Jaxxen Bentley Baker
   June 5, 2012 - September 25, 2016

One month prior to his death, reports say that Jaxxen Baker had been reported to Mercer County Children Services as a child who was being abused. In August of 2016, Deputies were called to the home of Cory W. Eischen who was 39 years old for a welfare check on a four year old child. At that time there was not enough evidence to arrest anyone, however, a report was made to Children's Services. Jaxxen showed signs of having been abused, though someone decided that the signs were not severe enough. Jason Cupp, the administrator with Job and Family Services made a statement stating that the Sheriff's Office had done an investigation at the home:

"The Officer was thorough in his investigation, but found no evidence
or reported injury and could not proceed with criminal charges. The
matter was referred to Mercer County Job and Family Services.
Upon further review, it was noted that the child was not the son of
Eischen and was a resident of another county"

The report was then referred to Montgomery Count Children Services which was where Jaxxen lived. One month later everyone involved would find that they had made a big mistake when a phone called was received from Rob Gibson stating that his girlfriend had picked up her child from the home of Cory Eischen and she was concerned about another child in that home. Angel Winglet had a child with Cory and she saw evidence of child abuse in the home reporting that there was a child who was either dead or seriously injured in that home:

"Get somebody out there. There's more kids out there"

Angel said that she thought Cory had killed his girlfriends son or that he was very badly hurt. Sadly, she was right when she said he was dead. Angel said that Cory had called her to come and get he own son and when she asked why, he told her that she just needed to come and get him now. When Angel got to the home, Cory told her that Jaxxen was in the shower and that he was not breathing so he was going to do CPR:

"I just kept telling him to call 911 and he said he couldn't. He just said,
don't call, don't call. There is no way I couldn't have called. I had to"

Cory's father, Donal, called 911 at about 8:00pm to report that there was a child who was not breathing:

"Get somebody here quick. It's going crazy. We need somebody here.
I'm trying to do CPR on him right now. I have the phone in one hand, but
I'm not getting anything. He's cool to the touch. I don't get any response.
Looks like he fell. He's got kind of purple on his forehead. I don't know
what's going on. His eyes don't look good. I'm going back and try another
breath. I'm getting worn out but I will continue. I'm getting lightheaded
myself, but I'm going to keep going"

Donald told the 911 Dispatcher that he had a heart condition during the call that lasted over ten minutes. During the call, Donald can be heard telling his son to be calm. Finally Deputies arrive and take over and within a few minutes an ambulance pulls up to the house. When Detectives had first arrived, Cory had pulled a knife and was threatening to kill himself and was knocked to the ground by stun guns and was then transported to the hospital which is the procedure after a stun gun is used on anyone. A body camera worn by one of the Detectives recorded what happened. Cory pulled the knife out and when Deputies asked that he not do that, another Deputy shot him with the stun gun, this all happened over about 15 minutes of time. Cory was able to keep standing after the first hit and says:

"I will never see my children again because my ex twists everything around"

Cory was supposed to have met with Childeren's Services that very day. He is told to think about his family and put down the knife. Cory said that he will never get over this. At one point he hands the knife to Sgt. Doug Timmerman who was continuing to speak to him. From the hospital, Cory was taken to the Mercer County Jail.

Jaxxen was taken to Mercer Health Hospital and at 8:40pm he was pronounced dead. Signs point to the fact that Jaxxen was already dead before anyone called 911. The fact that his body was cold and the condition of his body were the main factors leading to this belief:

"The victim had obvious extensive injuries. Those injuries were to the
majority of the body including the child's face and torso. They were
not consistent with the statements given by the suspect"
Sheriff Jeff Grey

Cory had stated that Jaxxen had fallen off of his bicycle or possibly slipped while he was taking a shower. At the jail, Cory was under suicide watch and was being checked on every five minutes. Cassidy Spitzer, Jaxxen's mother, had left Cory to babysit while she went to work, the couple had lived together only a few months prior to this night:

"We don't have any reason to believe she was involved. She was
pretty distraught"
Sheriff Jeff Grey

Sheriff Jeff Grey stated that Cassidy would not be charged in the death of her son he added that this case had been hard on him as well as the other Deputies involved:

"It's tough when  you see a small child who cannot basically fight
back. It's thinks that aren't supposed to happen. It just tore me up
to see the investigation and to see the pictures and things that
happened. You have to wonder what was going through that poor
child's mind when things like that were happening"

In October of 2016, Cory Eischen was indicted on aggravated murder, two counts of murder, involuntary manslaughter, two counts of endangering children, domestic violence and two counts of felonious assault charges. Bond was set at $5 million for Cory who was 39 years old at the time.

Police released information that said one month prior to killing Jaxxen, Cory had hogtied him and thrown him across the room, made him eat his own vomit and threatened to stab him in the eye. If all of this is true, there would have been signs and there were, why didn't this mother get out of that situation? Once is one time too many and she should have taken her son and left. Sorry for those who are going to say I am wrong, but those are some very serious things to do to a four year old child and there were bruises according to reports.

Cory had told Police that he at times played cops and robbers with the children, but had not tied Jaxxen up at any point. Cory said that Jaxxen threw fits quite often and would pinch himself to get his way and that Cory had shaved Jaxxen's hair off after he began to pull it out. Speaking with Cassidy, the Deputy was able to determine that she was aware that Cory had issues of self-destructive behavior. Why didn't she get out?!?

In October of 2016 Cory was fighting tears as he told a Judge that he understood that Prosecutors were going to seek the death penalty against him for what he did to Jaxxen. Cory plead not guilty to charges of aggravated murder, two counts of murder, involuntary manslaughter, two counts of felonious assault, two counts of endangering children and domestic violence, all which are felonies. Reports say that the charges of murder and manslaughter are charges for a jury to consider if they do not find that the charge of aggravated murder are justified.

A Go Fund Me account by the name of "Jaxxen Baker Memorial Playgrond" was set up to memorialize Jaxxen. You can do a search and find it online if you wish to donate.

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Death occurred in the state of Ohio

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