Below is an e-mail I received from Mary Smith. I have left it exactly as she sent it:

Hi I am emailing you about a child you have on your site, Cohen Legacy..that is my son..and the information on
that page is not right, some of the information was changed and nother thing there is a public ban on my sons
case, so what you have posted is evidence,its still going threw court, and just for the record i took cas to court
and it was ordered both kids return to my care and they are still in my car, thats what frustrates me is people talk
with out knowing the facts or puts the facts straight, but i would like you to remove all the info you have up there
until the case is done in court, you can have up there that terry was charged and that cohens death was homicidal
...i just dontwant this thrown out of court because people are putting evidence out there,myson deserves justice!!!!
i would appreciate it,, then when you report is make sure your the facts are right,thank you
mary smith,,,p.s if you would like i could get a officer or the crown on the case to contact you about this

Here is my reply to Mary, if it sounds harsh, that's good:

Good morning Mary. First, let me start by saying thank you for visiting my site and I sincerely hope that you were able to visit some of the other pages of the children who were murdered by either their parent, a stepparent or a boyfriend/girlfriend of a parent. My site contains the names and stories of so many children who died directly or indirectly at the hands of those who were supposed to look after them and that is a sad, disgusting fact. Education is the key and if people read the stories and use their heads and put their children first, lives could be saved.

Now, about your mail to me. The page on my site about Cohen, the child YOU promised the Children's Aid Society would never be left alone with Terry Legacy, contains no false information at all. Nothing on that page could affect a case in any way. If you feel it would, I'm sorry, I am leaning toward a better explanation for your e-mail to me, you don't want anything out there that puts you in a negative light. Sorry, Mary, the fact is that you made a promise to the Children's Aid Society and you broke it. I would guess that if you were to be tried by the people, you'd be convicted already and nothing I or any other website can say or do will change facts and/or make your case better or worse. Your child is dead, nothing will bring him back, you allowed a child abuser to be alone with your child and that child abuser KILLED your child. You can't change that. Your promise to protect your child, was as empty as your soul, in my opinion of course.

Let's examine that fact - You told them, let me quote what was said:

"She kept reassuring us that Cohen wasn't left with Terry" 
Dominic Verticchio  - Children's Aid Society"

Let's figure out what is wrong with this...If at ANY time in the life of my child I had been making a promise NOT to leave someone alone with him, that would be a red flag to me that I shouldn't BE with that person. Do you see what I am saying here, Mary? You CHOSE to be with a man who you KNEW you had promised would not be alone with your child. Your child DIED at the hands of that man, you are partly to blame for the death of your son, in the opinion of myself and many others. You're certainly not alone in that blame, first and most disgustingly is Terry Legacy and secondly is you, since you were the MOTHER of that precious baby boy who allowed him to be alone with a child abuser who eventually killed him. Right behind you in line is the Children's Aid Society who allowed poor Cohen to live in a home with a mother who CHOSE to live with a man who she had to make empty promises about. They obviously thought he was a danger to Cohen or they would not have asked you not to leave him alone with Terry.

Word is that you tried to blame the Children's Aid Society claiming that if they had done a better job of investigating when Cohen's hip was broken, you would have left Terry. Are you kidding me right now? How DARE you blame them for this. YOU knew what he was and you put your children in danger without regard for them at all, every time you left him alone with them. You didn't care, plain and simple and now an innocent child is dead. The only good thing about that is that he will no longer suffer at the hands of Terry and his mother.

You say that you have been given back custody of your other children? Is that supposed to impress me or worry me? I can tell you right now I am worried. Do you honestly believe that an organization that is SUPPOSED to be looking out for children and then gives custody of those children to a mother who already allowed one of her children to die at the hands of a man who she put BEFORE her infant son, is going to impress me at all? Sorry, they disgust me as much as anyone else in this case. YOU have proven that you are an unfit mother who thinks of herself and her own wants and needs above those of your child who, remember, is dead because you chose to be with a man who you had to promise not to leave alone with your child. Let's hope that guardian Angels are watching out over the others, because I am of the belief that they are in desperate need of that.

All of his may sound harsh to you, Mary. However, just think about how harsh it was on your son to be alone with that man doing God knows what to him any time he wanted knowing you would do nothing to stop him. Who knows how much suffering Cohen did before he was killed by the man you CHOSE to keep in his life. YOU could have saved Cohen's life by getting rid of Terry. We all make mistakes, Mary, however, we don't all allow our children to be killed for our mistakes. Children should ALWAYS come first, not boyfriends.

Go ahead and have your police or your crown contact me, I don't care. The story will stay up. HUNDREDS of stories about Cohen will stay up, because they are the facts and Cohen deserves the facts to be told. He deserves justice just like you said and taking down his stories won't accomplish that at all. Justice will be the day that Terry is convicted and HOPEFULLY, though doubtfully, spends the rest of his life in prison. Justice will be the day someone more deserving takes your children and raises them with the best interest of your children in mind, instead of their own. 

You want protection from sites like mine? Believe me there are plenty of stories, most of them NEWS stories, about this case. Cohen wanted protection from Terry and he didn't get it. You deserves no less than what you gave to your son.

One thing good came from your e-mail to me, I am going to be updating Cohen's pages in the next few days. That update will include our correspondence and any from your police or crown or whoever else contacts me. Cohen deserves his full story to be told, even the fact that his mother wants to hide things.

Have as good of a day as you are able,


Then I received this e-mail from some saying they are Cohen's grandmother:

I do not know where you got some of your information or pictures of my grandson on your site but some of the things mentioned are not correct or factual. The murder of my grandson is painful enough without seeing pictures that are personal and should not be posted for the general public. I am disappointed that anyone can put anything on the internet as factual and post personal pictures.

And so begins another round of B.S.:

February 23, 2012

ok i am the mother of one of the children u have posted on ur site ,, cohen legacy,,let me just ask you this ,,where
did you get ur information,,its so inaccurate,,,i am going to have to contact the crown attorney on my sons case
because information about the case is not supposed to be released,,yes i agree his name needs to be
remembered and so does the story but not without the proper facts,,there is also a public bane on the case u
just esposed some info so I will be contacting the courts and u will be hearing from the court house and possibly
facing charges obstruction of justic,,,,so u need to wait till the court is over which is the end of march to pot ur
information plus the truth will be out finally over that,,,wouldnt u want to be accurate in ur information...u r messing
with a babys justic,,,,thank u from mary smith,,, mother of cohen legacy

My thoughts about this are that Mary has something she is trying to hide. I'm not sure about this so called "public bane", however, any and ALL information that I have on Cohen's page comes directly from the internet news sources. I am not sure what information iI have "just exposed", I trust there is none. My response to Mary this time was a bit more hostile than last time. I sent this e-mail to her on the morning of the 24th of February, 2012:

Good morning to you again, Mary Smith. You seem to forget that you have already contacted me about this. I
believe it was your mother who also contacted me? I am not sure of who that other person was. ANY and ALL
information about this case, no my site, came DIRECTLY from online news sources. I'm sorry you feel the need
to try to cover up whatever it is you did by threatening me. If you are threatening me, you'd need to be threatening
ALL of the news sources online as well because they provide TONS of information I have yet to include on my
page. I didn't expose anything has not not been on the internet for years. YOU just might face harassment charges
if you keep threatening me and harassing me about this through e-mail. As a person who KNOWS her rights and
knows what is and is not allowed to be posted on the internet, you should know you are in the danger zone as far
as harassing me. Justice is not obstructed by ONE webpage when there are many many more out there giving
much more information. You will NEVER be able to cover up what you did and what happened to your son as
a result of the that. Facts that say are not supposed to be out there, that I am supposedly revealing on my site,
came from the internet where ANYONE can read them.

I am not messing with the justice for a baby, I doubt that anything on my site is going to affect anything in court.
YOU Seem to have a problem realized that YOU promised the Childrens's Protective agency that you would NOT
leave your child alone with a man who you knew did drugs and hurt your child in the past. Your child is dead
because YOU broke that promise. YOU are just as responsible as the man who actually did the killing. NEVER
would I have left my son alone with someone with so many red flags going up. You chose a man over your child,
you need to learn to live with that and stop thinking that the threats you are throwing out are going to do anything
other than be laughed at.

I have SEEN the picture of the cigarette burn you other child had and you denied it was a cigarette burn when
CLEARLY it was. I have debated about if I should put that picture on my site as well. I guess it's time for me to do
some updating on Cohen's tragic story. YOU allowed your children to be abused and one of them to be kill,
YOU DID THAT. Face up to what you did and stop bothering me.

Don't you think it's time for you to accept your part in all of this and stop trying to change the facts? You can refer
back to my site and check the link at the bottom of Cohen's page to see what I said to you the LAST time you
contacted me. I am pretty sure that I was contacted about this case by someone else this morning. I didn't
connect the story when I was told about the "Boy with the broken hip" until I went back and read the story after
you contacted me. Look for updates as they are available.

Have a good day, Mary, if you can. My own conscience is clear of any wrongdoing. I wish that you would have
been able to say the same, for the life of your child. May he rest in peace, in the arms of Jesus, who loves him
and always has!

While going through my e-mails on the morning of February 24, 2012, I found yet ANOTHER e-mail from Mary. Keep in mind, I had not yet replied to the e-mail from the 23rd when she thought it was a good thing to send me another one:

no it does not matter to me what other people think or say but
what matters to me is that people are putting the case at risk, i personally don't care what anyone things because
me, cohen and my other children know the truth and another thing ,,the truth always comes out and when the court
stuff is over the truth will finally be out ,, i guess it is hard for people to believe that an agency that is supposed to
protect children failed and lied, childrens aide always has the power. so again i don't care what you or any one
else thinks , i have my kids and they are happy and we know the truth, so you write whatever you want, but just
keep in mind my sons deserves justice and that is all i care about, so you enjoy putting any thing you feel like
putting cause the truth always comes out and will when everything is over !!!!!!!!

It seems odd, doesn't it, that Mary didn't threaten me in this one? Did she perhaps realize that she had already
contacted me about this and with the same threats? Whatever the case, the fact that she has her children STILL does not impress me. It just shows a lack of judgment on the part of those who feel a woman who covered up for one man and allowed her child to die, is capable of raising and protecting her other children. Funny, she even says they "Failed and lied" and she's proud of the fact that they gave her children back to her? I guess he has no way of seeing how ridiculous that truly is.

You Tube: Found on You Tube after a video featuring Cohen's story with pictures. This was found in March
of 2012. It says it was posted a month before that. I find it sickening that she says that God stole her son from
her when the person who actually allowed her child to be taken from her, was her. I have also been informed
that Mary has lost custody of her other children. I put * in the cuss words she used. Interesting also is the fact
that she says "Terry will get what he deserves" instead of calling him the child's father. NEITHER of these two
are fit to parents in my opinion and she has a lot of nerve to even THINK that anyone believes her lies:

  • Now my son cohen,baby i miss u n want 2hold u so bad but god stole u from me,terry will get what he deserves,i think about u everyday n its hard 2live without u but my luv 4ur siblings keeps me here n i have 2b ur voice,i jst wish i could wake up from this nightmare,i have never wantd anything so bad..U,all that matters 2me is that ur siblings r happy n that u know the truth n u get what u deserve,ur my angel in the darkness even more in the light ur my angel all the time ur my angel day n night
  • thanks4the video 2my son,do people always believe what they read?my daughter comes on here2 c tributes 4her brother n crys cause things people say,people talk without knowing facts.i read bulls**t info n wonder where people hear or come up with this s**t,i was not the 1charged.Have u heard of the charge child endangerment,i would have been charged with that if i did anything wrong?another fact my other kids were ordered back in2my care by a judge that same year n have been in my care ever since!
  • A petition was started online for those asking that Terry Cohen be kept in prison, some interesting conversation
    going on there. While everyone knows that online petitions do not carry any weight legally, I find it interesting that
    this woman, Mary Smith, who told me there is a public ban on talking about her case, would show up on this
    petition and she and her mother both made fools of themselves with their comments. The comments have been
    left exactly as they were posted

    Name: Brenda Smith on Aug 25, 2008
    Comments: I hold the investigators and the Childrens Aid Society responsible for what has happened to my precious grandsons. Mary and the family miss Cohen so much and we want justice served so Cohen may rest in peace. Nana misses her little Cohen so much.

    Note from the site creator:
    How about holding Mary responsible for her part in this? She lied to CAS and allowed Terry Legacy to live with her. If she was doing NOTHING wrong, she would not have had ot lie about what she was doing.

    Name: Brenda Smith on Aug 31, 2008
    Comments: to the anonymous chicken sh_t. . U come on here making the remarks that u made about our family and about watching us. Next time u watch us in court make sure u bring a camera with u, take a picture of us and it will last longer. U ARE A COWARD.... u have to come on the petition site to flap ur gums about watching us at court each time but ur to much of a COWARD to aproach us. TERRY LEGACY ASSAULTED MY OLDEST GRANDSON AND KILLED MY YOUNGEST GRANDSON......ROT IN HELL TERRY LEGACY.

    Name: Brenda Smith on Sep 1, 2008
    Comments: to our anonymous eyes and mouth. I read ur message and u say it makes one wonder, well no need to wonder . U make ur comments about my daughter and my grandchildren but yet ur to chicken to come out with ur true identity, now that makes one wonder. For ur comments there is only one name to come out with on who did this to the children and its name is TERRY LEGACY......

    Name: Mary Smith on Sep 1, 2008
    Comments: listen anonymous person , the story was not about feeling sorry for me , it was how the system failed once again. you sont know the truth and neither does the press, this is not about me at all it is about cohen cohen cohen cohen cohen and cohen knows the truth and of course i am going to try and save my baby when i came home from work and found him in the condition he was in, just please continue to help cohen get justice but take your comments some where else cause this whole petition thing is about cohen not about me or bashing me, thank you

    Name: Mary Smith on Sep 1, 2008
    Comments: oh ya and about CAS they were not called on me tons of times,, the first time they were involved was cause i had a baby at 15 and the other time was when terry said my 2 year old son fell down the stairs and they investigated that and they ruled it as a accident and then now terry is charged with aggravated assault, so that is why that artical was done to show how the system failed once again, now they are just following protical because they have to and they have to do a review investigation about my 2 year old son, so you need to check out your facts , thats peoples problem now a days they run their mouths before they know the true facts and like i said before your not the detective here and the detectives have done their job and its sitting in jail right now and there is a reason for that,, i bet your either a member of terrys family or one of his friends ,

    Note from the site creator:
    I am not one of Terry's family or a friend of his. I have to wonder, why did Mary speak so much about this on this site if there was a public ban on things? Also, now that the trial has started, today is April 14, 2012, a lot is coming out about how violent Mary has been in her life and it's not pretty. Mary has stated the truth will come out and she's right, it is ALL coming out and let's hope that Mary goes on trial next for her part in the death of Angel Cohen.

    Name: Brenda Smith on Sep 4, 2008
    Comments: To anonymous. Yes I agree that COHEN is the innocent one here but so was his brother when he was assaulted by terry. The detectives have done their job and have done it well. Only they know who did this to the 2 boys. If their mother had done this then she would have been charged and in jail but she didnt do this and she's not in jail. Their mother would never hurt any child in any way, shape or form. All we want is justice for Cohen and his brother and to find out why and how this happened to both children. Mary and her 2 children are going through HELL because of this and shes doing her best to stay strong and deal with all of this. Everything Mary does revolves around her children. TERRY LEGACY ROT IN HELL....

    Name: Brenda Smith on Sep 8, 2008
    Comments: Anonymous yes COHEN is in heaven with jesus but not yet resting in peace.COHEN is beautiful just like his siblings. U dont know the HELL is mother, siblings and the family is going through. We all miss the children very very much and Mary misses hugging and kissing them, also cuddling with them along with playing with them. Her children are her life and always will be. Mary is a good mother.

    Name: Brenda Smith on Sep 8, 2008
    Comments: Laura.... this COWARD u mention not only disgusts u but he disgusts alot of people including our family and the babies mother.

    Read E-mails From Cohen's "family"
    (I use the term family lightly because in my opinion, no family would allow
    their child/grandson to be killed this way)
    (UPDATE: More e-mail threats from Mary - February, 2012)

    (UPDATE: Found on You Tube after a video of her son and his story, Mary's Comments)

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