Connor James Kroviak
May 19, 2012 - January 30, 2013

Samantha Fietek left for work one day, leaving her son Connor with a babysitter she knew and trusted. Jeremy David Mills would sadly change her life forever. While Jeremy was babysitting, he claims that Connor would not stop crying, in an attempt to get him to stop, Jeremy said that he would squeeze Connor's throat for a few seconds and he would stop crying, he did this several times. Samantha came home and at about 5:00 in the morning, she found Connor wasn't behaving as her normally would so she took him to the hospital where he was placed on life support. Connor died five days later at 2:20 in the morning.

In December of 2013 Jeremy's Lawyer was successful when he petitioned the court for a psychological evaluation based on what the Lawyer said was mental incompetence. Judge Deborah Bernini approve the request after it was said that Jeremy was showing signs of severe Autism Spectrum Disorder and he would have a hard time assisting in his own defense. It was decided that two Doctors would examine and interview Jeremy to determine what his mental condition was. Jeremy was out of jail on a $200,000. bond.

I read a report that Jeremy's parents had sent a letter requesting that his bond be reduced. David and Becky Mills were quoted as saying in that letter:

"Jeremy has always been gentle and kind towards babies and children
and has been a wonderful and caring father to his son"

I don't know who they are referring to when they say "his son", I have read no reports stating that Samantha was dating or living with Jeremy or that he referred to Connor as his son.

Child Protective Services - Information For Release 2/7/2013

Date of the notification to CPS: 1/25/2013
The date the child suffered the fatality: 1/30/2013
Child?s name: Connor Kroviak
Age at time of incident: 8 Months
Perpetrator(s): Jeremy Millis Age: 28 years
City, town or general location of residence of the child and perpetrator(s): At the time of the incident, the child and perpetrator were living in Tucson, Arizona.

A. Circumstances of the fatality or near fatality that indicate it was the result of abuse or neglect: On or about January 25, 2013, Connor Kroviak had been in the care of mother's boyfriend when mother came home from work and noticed the infant was acting unusual and could not hold up his head. The mother transported Connor to the hospital where he was found to be non-responsive and having difficulty breathing. It was determined that he was having persistent seizures, an intracranial bleed and had substantial bruising around his chin, on his chest wall and right arm. Connor passed away on 1/30/13. Jeremy Millis admitted to choking the infant.

B. Whether CPS has received any reports or past cases of child abuse, abandonment or neglect involving the child and the current alleged abusive or neglectful parent, guardian or custodian* :

CPS had received no prior reports alleging abuse or neglect of Connor Kroviak by Jeremy Millis.

1. Actions taken by CPS in response to the fatality or near fatality of the child including: CPS is conducting a joint investigation with the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

2. Actions taken regarding the child and/or other children in the home: Following an assessment of child safety one sibling was left with the mother under a safety plan.

3. Whether the agency is or intends to provide direct services or service referrals to the family: Provision of services will be determined upon completion of the investigation.

This story just seems to end with news about how Jeremy was going to be given an psychological evaluation. I have been told by a woman who was on the jury that he has been to court and was found guilty of first degree murder and child abuse and that he was facing 35 years in prison, though I am not able to back that up with any information from the news.

Thank you to Maria for sending me Connor's story.
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Death occurred in the state of Arizona

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