Dalyrie Damion McFadden
September 5, 2010 - September 7, 2011
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When trying to do research for this story, very few stories came up, I find that very sad. It's as though this child didn't really matter to anyone other than his mother Jessica. Jessica was planning a birthday party for her son, Dalyrie, who was turning one year old. She wanted to invite his father, Hari Close, when he didn't respond to her invitation, she went to bed. Jessica and Hari were not married, though he is the biological father of Dalyrie.

Jessica woke up the next morning and found Hari carrying Dalyrie out of his bedroom, though she wasn't aware of how he had come to be inside her home. It's not clear to me what happened next, however, a report said that at some point, Jessica was taking her older son to school and she was walking in one direction while Hari was walking in the other, Dalyrie was left at home on the bed, it seems that no one was with him. When Jessica returned home, about ten minutes later, she could not find Dalyrie and the basement door was open, she called the police.

Jessica told Police that Hari had hurt Dalyrie in the past when he tried to choke him and bit his ear. Police had been called to the home at that time, but when Police arrived, they said that Dalyrie did not seem to be upset and there was no sign of injury on the child. Police reported the incident as "unfounded" and Molly McGrath who is the director of Social Services said she had no prior knowledge of the call that had come in in April about the abuse of this child and that it seemed to her that it was handled in the right way:

"I trust the decision Police make in the moment. It there's no sign of trauma on the child,
it makes perfect sense"

Hari told Police he went back to the home and found his son in his bedroom and that the child was bleeding from his neck so he wrapped him in an air mattress and took him to the basement. Hari apparently didn't call 911 or ask anyone, such as a neighbor, to help him. Hari said he took the clothing his son had been wearing as well as the sheet from his crib and hid them in the backyard of an unoccupied home in the neighborhood.

Police found a pool of blood and then followed a blood trail that was left behind, to the basement where they found Dalyrie, wrapped in a deflated air mattress with several stab wounds to his neck.

Police were able to find the clothing, the sheet and a knife that had blood covering the handle. Hari Close, who was 25 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with first and second degree murder as well as assault and was being held without bail. Hari had no Police record, except for some traffic tickets and said he was going to be a model:

"My ultimate goal is to make my mark within this modeling industry and become
the worlds top super model"
From Hari's Facebook page

Seth London was a friend of Hari's who had worked with him and said that Hari seemed to be a good guy, that they had kept in touch with each other after a photo shoot and he had last spoken to him just a few days before the death of Dalyrie:

"He had told me he was on a break from modeling because he was trying to
get his personal life in order"

Hari's father, Hari P. Close ll, was a Funeral Home Director and the President of the State Mortician's Board and he said he never saw anything to make him believe his son was mentally unstable:

"He's been raised in a Christian church, a two parent home with great opportunities for
education. Who really knows their children? All we can do is pray"

It was reported that Jessica had filed papers for child support in March of 2011 and he had been ordered to pay $195. a month. The Maryland Board Of Morticians and Funeral Directors said that the death of Dalyrie was sad and confusing:

"The families do not yet understand how this tragedy occurred. As can be seen
by the untimely occurrence, no one escapes grieving a death in their own family"
Michelle H. Huggins - Vice President

Neighbors were trying to figure out what happened, what went so horribly wrong in this family:

"The mother is supposed to die before the kids but now she got to bury her baby"

"Only thing you see is the mother and her two children walking up and down the street,
going to the store and going back in the house"

"You never know what type of pressure they under. The economy is off the chains. You just
never know what drives a person to do such evil and ugly things like that, but I hope the
truth comes out"
Anderson Cooper - Neighbor

Police were trying to find a motive for the killing of his little Angel.

Sadly, with a grandfather who was a funeral home director, this is all could find for an obituary.


Dalyrie was born September 5, 2010 and passed away Wednesday, September7, 2011.

Dalyrie was a resident of Baltimore, Maryland.

I am unable to find anything about court dates or if this man has been convicted for what he did to this precious, little Angel.

Thank you to Ethel for caring about Dalyrie and sending me his story.

UPDATE: November 2, 2014

In November of 2012, Hari Close, who was 26 years old at the time, plead guilty to first degree murder in the courtroom of Judge Timothy J. Doory. Hari was sentenced to life in prison, though all of his sentence but 50 years was suspended.

Thank you to the anonymous person who sent me this update.

I was also told about Hari's Facebook page which was still up on the day I made this page for Dalyrie. Hari had tons of pictures of himself, his page failed to mention that he had a child at all and there wasn't one picture of Dalyrie to be seen. So sad!

UPDATE: June 26, 2015

A big THANK YOU goes out to Amy for allowing me to add a picture to Dalyrie's story.

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Death occurred in the state of Maryland

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