Below are some posts that I have found that are from Tesslynn's Aunt Lacey and some people who responded to her. It's sad to have to say that Lacey Compton was in fear for her own life to the extent that a child had to lose her life in a horrific way in order for her to protect herself. I feel badly for Lacey that her selfish act helped to cause the death of this precious little Angel. Had Lacey gone to the police, she would have helped to save the life of Tesslynn rather than help to cause it. I pray for the day when covering up child abuse is prosecuted. Lacey helped to bury the battered body of this little girl, didn't report the abuse in the first place and as far as I am concerned, she helped to kill this little girl. Lacey should spend the rest of her life in prison.

i am not "just as guilty"  / Lacey Compton

im tired of reading about how guilty i am. i did not take part in the murder of this child. i was threatened by jesse . he said he would kill before he went to prison over this. i also turned them in and testified against them and still have to go through it all to this day and my life was ruined as well as everyone else involved. please stop smearing my name all over the internet. the guilty are where they should be.

Here's the problem with people like you... yes, you are "just as guilty" because if you knew what was going on and did not report it... that makes you an accessory to the crime because you participated with silence but in this case, you helped bury a child and told when her pain was no longer there.  You were threatened by Jesse… wow some defense. Last time I checked, obviously you can read, type, breathe, etc… unlike the child you were too scared to defend or tell the proper authorities PRIOR to her death. I do not wish this on anyone but could you imagine if YOUR demise was the same fate as this innocent child’s, which she could not defend or tell herself? It is people like you that do not tell that cause people like us to lose a child so foolishly and it is unnecessary. Glad to know that “after the fact” you decided to find a conscience. Amazing, simply amazing. Shame on you. Let this baby REST IN PEACE!!


To Lacey 
I have zero empathy for those who stand by and do nothing while a child is being raped tortured & abused. Do you not have any remorse for doing nothing? Then to come on this site and talk about your life? Sad.

I agree with you Tammie.  You said what needed to be said.  Meibe if she's tired of reading what's being said about her she should stay off the site and not read it.  It's so sad a terrible shame a monumental injustice everyone turned their head said anything did nothing did not help this SWEET POOR BABY!  I would shout it from the rooftops dare him to do anything about it never turn away. 

To the Aunt that says she is not guilty  / Emma Willouby (cyber friend )
I am sooo sorry you feel so sorry for yourself now that the baby is dead. I am amazed at spineless people that can not stand up for themselves and even more amazed that they can not stand up for an innocent child. These people do not like confrontation so they sell their souls to the devil so not to have to take any flack or cause a commotion to do the right thing. Mei this haunt you to the very core of your being for as long as you live.  You could go into that house for the drug parties and whatever went on in there but you could not help an innocent baby. YES let this murder eat you up till the day you take your last breath. Also I hope if you dont all ready have any children that you will be one of those that can not bring any into this world.

lacey (support)  / Jen
really how can everyone sit here and put lacey down. do any of you personally know jessie? well i do i knew how crazy he was and how dangerous and if jessie threatened you you better take it seriously. i knew him for years and he is to be blamed not lacey she was scared of him and she did finally do the right thing and come forward this was not an easy task to do for her and for this i honor her courage. so really people leave her alone and let her be. yes i feel bad for what happened it sickens me every detail and i pray for her all the time this should not have happened to such a sweet little angel. lacey hang in there i know this whole thing is hard for you and the whole family but i am here to support you as a friend. after all we have the same niece to think about and to try to protect from stupid crap that gets posted. 

sweet baby girl  / Kim
I find it deplorable that lacey and whoever else makes excuses for what they didn't do to save this disgusting..i hope their inaction haunts them forever..and they are never given the joy of motherhood or being a father...those who saw and did nothing because they wanted to protect their party place that is all..this baby girl was a beautiful little spirit .. i didn't even know .. all children are gifts to be treasured..i cannot even imagine what he did with her when she was tied up like a pretzel..and to think mommy helped him do that...what a disgusting piece of in peace baby girl and LACEY GO TO  HELL where you belong

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