Oncwanique Tribblet
- December 19, 1997
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WARNING: This is one of the most horrific stories I have ever put on my site. Please do not read this story if you are not able to handle reading extreme forms of child abuse and disposing of a child's body.

When I began to search for pictures of a child named Oncwanique Tribblet, I was only able to find one picture. In that picture, the one you see above of the little girl crying. My heart breaks to know that there are not pictures of her smiling, having a good time, playing happily with other family members, eating a meal, sitting in front of a birthday cake or simply being a child. Oncwanique was only 16 months old when her parents decided that she was crying too much and she deserved to die for that.

In June of 1998, Everett Johnson, who was 29 years old at the time and Joan Tribblet, who was 27 years old at the time, were charged with killing their daughter, cutting her up into pieces, boiling those pieces, feeding them to stray dogs and then putting what remained of her little body into battery acid in hopes of disposing of all of the pieces. Parts of this little Angel would not disolve, it's as though she was crying out for help, for someone to find those few remaining pieces and give her justice:

"No one can recall parents inflicting such horrific, unspeakable
acts on their child.
Police LT - Robert Cornfield

Everett and Joan were charged with first degree murder and concealing a homicide after a maternal grandmother filed a missing persons report when she could not get an acceptable answer out of either parent as for where the little girl was. For six months, this grandmother had listened to suspicious excuses as for why she was not able to see her granddaughter, finally, fed up, she called Police. The grandmother told Police that the common story that the child was with another family member began to seem to like a lie and she no longer believed them.

Everett and Joan confessed to Police exactly what they had done when they were brought in for questioning. Sadly, there were three other children in the home and they were removed and placed into the care of the state:

"The father put the girl into a pot and put battery acid into the pot
and stirred it around. They buried the body parts at various locations"
Detective Steve Glynn

"There were portions that had been cooked up that Johnson then basically
distributed at another location so that dogs and vermin would get to the child"
Prosecutor Thomas Epach
Also in June of 1998, Everette and Joan were denied bond. It was revealed that when Oncwanique would not stop crying, she was beaten and strangled until she died. Judge William Wise said that what had happened to this little Angel was despicable and ordered that the couple be held without bond. The three remaining children,  a nine month old girl, a three year old boy an and a six year old girl, were eventually placed with their Aunt. During the hearing, Joan sat looking uncomfortable and she kept her head low and eyes closed while Everett remained without expression.

Detectives did a search to find anything that remained of Oncwanique, the search turned up nothing. This meant that there was nothing left of the child to bury. Oncwanique would have not grave, no headstone and nothing to show the world that she was ever here.

Neighbors gathered near the home to express their disbelief:

"We all feel sick to our stomachs. That poor baby girl. I just
can't imagine what those parents were thinking. You used to
see the family around, but you don't stop to count how many
kids there are"
LeRoy Williams

"Oncwanique wasn't any bigger than a handbag when I last saw her.
We saw all the other kids and we didn't see her. They told us she was
with her grandparents"
Leah Stewart

"This was a deliberate and protracted attempt to destroy every bit of
evidence. For four to six weeks that poor baby's remains were being
dissolved in acid. Other parts had been chopped up, fried, fed to
animals or put in a blender. This is sick, sick, sick. What happened to
this baby is unspeakable"
Unnamed Detective

In August of 2002, the trial began for to get justice for Oncwanique. Everette was 33 years old by this time and Joan was 31. Everett was charged with killing Oncwanique, cutting up her body and making every attempt to kid her remains. Joan was charged with murder, but SHOCKINGLY, she was able to strike a deal that would allow her to have a reduced sentence if she testified against Everett. In court, Joan's sister testified in court that one of the siblings had told them that their baby sister had been given away:

"She started crying. She said her mother gave her little sister away"
Monica Tribblet

Freddie Tribblet, the grandmother said she called Police to report the child missing in June of 1998 because Joan had refused to allow her to see the baby and would not bring her to Freddie's house even though Joan and the three siblings had visited many times.

Assistant State Attorney Frank Merek stated that the parents were upset because the baby would not sleep through the night:

"Her face was pushed into the bed to quiet her cries"

After becoming afraid of the legal trouble they could be in when Oncwanique was struggling to breath, they simply walked away and left her to die. Everett and Joan were then afraid that their three remaining children would be taken away if Police found out what happened:

"They formed a plan to dispose of the body"
Frank Merek

Frank Merek said in court that the two adults waited for the other children to the house on the following day and then they put the body of Oncwanique into the tub. A sharp knife was used to dismember her body and pieces were handed to Joan who began to cook them. The couple soon realized that the smoke and the smell were too much and they needed to find a different way to dispose of this little Angel's remains. On his way to work, Everett is said to have thrown the spine of this baby into the woods and after work, he bought battery acid and a pot. While the cooked parts of this baby were fed to stray dogs, what remained was placed into the pot with the battery acid. Pieces of this child's bones which did not dissolve in the acid, were scattered outside in the rain while softer pieces would have to be saved and another way of disposal would have to be found. A blender was borrowed from a neighbor:

"The blender was used to liquefy some of the remains which
were not dissolved"
Frank Merek

Everett had taken Police on a four hour search for remains where he said he had buried her body. At another time, Everett told Police that he had left her body in a vat of acid at a public housing complex. Everett eventually broke down and told the truth and none of the remains of this precious, innocent little Angel have ever been recovered.

In September of 2002 Everett Johnson was convicted of killing Oncwanique. Judge Lon William Shultz said the actions of both parents showed combine malignancies of their hearts:

"Mr Johnson and Ms Tibblet opened a window for everyone to see the
deepest and darkest depravity of their flawed, human souls"

Judge Lon William Shultz said that the way this baby died and was hidden away for over six month was heinous, but the manner in which she had died, being chocked and beaten with a ruler by the people who were supposed to be her parents, was not extreme enough for either of them to receive the death penalty.

I am left wondering, what IS extreme enough because this is probably the most extreme story I have ever researched and added to my page.

Prosecutors Frank Merek and Veryl Gambino said that Everett could get up to 100 years in prison for what he did to this child and five years for hiding the murder. Each Prosecutor agreed that this had been the worst case of someone concealing a murder that they had ever seen.

Of course Everett's lawyers said that Joan was the one who had killed the baby. Joan had been sentenced to 60 years in prison on August 30th after she had testified against Everett. Joan claimed that the death of this child had been an accident. Apparently, so she claimed, she and Everett were sleeping when they woke up at about 4:00a.m. because the baby was crying. Joan claims that Everett held the child's face into the bed and began beating her with a ruler until she want limp.

Defense Lawyer Brian Dosch said that Everett and Joan had diminished the credibility of their statements when each of the couple began to accuse the other of being the one to kill Oncwanique.

As of today's date, I am unable to find out what sentence Everett Johnson received for what he did to this little Angel.

Thank you to Beth for sending me this story.

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