearing and they were quoted as saying they were happy with the sentence and that they had all been spared a trial. The remaining children who were 16 and 18 by this time were said to be doing well:

"We wanted closure for the children"
Shelly Heidel - Stepgrandmother

Jessica claims that she was not aware that the Judge would not allow her to see her remaining children adding that she wants to be in contact with them in the future:

"I would tell them how sorry I am and I'd tell them I love them and
that I never meant for any of this to happen"

Death Occurred in the state of North Dakota
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