Andrew Ray Moyer Jr.
September 3, 2012 - October 18, 2012
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On October 18, 2012, a six week old baby was found dead in the apartment of Andrew Ray Moyer Sr, a 24 year old man and Brianna E. Michael, a 23 year old woman. These monsters were not strangers, they had not kidnapped a child, they didn't find him on the street, they were his parents and they tortured and killed Andrew Ray Moyer Jr. when they should have been taking care of him and showing him nothing but love.

This beautiful six week old baby suffered burn wounds, broken ribs, brain damage and injuries to many of his internal organs:

"It does not get much more depraved than this. They tortured their
six week old son, refused to get him medical treatment, then bashed
his head repeatedly until he was dead"
District Attorney - Craig Stedman

An affidavit stated that even though it was not clear which of his parents had beaten him, Andrew's parents would BOTH be held responsible because neither of them tried to get him the medical attention that might have saved his life.

Police were called to their home at about 9:00p.m. that day and they were told that there was an unresponsive infant. When they arrived, Police didn't find an unresponsive infant, they found the dead body of a six week old baby boy. Three people were interviewed, Andrew Sr., Brianna and Brianna's mother's boyfriend, William R. Long. Each of these adults claimed they had no idea what had happened to baby Andrew.

An autopsy was done and it showed that baby Andrew had multiple traumatic injuries and his death was ruled a homicide by the Coroners Office. Dr. Wayne K. Ross said that baby Andrew sustained blunt trauma to his head, which had been either from a fist or by someone bashing his head against a firm object. Death would have come in minutes with the injuries baby Andrew sustained. Baby Andrew also had a lacerated liver and thermal burns to his right hand as well as his bottom, swelling of the brain, nine broken ribs, subdural hematoma, hemorrhages to the lungs, diaphragm, liver, stomach, pancreas and his intestines. Injuries were also found on Andrews mouth and scrotum.

Brianna finally admitted that she knew baby Andrew had burns on his hand and bottom and was aware that his scrotum had been bruised she added that around 1:00a.m. on the day he died, she found blood in his mouth and that after she wiped it away, he seemed to be better. Brianna claimed that she checked on him eight hours later and he was dead.

Blood splattered on baby Andrews clothes proved that he had been struck in the mouth more than one time. Andrew Sr. said that he knew about the burns and bruising his son had and that he had tried to feed him at about 10:30p.m. on October 17th. William told Police that the two parents had made no attempt to call for help for baby Andrew and he said that he had begged them to call someone, Brianna got upset:

"Oh my God, you can't call them. You can't call 911, they will
think we killed him"

William said he had heard baby Andrew crying on the 17th at various times and as he was getting ready to go to work at about 9:00a.m., he walked into the room where baby Andrew was and found he was strapped into his car seat, on the floor in a room that was covered in trash and clothes. William told Police that when he got home that night, he noticed that Andrew Sr. and Brianna were not speaking to each other at all. About fifteen minutes went by and William asked about the baby and Brianna told him that she had fed him and put him to bed. When William got up to go to the bathroom, Brianna told him not to wake up baby Andrew.

The next day, William says he heard a conversation between Andrew Sr. and Brianna in which Brianna said to Andrew Sr.:

"Don't worry, you know I'll never tell on you"

Andrew Sr. said back to her:

"I'll never make you out to be the bad person"

Prosecutors were considering seeking the death penalty for these monsters for what they did to little baby Andrew. All of the pictures I have seen of these two are of them frowning and looking like they just lost their best friend. Sadly, I doubt it's got anything to do with their son being dead, it's got to do with them knowing they are going to prison and that they will never see each other again if Prosecutors have their way.

In their court appearance, neither of them had anything to say when the charges against them were read. Barry Goldman, Andrew Sr.s Lawyer said that Andrew Sr. denied that he was the one who killed baby Andrew. Brianna's Lawyer had nothing to say, but baby Andrew's grandmother was visibly upset:

"For everyone that knew little AJ, this is a difficult time. They're
dealing with it the best they can"
Assistant District Attorney - Chris Larsen

It was clear that there had been a pattern of abuse before baby Andrew's little body just gave up and set him free from his abusers. Andrew Sr. and Brianna were held without bond.

Once again, strangers prove they care more about a child then the ones who were trusted to take care of that child. A memorial was started for Andrew just days after he died.

In October of 2013, Andrew Ray Moyer Sr. plead guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. District Attorney Craig Stedman had been planning to seek the death penalty for what was done to baby Andrew, but Andrew Sr. was able to save his OWN life with the plea deal. Andrew Sr. will never be eligible for parole. At this point, it had not yet been decided if the death penalty would be sought against Brianna.

In February of 2014, it was Brianna's turn in court. In December of 2013, she had pleaded no contest to felony aggravated assault, child endangerment and hindering apprehension. Brianna Michael was sentenced to four years and nine months to 28 years in prison. I'm not sure what kind of sentence that is, but I can tell you it is NOT justice for baby Andrew. We can only hope and pray that a Parole Board will not let her serve one second less than 28 years.


Andrew Ray Moyer Jr.

Date of Birth:
Monday September 3, 2012

Date of Death:
Thursday October 18, 2013

Funeral Home:
The Stradling Family

Andrew Ray Moyer Jr., infant son of Andrew Moyer and Brianna Michael of Columbia, passed away on Thursday, October 18, 2012.

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his paternal grandparents, Robert & Lisa (Gehman) Moyer of Stevens; maternal grandparents, Mary Jane Lefever and William Long of Lancaster; maternal grandfather, Scott Michael of Lancaster; maternal great grandfather, Clarence Nelson Lefever of Columbia; paternal great grandmother, Mary C. Moyer of Reading.

He was preceded in death by his maternal great grandmothers, Kathryn Lefever and Judy McCardle.

Memorial contributions in Andrew’s memory may be made to the Reamstown Church of God Building Fund, 400 Pfautz Hill Road, Stevens, PA 17578.

Funeral services and interment will be private at the convenience of the family.

Arrangements by Stradling Funeral Homes, Inc., Akron/Ephrata. Online condolences can be given at

Obituary found here:

Thank you to Amanda for sending me the story of this precious, little Angel baby!

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Death occurred in the state of Pennsylvania

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