The following statement was not altered in any way and is here exactly as it was found here: Courthouse Steps

I am Katie Cornejo's first cousin and I would like to comment on some of the information that has presented by the media.

I have known Katie all of her life as I am the oldest of our generation. Katie had two wonderful children of her own prior to meeting Tommy Robertson. Her children were well adjusted, friendly and outgoing and well taken care of and never, ever abused. I have never seen Katie so much as smack a child's hand, let alone spank them.

I feel it is important to let you all know that this situation is not what it appears in the media. Tommy Robertson came into Katie's life in October of last year. After a whirlwind romance, they married in January. Tommy had 6 children and Katie was his fourth wife. He is 33 years old. 

When Tommy and Katie were dating, Daytona would end up with bruises on her. I myself saw some of these bruises at Christmas. Tommy and Daytona's biological mother began filing complaints against each other with SRS...there was never a complaint filed against Katie while Daytona was alive. I witnessed Tommy threaten to spank Daytona numberous times during our family Christmas weekend for very minor things...things that every child does because they are a child. At one point, Tommy Robertson DID remove Daytona from the room. What happened in the other room I can not say because I was not there to witness it. What I DID witness is that it was Katie who sat at the dinner table with Daytona on her lap helping her eat dinner. That is not a child who is afraid of someone (as Tommy tries to say he saw signs of in one article above). 
Tommy Robertson has also had charges of domestic violence against him. 

There are so many things that have not yet come to light about Tommy Robertson and this case. He was actually not seeing some of his older kids because their mother didn't like the way he disciplined them (spanking). This was not a legal thing, just a mother saying I'm not going to let you see the kids.

I also wanted to clarify that at Katie's bond hearing, the judge DISMISSED the violation of parole. He did not find that Katie was guilty of that as the article above incorrectly states. Tommy was saying that Katie was stalking him however, her GPS records proved that was not the case.

As far as Katie trying to commit suicide and the baby dying, there is also more information on this, however, since the autopsy results have not been publicly released I do not feel I should comment on what was in them. 

I don't know what happend to little Daytona that day because I was not there. But I do think it's important for people to realize that head injuries can sometimes take days for the brain to swell to the point that they cause siezures. In the days prior to daytona's seizures she was at the daycare (where a month later Katie's biological dauther, Kailee Hundley, died of strangulation from an improperly used carseat), she was in the care of her biological mother (and the mother's court ordered "supervised" visitations where overseen by Daytona's maternal grandmother) and she was also in the care of Tommy Robertson. 

Please wait to hear the evidence before condeming someone. Katie has already been unfairly tried in the media and yet, there is so much more to the story then what they even know. Tommy Robertson is a liar, a thief and a media seeker. (If anyone knows where I can report identity theft of someone other then myself, please let me know!) In the 4 short months since Daytona's death, Tommy has moved on to yet another woman...even though he is legally still married. Please do not believe everything the media states.

I am confident that my cousin did NOT commit this horrible crime. If you have any questions for me, I will be happy to answer any that I can.

Thank you.

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