Ahizya Osceola
-  March 2015

A child who was supposed to be under the care of the Department Of Children And families didn't stand a chance. Ahizya was reported missing my his stepmother, however, this little Angel was not missing at all and she knew exactly where he was. At a press conference, the truth became known to the people who lived in the same neighborhood as this family:

"I come before you with heartfelt sorry. Our exhausted search for little
Ahizya has ended"
Police Chief Frank Fernandez

The search was over because three year old Ahizya was found and he was dead.

A memorial was made to honor a little Angel named Ahizya Osceola. To me, this shows a great deal of love, care and hearts bursting with compassion. Ahizya had not been shown much compassion, caring or love  in his life, by the people who should have been showing these things to him the most.

"It was just heart wrenching hearing about this.
It's very, very sad"
Jessica O'Neal - Neighbor

Just a few hours after his father appeared in court to find out if he was
going to keep custody of his other two children, people were stopping
by the home to leave balloons, stuffed animals, flowers and messages to honor the memory of Ahizya. Once again strangers come through where those who were trusted with a precious gift, failed a child.

Ahizya had been reported missing on March 19, 2015, his mother, Karen Cypress, said that he had been with his father, Nelson Osceola and stepmother, 24 year old Analiz Osceola. Apparently, Karen lost custody of Ahizya when he was found walking around a hotel lobby in 2014. Karen was in her room and found to be under the influence. Nelson said that he had checked on his son that morning before leaving for work and he was asleep along with his eight month old daughter and that Analiz was awake and later told him that she could not find Ahizya.

I find it hard to have sympathy for Karen Cypress, she lost custody of this child due to her own selfish actions and after he disappeared, she decided he meant the world to her:

"Please call the Police Department so I can have my baby back. I just want him
back. He's my heart, he's my life. I just want him home. He'll talk to anybody, I
just don't want him harmed. He's very adventurous, so I'm just hoping he's going
to magically appear somewhere"

I do feel bad that her son is gone forever and she doesn't get a second chance with him, however, I have all the "what if" questions running through my mind. What if she hadn't chosen to drink so much that her son was able to leave the hotel room and wander around alone? What if she had cared enough about him to get help and get him back? There are so many what ifs that I can't name them all, but they all apply. Alcoholism is a disease, but it's one that can be controlled by those who value their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Ahizya was known to the Department Of Children And Families and it was reported that they had been a part of his life since birth. After Ahizya was sent to live with his father, the complaints of abuse did not stop and as early as February of 2015, an investigation was taking place into allegations of abuse:

"It was suspected that abuse was occurring at the father's residence"
DCF Report

"It's just so sad. I said a prayer for him and he's in a better place now.
Whoever did this to him didn't care about his life. Precious little life. He
didn't deserve to die like that. He didn't make a choice to come into
this world. At least he's not suffering"
Leslie Lea - Neighbor

Ahizya's body was found in the home of his father and stepmother, buried beneath a pile of dirty clothing in the home. It had become apparent to Investigators that Ahizya had never left the home:

"We discovered the body of little Ahizya in an obscure location, not readily
visible to the average person. The child did not place himself in that
position. Our exhaustive search has ended and did not end as suspected."
Police Chief Frank Fernandez

Nelson Osceola, who was 24 years old at the time, sat in court without speaking as a hearing about his remaining children was postponed since he wanted to get a Lawyer. Nelson didn't speak when leaving other than to say:

"I just want to get this court handled and that's it for right now"

At this point, Police didn't have a lot of evidence because the investigation had only just begun, but foul play was already suspected.

Later in the month of March 2015, Analiz Osceola was arrested and charged with aggravated manslaughter, child neglect, lying to Investigators and hiding his body in the laundry room before she called to report him missing:

"In his short life, he sustained a significant amount of injuries. His body
from top to bottom was bruised and his pancreas and liver were
significantly damaged"
Police Chief Frank Fernandez

Nelson was also arrested though he was charged only with child neglect. Reports said that upon being arrested, these two people showed no emotion at all. Analiz had checked herself into a mental hospital right after the death of Ayiza and had been arrested after she was released. The two remaining children in the home were taken into DCF custody and placed with an Aunt.

Ayizya had died from blunt force trauma and some of the details were not made public because they were said to be too graphic.

The boy's father, Nelson Osceola, was charged with child neglect. Police said the couple showed no emotion when they were arrested. Her arrest came shortly after she was released from a psychiatric ward, which she had checked herself into after the boy's death. Ahizya's siblings were also removed from their parent's care.

Analiz had told Police that she had found the back door of their home to be open and that money was missing both from her wallet and thousands more from another spot in the home. Ahizya's body was found stuffed inside of a garbage bag, then placed in a box and dirty clothing was then placed on top of that. Police believe that Ahizya was already dead when she hid his body:

"She knew that the child was injured. The child did have injuries where they
should have sought medical attention and they did not"
Police Chief - Frank Fernandez

Reports say that DCF had been to the home many times. In December a complaint came in saying that Ahizya had bumps and bruises and was complaining of his bottom being sore. A visit to the Doctor didn't provide much relief for this young man because it was said they could not determine if the bruises on his rectum were from constipation or sexual abuse. Again, and I don't know why PROFESSIONALS do not think of this, ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF THE CHILD. DCF should have been called and for whatever reason they were not. A report about bruises that were evident in April was also not checked out very well because Nelson was able to say that Ahizya fell a lot and had been known to walk into tables. Ahizya told DCF that his stepmother had hurt his bottom and Nelson admitted that had spanked him. Though bruises on his forehead, neck and jaw were classic signs of child abuse along with cuts her had, both times the investigation was closed with no action being taken to help this child.

Nelson Osceola was able to bond out of jail, while Analiz was not. When leaving the jail, Nelson had this to say:

"Can't talk right now, man. Get the f**k out off my face"

Newer reports by this time say that Analiz claims that she found Ahizya unresponsive and cold, in his bed. Analiz didn't call Police, or his Grandmother, a nurse, she decided to hide his body and that lead to a ten hour search for him.

Analiz was asked how he got the bruises and she used the old standby, "From his clumsiness". Kenneth Tommie is Ahizya's grandfather and he has said that the cause of death was internal bleeding and that he now suspects his grandson had been abused in the home:

"That's what it means to me. That's it for me"

A Medical Examiner's report said that Ahizya had suffered a split pancreas that was in three pieces, bad bruising on his torso, right leg head, face and arms and he has numerous gouge marks on his neck. Nelson was told upon his release that he was not allowed to have any contact with his other two children until the investigation ended.

Bond for Analiz was set at $230,000. and while she remained in jail, family and friends planned a candlelight vigil to be held at 7:00 p.m. in front of the home he had lived and died in.

Death Occurred in the state of Florida
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