Bence Eszita
September 26, 2001 - October 20, 2012
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Bence Eszita was reported missing by his foster mother, Erica P. who was 47 years old at that time. Erica could not keep her story straight and Police began to suspect that something bad had happen to Bence and that Erica was involved in his disappearance. Erica had said that Bence disappeared from an outside playground at a shopping center. A press conference was held in which County Police Commissioner Attila Piros that Police already had confirmation that Bence was dead by the time Erica had made a report that he was missing. When asked what motive was involved, Attila Piros said that even though he had statements from three suspects, he was not able to share the motive at that time adding that psychological evaluations of the three involved would be appropriate. Stating the victim's rights as a reason, Attila Piros declined to answer questions about the method used to kill this precious little boy:

"There is no such level in the TV programming rating system
which would make the method of murder bearable for viewers"

Attila Piros did say that knives and a shovel had be found. The three adults who were arrested in connection with the murder of Bence were his foster mother Erica Alain along with Jozsef Bogdan, a 57 year old homeless man and Jozsef Gardener a 41 year old homeless man. The three adults were taken into Police custody on Sunday and were expected to be charged with instigation, murder and accessory to murder. Erica confessed though police did not say if she had been the one to murder Bence of if she was someone who instigated by what is reported to have been her offer of money to the two men if they would kill Bence. Erica's Lawyer stated that she had made a full confession and that she was involved in a relationship with Bence's foster father. Bence's stepfather was dating his biological mother and was taken in when both of his parents decided to disown him, he started dating Ericka about three years prior to and ended his relationship with her just a few weeks before Bence was murdered.

It came out that Bence had been stripped naked and was forced into a grave while he was still alive and then he was hit in the face with a shovel but ultimately was buried alive. It was reported that a Criminal Psychologist by the name of Pal Bilkei said that while the exact motive for this murder is unknown, it was most likely revenge for the breakup:

"She didn't want to kill the man because it would only have caused
temporary pain, but by killing someone important to him, he will
always remember the pain"

Pal Bilkei added that Erica would have hired the homeless men so that she would have someone else to blame for what happened to Bence saying that for these homeless men the HUG 200,000 (EUR 707) that she offered would have been a lot of money. Jozsef K's wife said that he had been abusing his own family for many years. Jozsef K. denies that he killed Bence, but admits that he dug a grave to bury him in. Police said that both men have already confessed to their part in this horrible crime of murdering Bence.

Under a new law that "life means life" Erica was the first woman who was facing real life in prison without parole. A tabloid reported that Erika was a member of religious cult and said that she had seen the "devil" in Bence's eyes. Death threats have been made against her daughter and grandchild who both had left Kaposvar.

Erika Alaine, Jozsef Bogdan and Jozsef Gardener were all sentenced to life in prison without parole.



Bence was born on September 26, 2001 in Kaposvár, Hungary, where he lived with his mother until the age of 7 when due to the weakening of the state of health of the mother had to attend the school from his grandmother's place and after two years due to the same reason of the mother the stepfather and sister in law got the tutelage of Bence in Felsőmocsolád.

Bence was a gentle, good hearted, dutiful and sport addicted little boy who loved all kinds of sporting activities but the most he was talented in motorcycling, until the age of 7 he has already won 6 trophies. He has lots of plans for the future and dreams to conquer what was taken away from him in a dark forest on October 29, 2012 by a person he trusted in.

He is survived by his loving parents, his real mother Szilvia Szita and his stepfather Sándor Gyöngyi, his sister in law Lilla Gyöngyi. Bence is also survived by his grandmother Valéria Vizi and uncle János Szita.

I want to thank Diana for sending me this story and helping with translation.

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Death occurred in Hungary

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