Michelle LeAnn Morgan
July 20, 1957 - August 11, 1961
Find A Grave Memorial
Mary Rae caused Michelle LeAnn Morgan to go to the hospital more than 20 times, one of those visit resulted in Michelle being kept in the hospital for a month and no one caught on to the fact that she was abusing this child, except for the brother who was witness to what happened on her final day. Suffering multiple injuries during her short life, Michelle was seen in the hospital for a broken nose, burns on her skin, a broken arm and other injuries to her chest and back. 

On August 10, 1961 a little boy would be witness to the murder of his sister. That day, Mary held Michelle under the water and stomped on her because she believed that Mary had lied to her about something. During dinner, Michelle began to vomit blood clots. George, Michelle's brother was a witness to what happened to Michelle that day. The next day, Michelle died from her injuries. Mary Rae had killed her stepdaughter.

An autopsy was done by the Pathologist on the Army base where the Morgan's lived at that time. At that time, the cause of death was found to be massive trauma to the chest. There was a technical error and the report was completed at a later date and an inexperienced coroner listed the cause of death as Pneumonia and said it had happened in 1976. The case was never pursued by the Prosecutor.

35 years after Michelle died, her body was exhumed and it was finally determined that she was beaten to death. Mary Rae was arrested in Splendora, Texas just one day after a coroner had examined Michelle's remains. Mary denied that she had killed Michelle and even tried to leave the country. She was caught and sent to jail.

A grand jury indictment against Mary Rae Morgon charged her with murder and two counts of in voluntary manslaughter. One charge for causing Michelle's death while assaulting her and the other for killing her by using corporal punishment. Mary was sent to jail and was given a one million dollar bond. Mary's father, Billy Morgan, was not charged at all. In the end, Mary Rae Morgon plead guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter and was sentence to five years in prison.

Michelle's brother George, who was eight at the time of her death, told investigators that he had seen Michelle bounce like a rag doll as his stepmother stomped on her stomach, he said that later, she had vomited blood. George Morgan was serving time in prison and he started doing genealogical research about his family. He requested a copy of Michelle's death certificate and he saw that it listed the cause of death as Pneumonia. He knew this was wrong and and he wrote to the funeral home to let them know about the mistake.

The letter was given to the the Coroner in St. Clair County, Illinois, Rick Stone. Michelle's remains were exhumed and he performed an examination. At that time, he realized that Michelle's death had been due to her being beaten to death. An autopsy found two rib fractures, a brain hemorrhage and she had injuries on her head and thigh.

During the years after Michelle's death, Mary had raised four other children and the records at the hospitals show that between the four of them, they visited the hospital over 150 times before the age of five.

NOTE: The picture listed as Michelle on the Find A Grave Memorial is NOT Michelle. It was taken by a woman who was watching the show "Cold Case Files" and took a picture of the little girl they had acting as Michelle in the documentary. The picture I have on this page of Michelle and her brother is the only known picture, that I have been able to find that REALLY is her.

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