Moko Sayviah Rangitoheriri
October 2012 - August 10, 2015

Imagine that you are seven years old and you are witness to the most horrible thing you will ever see in your life, the abuse and eventual death of your baby brother. Imagine that all you want to do is help him and every effort you put in, is useless because there is no way you can save him. A child who cannot be named due to her age, went through this horrible nightmare and she told her mother all about, but she it was only after the little boy died that she was able to do that:

"She told me Moko had been locked in the bathroom for weeks.
She'd try and stay home from school to try and feed my son because
they were starving him. She said, he wasn't talking Mummy. I tried to
tell David and I told Tania he's not talking and he needs to see the
Doctor and they wouldn't listen Mummy"
Nicola Dally-Paki - Moko's mother

This brave, young girl told her mother that she tried to use toilet paper to wipe blood that was coming from her brothers eyes, she tried every she could to save him. It seems the little girl was not left out in the abuse, she was punched in the face simply for smiling and dragged by her hair. She was brainwashed and psychologically "screwed up" according to her mother and she was forced to take part in the violence in the home.

Moko was placed on a table. Moke had swollen eyes so bad that the hospital staff was not able to lift his eye lids to check his pupils. Getting a temperature of Moko's body was not possible, he was that cold. With bite marks on  his face and a protruding tummy, this little Angel was covered in bruises, cuts and injuries all over his body. This little boy had been through so much before his little body could just not handle any more and he finally, mercifully died. Moko was only three years old when his body gave up and he was finally free from the abuse and neglect he suffered for so long.

A post mortem exam was done and showed that Moko had died as a result of multiple blunt force traumas. Deep inside, Moko had lacerations and hemorrhaging in his belly, bruising and other damage to his bowel with fecal matter leaking into his abdomen, this caused him to go into septic shock. Moko's brain was swollen, blood clots under his scalp showed that he had been stuck many times sustaining multiple injuries at multiple times, injuries showed that he had been abused for a very long time with some injuries old and some in the process of healing. Evidence showed that Moko had even been smothered and his body was what they called "a veritable map of torture".

Moko's body showed signs of torture and abuse, but marks, contusions, abrasions, deep bruising, lacerations, patterned injuries on his face, chin, neck, ears, lower lip, gums, eyes, ribs, testicles, skin, chest, tummy, shoulders and his arms. It was said that Moko was a little boy who had the biggest smile and had so much life left to live. All of that was taken away by David Haerewa and Tania Shailer, the couple who tortured this little boy to the point that they eventually just walked away and allowed him to die. Sadly, allowing Moko to die seems to be the nicest thing these monsters ever did for him.

Let's go back to the beginning. Moko was born in October of 2012 to Jordan Rangitoheriri and Nicola Dally-Paki. Nicola had two other children, a son and a daughter. When Moko was young, Nicola's eldest child became ill and it became necessary for him to be taken to Aukland where he would be treated at Starship Hospital. It would not be possible to bring her daughter and Moko with her, so eventually she ended up leaving them in the care of a woman she had met when she was 16 years old, Tania Shailer, who was at that time a caregiver. By the time Tania took in Moko and his big sister, she had four children of her won between the ages of two and seven, she was living in a home with her partner, David Haerewa. It was reported that David had been in and out of prison for most of his life, however, by the time Moko and his sister went to live with him in June of 2015, he was said to be doing well.

Tania was said to have had some troubles of her own and she had gone to a Moari Women's refuge to help her leave behind a violent life she had been living in the year 2013. She was given help and moved to Taupo and there she found a house to live in. In the year 2015, the Moari Women's refuge was still in her life, helping with what they could. A Social Worker, Trina Marama stated that Tania had enrolled Moko's sister into a refuge class in June of 2015 and that she was always dressed with and would come with a homemade lunch. Trina said she never met Moko, but she was named by a media report as having been told by Moko's sister that he was being abused:

"There were no signs or alarming signs that Moko was being abused"
Trina Marama

Nicola had been in touch with Tania on a regular basis up until about two weeks before Moko's death:

"Her phone was off and I couldn't talk to him. Those are signs that
I should've picked up on"

Court documents say that in the two months Moko had been with the family, were his last two months of life and that for whatever reason, the couple didn't like him and they increased their violence towards him until it eventually killed him. David said that he didn't like "Moko's ways" and he felt that he and Tania were taken advantage of by the three year old boy. These monsters began to abuse Moko physically and that abuse would only escalate with each of them encouraging the other in what they were doing to him.

Moko was kicked and slapped and bitten, this was witnessed by other children in the home. One time he was bitten so hard that he began to bleed. Moko was picked on by the adults, thrown and kicked and at times he was beaten with a jandal, which is a type of sandle. It was obvious that David didn't want Moko around and he would continuously put the child into time out, which meant he would be locked in the bathroom for many hours at a time. David, as it turns out, was not the only abuser in his family. As it turns out, David is the Uncle of Benny Haerewa who killed James Whakaruru in the year 1999, James had been only two years old.

Reports say that Moko started to give up around August 5th, that's when he started to die as the abuse escalated so badly and didn't seem to be coming to an end. Moko's stomach was stomped on with such force that it made him groan and air could be heard as it was forced from his body as she stomped on his stomach over and over. Moko lost control of his bowels after that attack. Police were told that Moko was made to sit on paper or plastic because he would not stop "s****ing after that attack.

It was around this time that Moko would suffer the injury to head that would prove to be fatal. Moko was struck in the head with such force that his brain began to swell and with all of the injuries he had already sustained, there was little chance that he would be able to survive. It became obvious by around August 6th, even to Moko's big sister, that he was not going to survive. A summary said:

"As the week progressed he became increasingly unwell. He was
defecating spontaneously frequently, unable to control his bowels"

Moko's face began to show bruising that was consistent with head injury he had sustained and he was vomiting. Left alone in his bedroom all day on that Sunday, it was said that he begged for water and for some reason, David gave him some at one point, though later pleas for water were ignored. Even when he knew Moko was in serious condition and was probably going to die, David kept up with the abuse:

"In particular he kicked Moko in the lower back after he  had
defecated, then wiped the feces in Moko's face. He then washed
Moko with such force the he removed scabs from his body. Moko
was screaming in pain and Haerewa covered Moko's mouth to
silence him"
Court Summary

Moko was in the shower and he barely able to stand up, he fell. David knew that Moko was in serious trouble, that he was only getting worse. Instead of getting him medical attention, David dried Moko, put a diaper on him and put him to bed. The next morning, Moko was no longer able to speak or communicate at all and he was not able to move. When David and Tania tried to force him to stand up, he would simply fall to the floor. Moko's breathing was not right and his stomach was hard from the internal injuries Tania had given him while stomping on his belly.

Without a care in the world for Moko, Tania loaded her children up to take them to school and even when she returned home, she did nothing to help Moko. Later that day, she left the house again to attend a class. At 2:20p.m. she was given a ride home and asked her friend to stop at the Pharmacy where she wanted to by and EpiPen, however, she was told that they were not available but could be ordered. Tania didn't order one and instead had her friend take her home. On the way, she told the friend that Moko had fallen off of a pile of wood just the day before. Tania told her friend that Moko was okay. The friend suggested that she take him to the hospital just in case and said she would drive her there, Tania of course said no. It was just before 3:00p.m. when she was dropped off at home and it was decided that she and David would try to revive Moko.

Tania was in the process of giving Moko CPR when David went to pick up the children at school. Tania called 111, the emergency number, at about 3:00p.m., it had been four day since she had caused Moko's intestines to burst by stomping on his stomach. Tania told 111 that Moko had fallen from the wood pile the day before and though he was fine yesterday, though he did get bruised up, he was now showing signs of not being okay. At this point, Moko was very cold, he was unconscious and not breathing right, she told 111 that his stomach was really hard. Sadly, on the day, Tania forced Moko's sister to kick him after threatening to beat her if she didn't. After doing what she was told to do, Tania then told the sister that SHE had killed her brother.

Paramedics went to the home and found Moko face down in the hallway with Tania kneeling on the floor by his feet. Seeing his condition, Paramedics picking Moko up and took him to the emergency room of the hospital. Staff at the hospital saw his injuries and that he was in very bad shape. Just a few hours later, Moko died.

In May of 2016, Moko's sister was living with her Aunt Zena. Zena heard so many horrific things from the now eight year old girl that she decided no matter what, she was going to make it known the suffering that Moko had gone through. In an interview, she referred to her niece as Anna, though that is not her real name:

"Anna told me she would hide Moko in the closet so he wouldn't get
a hiding. She would dread going to school because she couldn't protect
her brother and she didn't know what state he would be in when she
got home. A seven year old can sense when to escape so they won't
be beaten, but a three year old cannot"

Zena said that her niece would be punished when she helped her brother even if it was by giving him water. Punishment for helping her brother was that they would both go without a meal. What a brave little girl she was, so concerned about her brother and willing to take the punishment in order to help him, she should be very proud of herself and the way she managed to help him the way she did and how much she loved and obviously adored him:

"She was allowed to speak to her mum on the phone sometimes, but was
told that if she said anything about the abuse, they would kill her mum. Do
you know how upsetting it is to have a child, an eight year old child, tell you
she wishes she was killed with her brother? And that she wants to kill her-
self so she won't be sad and miss her mother"

Nicola lost custody of her daughter and Zena said it was as though she was being punished for leaving her children with someone she had known and trusted for years:

"Nicola knew and trusted Tania for years. She was someone she
thought she could trust. I spoke with her last night and she's
heartbroken. She needs her kids"

Zena said that "Anna" had lived with her and her family for about six month and it took a few weeks for her to feel comfortable. After she settled in to school, she began to open up about what had happened in the home of David and Tania. Zena said that family, neighbors and even teachers were unable to see the abuse:

"The school Principal was shocked to hear what happened. She
felt so bad she didn't know"

Zena was quite upset that these monsters were able to plea down to manslaughter from the murder charge:

"I changed Moko at the morgue, I saw what they did to him.
That wasn't manslaughter. These scum should be charged
with murder, what a f***ing joke"

I have to agree with Zena on this. Nicola had no way of knowing that these monsters were going to abuse her children and end up killing one of them. Not only is this outcome an injustice for Moko, "Anna" has been treated unfairly as well as her older brother. They belong with their mother and father and I hope that they are returned to them very soon. I pray for peace for this family who has been through so much.

On June 28, 2016, that's yesterday, a Defense Lawyer, Ron Mansfield, said that as poverty increases, child abuse will increase as well:

"We can't ignore, through anger, the reality that people are on
the breadline, they have mental illness, they're abusing drugs,
they have poor access to health care and education. And when
you have that combination of factors you are sadly going to get
some form of child abuse, whether it be physiological, physical
or sexual"

Ron Mansfield said that Child Youth And Family had been involved with this family and that they should have taken action sooner. The agency refused to make any comments until after a coroners inquest could be completed. An earlier statement had been made the Tania reported that she had concerns that Moko and his siblings were not safe with their biological mother.

Davie Haerewa and Tania Shailer had been found guilty of manslaughter after a plea that would take away the charge of murder. A Judge handed down what was said to the highest sentence ever in a case of manslaughter of a child in New Zealand, David and Tania were given sentences of 17 years in prison with a minimum stay of nine years. Let's hope there isn't a Parole Board out there who won't make them serve every second of that 17 years which isn't NEARLY enough for what they did to this precious little boy.

People lined up to protect as the sentences were handed down. It appears that they were unhappy that the couple had been allowed to plea down and get a lesser sentence. I agree with them. ANYONE who kills a child while abusing them should get life without parole, that's just my opinion. In this extreme case of child abuse, it's a huge injustice to Moko that these monsters were able to plea down to get lesser sentences.

Thank you Louise for allowing me to honor and memorialize this handsome young man by sending me his story.

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Death occurred in New Zealand

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