Anthony King Delgado
  - February 21, 2016
I have a very hard time trying to understand the mentality behind what is done to the children of the world today. What could a 16 month old, beautiful baby boy do that would cause ANYONE to want to harm him? Why is it that so many people who think they can trust someone, end up being wrong?

Marta Delgado was moving to a new apartment and asked her friend, 31 year old Gloria Fields to watch after her son so that she could move. Marta received a text from Gloria saying that Anthony had fallen while on a trip to Manhattan. There is video footage of Gloria walking up the stairs to take Anthony to his mother. The next thing on the video is Anthony's grandmother chasing Gloria down the stairs.

Anthony was found to be unconscious at about 10:00p.m. by his grandmother. Anthony was taken to Staten Island University Hospital North where he was pronounced dead. Police questioned Gloria and held her on a bench warrant for a traffic violation charge and then charged her with the murder of Anthony. Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson said that Anthony had died from blunt force trauma. It came out that Gloria was referred to as a "pill popper" and she was now charged with murder, aggravated sexual abuse, seven counts of assault and two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17. Gloria's boyfriend was questioned, but he was released without any charges.

Chief Of Detectives Robert Boyce said that Anthony had bruises on his face adding that Detectives are in search of any other video footage so that they can figure out where Gloria and her boyfriend went that day. Gloria had apparently been taking care of Anthony for at least two days, though it could have been more:

"I seen the baby yesterday with somebody, one of the neighbors, yesterday.
They never leave that baby with nobody"
Neighbor - Martha C.

Gloria  has apparently been arrested nine times and her boyfriend has 25 arrests on his record. It was believed that Gloria had babysat for Marta at least six times in the past:

"We have put together a timeline. We have found that the babysitter took
the child with her boyfriend to Manhattan and we are getting video of exactly
her whereabouts"
Detective Robert Boyce

"They are a very good family. We just can't understand. I just seen
the baby the other day and he was all running around and everything"
Sherry S.

ACS said:

"We are investigating the circumstances that may have led to the
heartbreaking and tragic death of this little boy"

In March of 2016 Gloria Fields was indicted on charges of first and second degree murder, charges that were related to three days of sexual and physical abuse and the tortuing of Anthony:

"The Grand Jury has charged the defendant with murder in the first degree,
having found reasonable cause to conclude that the defendant caused the
death of him in an especially cruel and wanton manner. In so charging, the
Grand Jury recognized, as the statute requires, that the defendant had
tortured the child prior to his death"
District Attorney - Michael McMahon

A 12 count indictment and documents filed in the court stated that Gloria had intentionally caused the death of Anthony. Over a three day period between February 19th through February 21st, Gloria had abused and tortured Anthony by shaking him, slamming his head against the floor and other objects and slamming his head on the ground while he was in strapped helplessly into a stroller. Gloria had taken a pencil and pushed it into Anthony's rectum and then she left it there for several days which caused lacerations and it perforated into his internal organs. The only part of his body that had not been affected by the abuse, were his tiny feet.

Detectives videotaped their interview with Gloria who allegedly admitted that she had been using Heroin and smoking Marijuana during the time she had been babysitting Anthony. Gloria said that Anthony had been hurt while playing in the park and that she had texted  Marta about 6:41p.m. on Sunday to let her know that he had been hurt. Gloria said that when she put Anthony to bed that night after the accident at the park, at about 9:30p.m., he seemed to be doing fine.Gloria was taken to Rikers Island after she entered a plea of not guilty.

When it was clear to Detectives and other authority that this was a homicide, Gloria finally decided to tell the truth about the abuse Anthony suffered at her hands. Gloria's past arrests had included petty larceny, possession of stolen property and driving without a license. Police stated that Gloria had been the subject of a previous call for someone who was emotionally disturbed and needed assistant adding that she was Schizophrenic.

Gloria's arraignment took place in front of Justice Stephen J. Rooney. District Attorney Michael McMahon said:

"For 48 hours, this depraved woman systematically tortured a
 16-month-old baby. No creature on this Earth, let alone an innocent child,
deserves to
undergo such horrific torment. I want to thank the NYPD for their
efforts in investigating this case and I want to ensure the public that my
office intends to aggressively prosecute this atrocious crime"

During her first court appearance Gloria listened, but showed no emotion at all as the Prosecutor gave the details of the abuse and torture she had put Anthony through. In the courtroom were Anthony's family who cried while listening to what was being said. Anthony was in serious condition when he was brought back to his family:

"He could not walk, he could not talk, he could not scream and he
could not ask for help"
Assistant District Attorney Ann Thompson

"You've got some nerve"
Called out in court by anonymous person

"We loved that little boy, you understand"
Another anonymous person

Family members said that Anthony's parents had never married, though they separated in December and in the past few months, Marta had left Anthony with Gloria a few times. Anthony's grandmother had been the one to call 911 that night. Emergency workers had tried to bring Anthony back, they were not successful:

"He was always very playful and responsive. The only thing with
him was you had to check him physically almost every 15 minutes
because he was the type of child, if in pain, would not complain"
Roger S. - Grandfather

Roger said that Anthony had a few health issues including Asthma, but he was a happy, quite little boy. Waiting outside for the trial to begin was Linda C., Anthony's great aunt who said the family was distraught:

"We're shocked, we're devastated. It's unbelievable, an innocent
little boy. I'm trying not to be angry. The only way I'm getting
through it is through faith"

Gloria was ordered to be held without bail and her Lawyer, Maria Guastella, had no comment after the hearing.

Neighbors began to leave flowers, toys and messages outside the apartment. Dozens of people were said to be present for a candle light vigil in Anthony's honor and to pray for his parents.

"I've know them for a lot of years. Her daughter grew up here. I have
kids and grandkids. It definitely hits everybody, especially an Angel
like that. She was a good mother, she was always with her son"
Manny R.

"It's disgusting. It's a tragedy. People need to pay for this. She's a
young mom. Instead of this woman helping her, she took away the
only thing she had. That woman was a horrible friend"
Nubia B. - Went outside to cover the memorial to protect it from the rain

"She was a very loving mother to her son. I can't say anything bad about her.
It's a shock"
Sherri S

"Happy baby, good baby, really cute baby, the cutest baby ever"
Krystal K

"He meant everything to her. He meant everything to Marta. Her
life revolved around that baby. I pray they give them what they
deserve because I believe in my heart that they did that, I
believe that as a mother"
Lisa F.

Anthony with his mother, Marta. Beautiful mother, beautiful child!

Sadly, I can see this case turning into one of Gloria being mentally unstable and not accountable for her actions.


In Loving Memory

Anthony King Delgado-Taylor, 17 months, of Staten Island, N.Y., passed away on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016.

Anthony is survived by his loving parents, Marta (Luz) Delgado and Mauris Talyor; his brother, Moezay Taylor; his sister, Milan Taylor, and his grandparents, Roger Simpson, Wendy Taylor, Amayra Oquendo, and Jose Delgado.

As described by his mom, Anthony was a beautiful, smart child with a wonderful sense of humor.

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Thank you goes out to Amy who is always there for the children.

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