Glenara Bates
January 2013 - March 2015
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Reports say that as early as three weeks before Glenara died, a Social Worker had been to the home on March 4th. A Report made by that Social Worker said that Glenara was sleeping in a crib when she saw her:

"The worker assessed there to be appropriate sleeping arrangements
for the children. Including documenting that she saw Gleanara"
Brian Gregg - Spokesperson Job And Family Services

Sadly, it would come out that Glenara slept in a bathtub on a regular basis, a bathtub which had visible feces and blood. Many times, Glenara was locked in the bathroom by herself.

Job And Family Services began their investigation and monitoring of the the familyin December of 2014 after Glenara was treated at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for severe malnourishment. Glenara's mother, Andrea Bradley, was given instructions from hospital staff to feed her daughter more often after an IV treatment had raised her weight up to 17 pounds. Andrea told hospital staff that she felt her daughter was overweight. The staff reported to Job And Family Services that Glenara was being neglected. According to Brian Gregg, it was not immediately clear how many times caseworkers had been to the home between the months of December 2014 and March of 2015 when the last home visit was made before Glenara died. What was clear though, was that Andrea's case with Job And Family Services went back as far as eight years.

Interviews of family, neighbors and other people were given to find out more about the living conditions the children in the home had been living under. A search was being done to figure out the incidents in the last few months in the life of this beautiful, little Angel.

In the home were 32 year old Glen Bates, 28 year old Andrea Bradley, Glenara and five other children and one child lived with his father's family. Neighbors said they were not close with the family and they hardly even knew them, while a property manager said he had been inside the home and he never saw anything that looked suspicious at all. In direct conflict with what the property manager said, Prosecutors said that inside that home, Glenara was subjected to neglect every day and that both of her parents lashed out her constantly. Officials were of the belief that there were people who knew exactly what Glenara was going through and not one of them did anything to help her or ever made a report.

The children in the home were between the ages of one year and eight years old. Neighbors said that three of the children living in the home were of school age and had been driven to school every day and the one year old could be seen in the car seat from time to time.

None of the neighbors could remember ever seeing Glenara at all. None of the children were ever seen playing outside and it was noted that the family pretty much kept to themselves:

"The kids pretty much stayed inside unless she was going somewhere"
Neighbor Shay J.

"Never seen any kids over there"
James C.
Glenara had never been seen so it was a surprise to them to learn that the home had six children instead of only five.
It seems the first time she was seen was when Andrea carried her out of the house to take her to the hospital that day.
Upon arrival, it was noted that Glenara's body was covered with bite marks, bruises, marks from a belt she was whipped with, stitches in her head that were done at home with a needle and thread and she had no muscle mass.It was said that even if she had tried, Glenara would not have been able to cry out for help, she had been deprived of food and water for days.

Twonisha, who is Andrea's sister, posted a message on Facebook in April, she said she had heard that she had been told her niece was being mistreated, from several people:

"I'm sick right now. My niece is gone, and she didn't deserve this kind
of life – like how and why did this happen... I just want to understand... For the last
week all these...people keep calling me and telling me about what they witnessed...
but not one person reported her to the police or somebody... At the end of the day
you was there, you witnessed it, yet you did nothing, so the heat is on you too!

I have to agree with Twonisha, if someone was witness to what took place in that home and walked away without reporting it, they have the blood of this little Angel on their hands. I hope they can sleep peacefully at night!

For whatever reason, it seems that Glenara was the only child who was targeted with the neglect and the abuse. A neighbor said that all of the other children in the home seemed to be healthy. The Property Manager had been to the home to fix the furnace and he said that there was a lot of food in the home including jars of baby food, he stated that he had not gone upstairs that day.

Below is a short timeline of events:

September of 2012: Jobs And Family Services had taken five of the children from the home after Andrea was said to have been physically abusing one child so badly that walking was almost impossible for that child.

January of 2013: Jobs And Family Services removed Glenara from the home just a few days after she was born.

September of 2013: Jobs And Family Services returned Glenara and her siblings to the family home

December of 2013: Jobs And Family Services Caseworkers decided that everything was find in the home and they stopped their visits.

Glen Bates told Detectives that he had been with Andrea for two years, though his address was listed as as different place than hers on the police report. Neighbors said they saw him come and go at times, but he was always walking and they were not sure if he lived there or was just visiting:

"If he did come, it would be for a short period of time"

Andrea's Lawyer, William Welsh, has stated that Glen was very controlling and abusive while Glen's lawyer Norm Aubin was still trying to get information and was asking that people not jump to conclusions about what happened in the home. As it almost always does, it came out that Andrea had been treated for most of her life for depression and had been diagnosed as being Bipolar and having depression. It was reported that both Glen and Andrea admitted they were abusing Glenara.

It came out later that two of the Jobs And Family Services caseworkers resigned. Director Moira Weir stated that policies and procedures were not followed by the caseworkers who were working with the family. There was an internal investigation and an independent review taking place:

"We cannot comment publicly on the specifics of this case, but I
will say a preliminary review shows we failed to follow our own
policies and procedures in this case"

In April of 2015, it was reported that Glen Bates and Andrea Bradley were charged with aggravated murder for what they did to Glenara. Prosecutor Joe Deters said that they would also be charged with endangering charges and both could face the death penalty if a jury were to find them guilty on the charges they were facing. Joe Deters said that when Glenara had been taken to the hospital, she had over 100 injures to her body including broken teeth and injuries that were old and new, she weighed only 13 pounds, which is the average weight of a three or four month old. Coroner Lakshmi Kode Sammarco said that this child was the worst case of starvation she had ever been witness to in her entire career:

"There is no doubt in my mind that this child was tortured for the
majority of her pitifully short life"
Lakshmi Kode Sammarco

"The abuse this baby suffered is beyond belief. If they get executed,
God bless them. I'd like to see it"
Joe Deters

At the time of her arrest, Andrea had seven children and was pregnant with her eighth child which was due to be born in July. Joe Deters said that Glenara had slept and eaten in a dirty bathtub:

"You wouldn't treat your dog like that"

It was noted that none of the other children seemed to have suffered any abuse or neglect at all.

On the same day that the indictments were handed down, child welfare workers in Ohio were promoting awareness and prevention of child abuse, this was a result of a three month old baby who had been decapitated. The week before, Andrea's sisster Desana had spoken to the news and told them that her sister had tortured Glenara. Glenara was dropped from a height of six feet and when she received a wound on her head, Andrea had sewn it up with a needle and thread. Desana said that her sister was heartless and didn't deserve to have any children at all.

Events during a preliminary hearing were given by Detective Eric Karaguless who stated that Glen and Andrea had both admitted that they had been abusing and neglecting Glenada for over three weeks, she had been beaten with a belt, starved of food and water and was not given proper medical attention after they dropped her on her head. The Coroner listed Glenara's cause of death as blunt force trauma and starvation. It was noted that Glenara's condition was so bad that there was no way to determine when she had last been given food or water. Joe Deters said it was obvious that Glenara had been suffering for a long time:

"We were talking this morning. What is the motivation for this?
It's their natural child. I think they dropped the ball and I would
tell Moira that and she's, I thihnk she's a wonderful person, well
intentioned. But, I got to tell you this and I tell my people that
represent JFS, err on the side of caution. Take the kids away"
Joe Deters

Moira Weir said:

"I share Prosecutor Deters concerns on our mishandling of the
case and appreciate him pointing out the legal mandates we
work under to keep families intact, if we can do so safely. I
want to re-emphasize that safety always comes above all else.
I will add that we deal with 17,000 Hamilton County children a
year and when we have any case end tragically like this, it
weighs heavily on me and everyone in our organization. Many
of us decided to enter this career path and this result is

The children who remained in the home were placed into the custody of the Hamilton County Department Of Jobs And Family Services:

"The bottom line is there are some people who should not be parents
at all, OK? They can breed. They can have kids. They can do all this
stuff, but they can't raise children"
Joe Deters

In December of 2015, a lawsuit was filed for wrongful death against the Hamilton County Department Of Jobs And Family Services by one of Glenada's grandmothers. The lawsuit says that Glendara died of repeated abuse and starvation and that county workers did not do what was needed to protect her or act in her best interest. The decision to put Glendara back into the home even though the children had been removed from the home due to abuse and neglect and says that the case workers did not report that abuse that was highly obvious, to proper law enforcement officials. Named in the lawsuit were Job And Family Services employees who had been given the case and failed to protect Glendara. Also named in the lawsuit were Glen and Andrea. A short statement came from the Department Of Jobs And Family Services:

"Since the criminal case is pending, this office does not want to
comment on the matter"
County Coroner - Andrea Hatten

The lawsuit also names Moira Weir who described the case to news interviewers as "devastating":

"I think this is a good chance for us to talk about how can we as a
community come together and meet the needs of the children in
this community"

It seems to me that Moira is deflecting the blame to a community of people who didn't even seem to know that Glendara existed while her own employees are the ones who need to come together and do their jobs to protect the children in the community. Time and time again these stories end with caseworkers and their bosses saying that change is needed, some of them quit, some get fired, some go to prison, but it doesn't bring the children back. Just do the job you are PAID to do, the job you CHOSE to do and then the children will be okay!

Andrea entered a not guilty plea in April of 2015. Her lawyer claimed she might not have been in control of what she did to Glenada. Will Welsh, Andrea's laywer, said that she was suffering:

"She's very very emotional, she misses her baby"

The Judge decided to hold Andrea with no bond and her Lawyer said that because she has no felony record:

"She has been under medical care for years. She's been
diagnosed with depression and Bi-polar

Not so surprising is the fact that Will Welsh brought up allegations that Andrea's father had abused her and that another woman had come forward saying he abused her in the same ways he abused Andrea:

"When you have someone's that's suffering from psychiatric issues
and abuser comes into the relationship, well I think everyone knows
what happens then. The abuser takes control"

What SHOULD happen then, is Andrea walks out on her abuser and doesn't sacrifice one of her children and then say it's because she suffers from having been abused herself. If she knew what it was like to be abused, why would she do that to one of her own children? I don't think that being depressed and Bi-polar should be an excuse to kill a child. You get yourself help, you do everything you can do in order to stop the cycle of abuse. As someone who was in an abusive relationship at the age of 17 and got OUT of that relationship for the good of my child, I know it can be done.

I am unable to find any information about Glen Bates having gone to court. I know in a death penalty case this can take a very long time.

Thank you Debbie for sending me to Glenara's story so that she could be remembered and honored  here.

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Death occurred in the state of Ohio

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