Braylon Alexander
April 6, 2006 - July 1, 2008
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Dolis Yvonne Alexander says that her boyfriend did not hurt her son:

"My son is very fragile he has severe medical problems and past medical problems. 
He is fragile to anything," 

Stating that her son was a miracle baby, she said that she was not going to allow someone her son loved to go go jail for something he didn't do:

"My son has a bruise on his forehead and a scrap on his nose  and his lip like he fell, you c
an see it. "I'm going to stick beside my boyfriend and I'm Braylon's mother and there is no 
way. I know he didn't do it." 

Lekedrin Smith had been dating Dolis Alexander for about a year when after leaving him to baby sit while she went to work one day, June 30, 2008. According to Lekedrin, Braylon took a fall outside:

"It was a tragic accident. By the time I got off the phone is when I heard Braylon outside crying, 
I rushed outside and see him on the front porch and I see him face down and he was trying to 
get up. I asked him what happened he said Kilo, I fell. It was all in one breathe in one motion 
like he was out of breath he couldn't breathe. Once I picked him up I consoled him. I thought 
he was going to stand up, but he just collapsed there in front of me." 

Braylon's mother Yvonne and Lekedrin took him to the North Metro Emergency room at about 7:30 pm on June 30, 2008 with severe head injuries. Captain Charles Jenkins of the Jacksonville Police Department says they were called by hospital staff:

"The Police Department got a call from North Metro Hospital on a call on suspected child abuse
before he was taken to Arkansas Children's Hospital." 

Lekedrin told police that Braylon had fallen twice that morning and that he had not seen the first fall. He said that after the first fall, he had picked Braylon up and tried to get him to stand and that he had fallen again. Lekedrin said that Braylon fell backward the second time and then his body went limp. Lekedrin says that he picked Braylon up and tried to resuscitate him by shaking him. During this time, Braylon was going in and out of consciousness and even vomited on Lekedrin at one point. Police were suspicious of this statement since in his first statement, Lekedrin had said that he had given Braylon CPR and in his second statement, he did not mention it.

Yvonne was still insistent that her boyfriend would never do anything to hurt her son, saying that he loved him and that her son was so fragile that anything could hurt him:

"If this step was out and my son was running he would fall, and if he fell he had a hard impact on this 
concrete. When the police came by, this step was broken" 

Braylon died July 1, 2008 due to massive head trauma and Yvonne and her boyfriend, Lekedrin were still saying it was an accident. Police do not buy their version of what happened:

"The trauma caused to this child could not have been caused by an accidental fall"
said April Kiser. 

According to police, Braylon had visible injuries that included redness on his butt that was in the shape of a hand print as well as multiple bruises on his forehead. Braylon also had a knot on the back of his head.

On July 1, the Jacksonville Police received a social work assessment from the hospital. A doctor said that Braylon's injuries had included "a closed head injury with subdural hematomas of the bilateral frontal lobes and in the and in the interhemispheric fissure, global cerebral edema with loss of gray white differentiation and effacement of the ventricles, skull fracture of the parietal and occipital area that is likely continuous with the overlying soft tissue swelling, retinal hemorrhages in both eyes and the skin was noted to have buttocks bruising with abrasions on the low back/upper buttocks as well as small round bruises on the scapula, groin and abdomen".

Also in his statement the doctor said that the injuries could have been inflicted between 5:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. on the day that Lekedrin was taking care of him. He also determined that the injuries that Braylon had sustained would not be consistent with a fall from a standing position or the height of a step, if there had been more than one fall, which is what was claimed.

On July 2, 2008 A warrant was issued for the arrest of Lekedrin Smith with the charge being capital murder. Reporter Katherina Yancy spoke with Lekedrin over the phone before he turned himself in:

"Are you going to turn yourself in?"
Katherina Yancy 

"Yes, ma'am I'm turning myself in today. I didn't do anything wrong, I loved him"
Lekedrin Smith

Karen Farst said that physical abuse is common in homes where there is domestic abuse and parents may not think before acting when their children become difficult to handle:

"There's probably about a million kids a year found to be substantiated as physically or sexually 
abused or neglected" 

"You need to have some defense mechanisms planned out ahead of time and be able to walk 
away until you calm down. "nd if you feel you're still angry, then you need to have some 
people to call and help out too" 
Dr. Karen Farst - Pediatrician 

Lekedrin Smith says there was no anger involved in what happened to Braylon:

"It was just a tragic accident. I didn't do nothing wrong." 

About an hour after turning himself in, Lekedrin was on his way to the Pulaski Country Jail, charged with capital murder in the death of Braylon Alexander. With capital murder, prosecutors are able to seek the death penalty.

The National Child Abuse And Neglect data system says that more than 1,400 children died in the year 2005 as a result of child abuse or neglect. Some experts disagree saying that the number is most likely much higher and that due to improper recording of deaths from abuse or neglect, the numbers are not as high as they should be.

In August of 2011, Braylon's grandmother contacted me and said:

"He was my first born grand-son. My sons only boy child. Braylon has a sister, she is
5. I love him very much and miss him, thank u so much"
Keron W.

UPDATE: December 6, 2014 (Thank you Cat for this update)

Here is an update from the ADC Inmate Search in Arkansas:

Smith, Lekedrin D.

Sentenced Date
Sentence Length
Murder - 2nd Degree
360 mo.

It seems that Lekedrin will be spending about 30 years in prison.

Death Occurred in the state of Arkansas

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